All fields after Fsc Pre Medical in Pakistan

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Fsc Pre medical means you have taken Biology as a major. Why students choose Fsc pre medical? Mainly to become a doctor. However, there are limitations. There are limited medical seats in Pakistan. University of Health Sciences takes exams for MBBS admissions. Same is the case for MBDS admissions. Eligibility is 60%. Below is a comprehensive list of all fields after fsc pre medical in Pakistan.

There are limited seats in government medical institutes. Same is the case with private universities.  Consequently, the seats are very limited.

Issue is that there are more applicants than seats. Not all students can become doctors. However, there are many other options.

We recommend going to a career counselling specialist. They are experts in guiding you. Options depend upon your abilities and potentials. Never make these choices on your own. Below is the complete list of all fields after Fsc pre medical in Pakistan. Career counselling gets to know you. They reason why you want to choose a career path.

Not made it to medical college? Or dental college? Find out other options.


Career Options after Fsc Pre medical in Pakistan

The following are the career options after Fsc pre medical in Pakistan. These are all the fields after pr medical in Pakistan. Best fields after fsc pre medical in Pakistan is a smaller list. It only has the top careers. Below is the list of all career options available after fsc pre medical.


MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery)

This is the basic 5-year course. It enables you to become a doctor. From there you can move on to becoming a specialist. Very competitive. Not easy. Many have dreams to get admission. Fierce competition. Prepare extensively during matriculation. Study hard. Make this a reality.


BDS (Bachelors of Dental Surgery)

This is a degree to becoming a dentist. Another competitive degree. Many apply to limited seats. Even private medical colleges have limited seats. In sum, prepare well.

Scope of BDS in Pakistan is growing rapidly. Currently, more dentists are needed due to growing population. Very good career path. You can start your own clinic. Additionally, each year many dentist jobs open in private and public sector. Many specialization fields in dental field as well. You can become a dental surgeon. Or opt to work with children as a Pediatric dentist.


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    Pharma D (Doctor in Pharmacy)

    This degree enables you to become a pharmacist. Not as competitive as MBBS or BDS. However, this degree has an international reach. All over the world pharmacists are required. Medical companies need pharmacists. Pharmacists work in front end stores.

    Consequently, the majority of students who could not qualify for Dentistry or Medicine move towards pharmacy.


    BSc Medical Imaging Technology (MIT)

    Medical Imaging Technology is the science of knowing about medical imaging technologies. These technologies include X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT scans and other medical equipment. Students that qualify are known as Radiographer. Finally, they are also labelled Medical Imaging Technologists after graduation.

    Many hospitals consider Medical Imaging Technology as part of the IT department. Medical imaging technology is not limited to the pre medical students only. Medical technology is one of the top fields after pre engineering in Pakistan. Many pre engineering students are also applying for these new degree program.

    What is the scope of radiology in Pakistan? Basically, medical imaging technology is replacing radiology. Medical Imaging Technology builds skills to operate different radiology equipment and tools. You get to work on CT Scanners and other important radiology equipment.


    BSC Zoology

    Zoology is the study of animals. Pakistan has many endangered species. Additionally, it is a meat eating country. And hence the need for animals. Thus, the growing demand for zoologists. Zoology graduates work with agencies to protect and safeguards animals. They also get jobs in industry to understand animals. Research helps humanity understand animals. Jobs for zoology graduates in Pakistan is on the rise. UNESCO and Wild Life protection agencies hire numerous zoologists on a yearly basis. This is for ongoing and new projects.


    Bachelors in Optometry

    Optometry is a growing field. More and more people need specialists for eyesight. Optometry bridges the gap.


    BS Nursing

    Nursing is a great field. However, this field is more chosen by Christians in Pakistan. This should not be the case. Nursing is a growing field. We recommend more and more students to consider nursing. Nursing has the largest scope. There are many specializations in nursing. Many avenues to consider. In fact, nursing pay scale in Pakistan is on the rise. The nursing pay scale is dependent upon multiple factors. Firstly, the university you graduate from. Secondly, the level of expertise you have. Nursing is a technical skill. Salary rises with the level of expertise.


    DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy)

    Another great program to enroll in. Much has to be considered. This course focuses on healing bones and ligaments. Growing field. Many accidents occur. Injuries are common practice. To recover you need physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is an international requirement. You can get advanced degree. Many sub specializations. DPT scope in Pakistan is growing. Elderly require services. Athletes need physiotherapists.

    You can be a physiotherapy in sport sciences. Or specialist in hip injury.


    Diet and Nutrition

    Subsequently, Diet and Nutrition is a growing field. More and more people are getting sick. Health is an issue. Good health is not the norm. Verily, poor health has drastic issues. Diet specialists create value. They create diets and assist in creating a healthy society. Good nutrition is the next part. As a result, Diet and Nutrition enables students to set up their own clinics.

    Doctor of nutrition and dietetics scope in Pakistan is growing. Children facing malnutrition. Elderly need proper diets. Growing numbers need better nutritionists and dietitians.



    Working as a meteorologist is fun and exciting. You get to work in the government department. Get to learn how weather and climate effects Pakistan. Scope of msc geography in Pakistan is rising. A graduate degree in Geography enables you to apply.


    DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

    You need to love animals. For that veterinary sciences is the best field. DMV is an animal doctor. This is another great field. But in Pakistan, students do not consider this as a future. Limited scope only in Pakistan. However, in other countries there is scope. Even in Pakistan, DVM are working in cattle farms.


    BSc Psychology

    Psychology is the study of the mind. You deal with complex social, moral and mental illnesses. Growing field. Recommend this to students who want to work with patients. And enjoy the concept of improving the mind. Pakistan has a growing population facing depression and anxiety. Clinical psychology in Pakistan is a necessity. Psychologists bring stability. They diagnose depression and other ongoing mental ailments in society.


    Medical Laboratory Technology

    Health related tests are mandatory to properly diagnose diseases. Medical Laboratory technology deals with the science of diagnostic health. This Technology is also called clinical lab technology. It is a part of the allied health profession industry. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disease through clinical lab tests.

    These specialists act as quality detectives. Medical Lab Technologists runs quality assurance tests in modern diagnostic labs. This degree teaches students how to evaluate and interpret data and results.



    Biotechnology is another growing field. Only if you are interested in moving out of Pakistan. In summary, this degree deals with the biotechnology equipment and science. As a result, biotechnologists are required in extensive research and development in bio improvement programs. This has limited scope in Pakistan.


    Homeopathic Medicine

    This is a dying breed because more people are moving towards new medical advancements. Nonetheless, you still have people interested in herbal solutions. Indeed, almost all fields after fsc premedical in Pakistan focus on health.


    BSc in Agricultural Medicine

    Pakistan is an agricultural country. Hence, there is a need for this degree. You get to learn how to treat crops. And improve yield. Also deals with the medicines in agriculture.


    BSc Botany

    Botany is the science of plants. This is a specialized field with many niche career paths. You can become a botanist or plant breeder. Additionally, you can work as an Ecologist. Many graduates with a degree in Botany opt to work in the agriculture and horticultural fields. With the influx of dense populations, it is important to have environmental botanists. They help build a strong and effective ecosystem.


    BSc in Microbiology

    Microbiology is about diagnosis and analysis of hormones. It studies body fluids. This is a requirement in many medical companies and hospitals. Hence, it is a specialized field. Good career path.


    BSc Forensic Medicine

    Forensic Medicine is the study of investigation during accidents and death. This is a growing field. As a result, there is a need to get more qualified forensic medical experts. You help in solving cases with experts. Government of Pakistan is providing more jobs in this field. Scope of forensic psychology in Pakistan is growing.


    BSc Anatomy

    Anatomy is the study of the body. If you are interested in going to teaching then pursue this degree. Especially, Anatomy is an important topic in medical colleges. Hence, the need of teachers. Becoming an Anatomy professor is one of the top-rated professions in comparison to all fields after fsc pre medical in Pakistan


    Conclusion of Courses after Fsc Pre medical in Pakistan

    In conclusion, abbove are all the main courses after Fsc pre medical. You should choose wisely. If you have any questions, please state. Our career experts will respond back accordingly.


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    Note – We have received a decent number of comments. Please post any questions to us directly. Closing comments. Thank you.

    All fields after Fsc Pre Medical in Pakistan

    205 thoughts on “All fields after Fsc Pre Medical in Pakistan

    1. Sir kindly give detail information about be microbiology what is its scope in future I am intere
      Sted in this field I secure 76% in fsc

      1. Degree in microbiology opens doors in the education sector. This is where 90 % of microbiologists work. Rest are in the private labs and government lab facilities.

        1. Assalam o Alaikum sir I have 63 percentage in FSC so can I get admission in PharmD or another best field

          1. You can try in different private universities, but public is the best

      2. I got 66.5 in 1styear and now more 3percent promotion due to covid19.WHICH field should i go for?Iam applying in govt physiotherapy has its scope In Karachi.

          1. Greetings!
            Hope you are doing good. I was so confused at this stage and was viewing different sites for my guidance. I secured 57.9 percentage in my 1st year pre medical. And due to this pandemic covid 19, 3 percent is also included. Can you please guide me which medical field shall I choose which may be helpful and advantageous for me. And can you please suggest me some colleges or universities in Lahore which do accept.
            Looking forward for your good response

            1. Nothing to be confused about. Connect with us and get a dedicated one on one session.

        1. Sir I got 77.34 percent marks in fsc pre madical . But I’m confused to select any field for my self can you please help me in the selection of appropriate field for my self …
          Thank you sir

        1. Please consult with a professional education expert immediately. Also read all the relevant blogs on scope of different subjects in Pakistan.

    2. I want details about BS Psychology……People consider it k doctors khud pagal hp jatay hain……!

      1. Actually this is a great field. We have some of the best psychologists in our team. Highly recommended. We have so many social problems in this country.

    3. I am confused to choose a correct field for me I was interesed in neuroscience and it doesn’t seems to have much scope in Pakistan .Kindly recommend an interesting and beneficial field for me I have secured 75 percent in fsc ( not interested in physiotherapy) and a pre-medical student

      1. Great question. So, with the interest in neuroscience why not choose clinical psychology. There is a good demand for this. Pakistan has a large population of people with depression and anxiety. Please call us for further guidance.

    4. I have chosen bsc nutrition kindly guide me is it a good career choice r should choose another field i secured 82% in fsc pre medical

    5. My FSc marks are 998/1100 I gave MDCAT 2019 but could not got admission in MBBS . I Need serious suggestion that now what i should do . Should i improve fsc and retry for mbbs or take admission in other medical fields .If i should took admission in other medical fields then which medical field is best for me .

      1. Go for BDS, it’s a great field with best scope in Pakistan as well as in abroad.

    6. My question is that, is it necessary to take mathematics in FSC for
      Can pre medical students take admission in

      1. Only if you get admission in any private medical college. You have to go through the agency that routes private candidates to private universities.

    7. Sir I did fsc in premedical and I want to do BS in physics so is there any university in Pakistan that offers admission to premedical students in physics

    8. Sir I have 64% in fsc premedical 2017 I am not interested in physiotherapy plz guide me about degree?

      1. This needs a detailed consultation. Please call us and talk to our specialists. There are too many questions to ask to get a better answer for you.

      1. PUCIT in govt and FAST in private universities list. You’ll find 50% employees in each IT company from PUCIT.

    9. Can you please let me know which is the best University for Diet and Nutrition in Lahore,and the scope and job facilities of this field.

      1. We recommend going to University of Health Sciences. Even Punjab University is amazing. Any public university works fine. Do not go to the private sector universities since they are just out there for money.

      1. I would recommend BBA since it has better options moving forward. LLB is restrictive only to law. BBA allows you to work in finance, accounting, marketing and sales.

    10. A.O.A. as per condition due to the covid-19 the papers are cancelled I am a student of 2nd year fsc I have got only 60% marks and now they are promoting according to 1 year marks so what fields are best medical fields plzz help ke and advice me it’s a request

      1. This article provides the list of all the medical fields. There is also another article by us that talks about the top medical fields. Please refer to that article for details.

        1. I am very confused I have 85%marks in 1st year I don’t know what should I do plz guide me sir which field is best for me

    11. I want to ask that all above discussed professions need M Cat test espessialy for BSc anatomy

    12. I m a student of fsc pre med part 2 ….due to pandemic situation exams are cancelled and student’s are promoted….I have scored 89 prcnt in fcs …need ur guidance about choosing field…I m preparing for entry test….need ur guidance

      1. Love to help you out. Please set up an appointment at the earliest.

      1. Ayesha, in order to provide you with details we highly recommend that you come or set up appointment for a detailed session. Much has to be discussed prior to giving you a complete answer.

    13. Hi sir! I just got promotion as of covid19. I got 73% in fsc pre-medical. And there are no academies or institutes available for my preparation… Well I want to prepare for etea test how should I do and what should be my second option? I really need guidance.

        1. Hi sir my son got 82% Marks in FSC pre-medical .can you help me . What is the track in the future he can have or what is the option He have after FSC Pre medical science

          1. Highly recommend you come and visit our office so we can discuss further with your son.

    14. i have got promotion due to covid 19 i have 60 percent marks in 1 year what should i do

      1. This requires an extensive session to better understand your aptitude. It is all about your delivery, goals and how much you can put into it. The effort.

    15. I wanna do Bs in psychology .I have got 87%marks in fsc pre medical .Can you plztell me its scope in pakistan and which universities are best for this ?

      1. Great question. We have write two specific articles on Scope of Psychology in Pakistan. Please read those articles. They have all your questions answered.

        1. Aoa
          I m student of fsc premedical
          As pandemic condition of our society…
          we are promoted to next class …
          I scored 65% marks in fsc part 1
          Kindly suggest me right field ,,,
          Can i take admission in bsc anAtomy, psychology ? Or anyother field that is best for me ??

    16. I am confused between Bs nursing, DPT and MIT
      I secured 852 marks in fsc
      Guide me if you can

      1. Highly recommend a detailed counseling session to advise you. Without going to doctor, medication cannot be given.

    17. I have scored 71%in fsc pre med and I am interested in drawing and art which field is now I can choose and in which university

      1. We have a great blog on all fields after FA please search for that blog on our site and get the entire data from that page. Details are all stated.

      1. we have details on all top fields. Read our blogs. You will find your answers.

    18. AoA sir i have deep interest in math but unfortunately i study fsc pre madical but now i want to going in which field that are intrusting and ost valuable
      and most important i dont like ratta i want to go which field where practical work are more because i deeply interest in bussiness and which things we understand
      I am very confused about which field i have to choose pls guide me i also have searched in google but no field find which suits me i am very sharp mind but unfortunately my marks are 57% in fsc part 1 but i got greatgrades in previous classe i got more thab 70% in mateic and in previous form matric class i always got first position in all classes but thats no matter i know but there is no difficult for me which i have interest thats why i like practical works pls suggest me for chose best field that is most earning also

      1. If you are good at mathematics then we recommend our article on scope of mathematics in Pakistan. Please read it. It gives you all of the details you require.

    19. Sir i want to know about medical imagining technology and need some career advice can you help me out?

        1. AoA
          Sir aap bta saktay hain k Pharma d k Lia kitnay percent marks lazim hain

    20. I m interested in pharm d plz tell me what is scope of it in future and also tell about grade after compeleting degree.

    21. I’ve scored 967, (87.9%) in fsc, is their a chance that I’ll get admission in bds govt if not then suggest me some medical fields

      1. Go to our blog section and read articles on all the top medical fields.

        1. sir i got 75% in fsc and iam interested in diet and nutrtion , is there any university or college in lahore that offer this field with low fee structure

    22. I got 74% in fsc medical kindly guide me which field best for good jobs opportunities

    23. I am a student of fsc and due to lockdown government announce the whole result and after that result is hope to get 80% in premedical and plz i want your guaidance which feild can i joined and i also prepare mdcat i hope to clera aik baat or cmh ma head nursing ky lia apply karny ky lia mdcat important h kia?????

    24. Sr ma matric ka student hu mujhe fsc pre med krni chahiye agr mujhe doctor na banana ho lekin interest is field ma ho

    25. A.o.a sir plz suggest me which profession should I choose after fsc pre medical and I secured 79% Marks.I am not interested in teaching profession..kindly guide me about the right career and its scope also….I am totally confused..

      1. You have multiple options. Please read all the blogs we have written or use the links in the article. They are great guidance tools for you and that too for free.

    26. I really need a profitable suggestion …..which field would be the best ….Psycology or Nutrition ???im really confused between thesr two…. moreover I’ve scored 80% in fsc…. Is there any Chnc in getting admsn in public uni in lhr???? Please help me out

      1. Please read our details articles on Scope of Psychology and Scope of DNS on our blog. Go through the detailed blogs. They give answers to all your questions. If further you can get a detailed counseling session.

    27. I have done fsc and now i have to decide a field for future . I need counselling..

    28. A.O.A m bs ya poxhna chahti ho k m kxh confused ho to in m sa knsi field best ha or in m sa kis field k scope zada ha perfusion science,critical science,surgical technology or respiratory therapist plaza guide me nd plz reply m

    29. A.O.A sir plz suggest me which proffession should i choose nursing or optometry i am very confused about these two fields

    30. I want to become a secret agent….so which field should i choose for it after F.Sc pre medical…..

    31. I want to be a secret agent…….so what should i choose……..and i am in 1st year pre medical… is my earnest desire to be a secret agent

      1. Please read our article on scope of psychology in Pakistan – that article gives you all the details required.

    32. Hi sir. I got 62% in fsc pre medical. Mere mutaabiq toh yehi plan tha k mein 2nd year mein improve krun gi. But now due to pandemic situation,i can not do that so. Toh please kuch aesa btayein k agey ab mein kya krun. Mein BS KRKE CSS ki tarfbhi jany ka souch rahi thi. Pr aap guide krein k kya mjhe med field chorni chahiye k nhi. Mera interest med mein Human reproduction wagera mein buht tha. Magar mere marks itne nhi hein. As per I got 62% so plz guide me k mjhe med ko ager agey nhi le kr jana toh ab inn marks k saath kya krun agey k improve k liye apply krun?

    33. A.o.a Sir!!
      I’m from Multan and I’ve completed my f.s.c. in 2018 with total 81%. Now I am willing to pursue my career and want to get admission furthur. Can you guide me regarding which filed is best for me. I am interested in d pharmacy and nutrition. Are my marks enough to get admission? Please guide.

      1. Diet is good. Please read our blog on scope of DNS In Pakistan! Has all the details you are looking for

    34. Assalamualaikum I have done my Intermediate with 84% now i am confused about my career choice as i will be settling in america after 2 or 3 years till then i wanna invest my time out in something helpful that would be a good thing for me there too now as there are none 2 years program in medical field or if there’s any please guide me.

    35. Sir me surgical technologist krna chah rhi hun yeh field kesa hai mere fsc pre medical me 80% bani hai

    36. A.O.A sir I got 85% marks in fsc part 1 and due to covid19 our exams are cancelled.Plz suggest me which profession should i choose according to my marks .

    37. AOA Sir i am a student of fsc pre-medical i secured 80 percent marks in first year and due to this pandemic disease studends are promoted with 3% increase . Now i am preparing for entry test….. Please suggest CAN
      i easily take admission in BDS…..

    38. Aoa sir my percentage in Fsc is 84.I am interested in medical fields.Can you plz guide me what i should do i this case.I am so worried about my future.Due to this pandemic i cannot get good marks in part 2.Plz guide me

    39. Can a premedical student take admission in bbit? Do we need to take a exam? Its scope is good or not? Please reply

    40. A.O.A sir I got 85% marks in fsc part 1 and due to current situation our exams are cancelled.please suggest me which profession should I choose according to my marks.

    41. Aoa sir my percentage is 84.1 am interested in medical field.What i should do?I am so worried about my future.Sir plz guide me.

    42. Aoa sir!!
      i got 80% markx in fsc madical
      plzzz suggust best filed for me
      aviation managment or bio tecnology

      1. We only provide answers after detailed session. Doctors cannot give medicines without connecting with patients. Please enroll in a session and we can have a detailed review of your goals and aspirations.

    43. Can you please guide me that which medical field is best for girls other than MBBS/BDS, from the following:, DPT, psychology, Optometry?
      Am too much confused. I wanna get detailed info.Please Share.

      1. Our writers have written so much on each subject. Please read all the articles. Scope of Pharmacy and Scope of DPT. You will find your answers there.

    44. Sir I got 87 percent marks in fsc medical, please guide me which medical field is best for me plzzzzz

    45. I have scored 793/1100 in matric and 266 in 1st year, is there any scope that I can get admission in Medical Imaging Technology or in or in any field ?

      1. Yes but do not do it from a poor university. Consult us in detail and we can update you of the better places to graduate from.

      1. There are so many questions we need to ask you. Set up appointment.

    46. Can engineering fields be adopted after fsc medical??
      Please reply….

        1. Sir I got 84 percent marks in fsc part 1 pre medical and 3:percent marks will be increase due to covid 19 can you told me which BSC chemistry is best for me and which university is best for BSC chemistry in lahore

    47. I am doing pre medical i hope i will get 55% marks due to covid-19 so please anybody can guide me which field is better for me in whatapp no.03425233100

    48. I am also preparing for mdcat but I am very confused in choosing career plz guide me sir if I could not qualify for mbbs or bds then what should I do

    49. I have 831 marks in metric and 610 marks in fsc medical plz can you suggest me a best field for me I am very confused

    50. i have done my matric with markx 927/1100 and marks in 1st year is 401 plz suggest me better cearer

    51. sir plz tell whish field is best for medical student sir i got 79 PERCENT marks in first year fsc pre medical now due to covid 19 addition of 3 percent marks then hope so my marks 82 percent sir can i doo BS dermatology and how many uni offers this program in lahore plzz guide and tell entry test is required for this field……

    52. i have scored 1003 marks in matric . and 383 marks in fsc first year. 3 percent marks will be added but i wanted to repeat first year after second year . because i want to become a doctor. now it is not possible .so sir please tell me which field and university is best for me

    53. i got 91 percent in fsc pre medical last year i’ll give repeat mcat this year but i want to apply in undergraduate programs i’m lil confused in different degrees as pharmacy and food nutriton and to apply in which universities

    54. I’m gonna opt DPT. Plz tell me is this profession will itno great or not? & Does it have any scope in sialkot? Plz suggest me…

      1. Good field anywhere. But would you able to do it after completion? You would have to work with many professionals.

    55. Sir what’s the minimum percentage required in fsc for mbbs in Pakistan

    56. Sir, what’s the minimum percentage required in fsc for mbbs in Pakistan

      1. You are asking a basic question. We cannot answer without giving you a detailed career session.

    57. Sir I got 60% marks in 11 class fsc pre medical and 3% marks according to promotion policy so total 63% marks…..
      Then, sir plz suggest me who field Is best for me……..plz tell me plz. ………

    58. I am FSc pre-medical with 86% marks in FSc and 94% marks in matric. Please advise for my future field

    59. After getting 80% in fsc medical…
      I cant afford pakistan private universities mbbs… what should i go for?
      Option 1 mbbs from china?
      Option 2 mbbs from russia?
      Option 3 mbbs from iran?
      Or should i go for biotechnology in pakistan?
      Biotechnology scope?

      1. Why are you so concerned about medical only – why do you not repeat?

    60. I’m right now in A Levels (pre medical) and I’m interested in the sciences but not in becoming a doctor to be very exact. Can you guide me about the choices I have in this field other than becoming a doctor and whether or not will I have to take maths as well

    61. I have done Fsc but due to pendamic my percentage is 64% so plz suggest me could i get admission in DPT or pharmacy?

        1. assalam o alaikum sir i am a student of fsc i got 85% marks in fsc and 91% marks in matric can i go for mbbs and bds in govt medical college if not then what should be my second option sir please reply i am so confused also sir give me some tips for nums test

    62. Assalamo alikum sir its Ayesha Ajmal i got 78%marks in fsc part1 n now promoted due to penademic situations (pre madical)
      I am really interested to do DPH but this % is too low to get an admission in any govt uni
      Now i have decided to do bsc
      Can u plz suggest which type of bsc i should do?

    63. I have got 60.64% in fsc May i get admission in bs clinical psychology and is this field best for bright future

      1. Depends upon the university you are applying. You can also try Virtual University

    64. Sir i got 60.36persent in 1st year and 3% incrimemt in 2nd year pre medical soo i m now cunfuse that which field i choose because i cant conducted MBBS test(mcat)

    65. Sr I have 57% marks with pre madical which course is best for me can I do miT

    66. Due to covid-19 2nd year exams couldn’t held
      Initially I am preparing for mdcat but then I realized that I hadn’t enough marks(69% with pre-medical)for medical even in a private sector.Then I thought about agricultural field.
      Guide me I should apply for it.if yes?then which University is best.Has this has a government job in future .other fields of agriculture are available??
      Please guide me?

    67. I got 65% in pre medical and I am interested in psychology so in which govt. University I can get admission.

    68. A.o.a.I want to ask that is BSN have a bright future???Because I want to do BSN….So please guide me Can i get admission in it??.My marks in fsc pre medical is 66%.So please tell meis it a right choice or not for me???

    69. Sir i got 84 percent marks in fsc medical now plz suggest me which kind of field is best for me in below
      1 psychology
      2 optometry

    70. I have got 915 marks in fsc so which field i choose which has scope in pakistan .suggest me 3 4 fields

        1. Please guide which feild is best in future bs biotechnology or bs microbiology

          1. Recommend government universities like Punjab University. Or even FC College.

    71. Sir A.o.a
      My marks in fsc pre medical is 66% and I want to get admission in BSN .So Is Bsn a good field????? Please sir answer me.

    72. Sir mery marks bht km ha.. Ghr waly dobara fsc ni krny de rahy… 50 percent… Me konsa career choose kru

    73. Can i do Bs hons English linguistics and literature after choosing pre medical in 1st year

    74. kya mein IT (Information Technology) la leya apply kar sakta hn, fsc medical hona ka bawajood

    75. Asslam Alaikum sir! Sir I got 806 marks in fsc Pre medical. Please suggest me the suitable medical field.

    76. Please guide which feild is best in future bs biotechnology or bs microbiology

    77. I want to give additional paper of biology
      Can i give ?
      And also what are the best scope fields now a days offered in universities of rawalpindi?
      And what is the field of biology in which physics is not studied as a subject ?

    78. M n fsc m 770 marks liya h or m chata ho k m doctor wali field m jo ap plz bata da k m agha kua kro

    79. I’ve got 78% in F.Sc pre medical.
      What about Forensic courses/Degrees?

      1. Yes there is scope in that too I have written a scope on this subject so you can refer to that blog article as well

    80. Hey. I got 1023/1100 in fsc this year. What is the scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan?

    81. I got 1023/1100 in fsc. Shall I make mbbs my target or also try for another field? My dream is to be a doctor. But as to become a doctor mdcat is required and also there are limited seats for mbbs. Then can you please suggest which side field should I choose if I wouldn’t be able to get admission in medical college… I’m interested in psychology a little bit but mbbs is my dream

    82. I’m a second year student and i don’t have any idea that how much I’ll secure and I’m quite confuse about 2 fields that is nutritionist and BDs so can u guide me that which one is better ?

    83. Basically i wnna knw about the merit list of Bsc zoology and other medical sectors in Sargodha and the government as well as private sectors along with the fee..

    84. Sir iam a 2nd year pre_medical student iam so .much confuse that what can inter in.medical field I have no one me so.please and tell me about bachelor’s of pharmacy in pakistan

    85. Salam Sir, currently I’m doing Pre-medical and am in my second year. My main interest has always been English literature, but due to my family’s wishes, I took this subject. My plan currently is to do a master’s in Eng Literature but now I’m confused about what to choose. I don’t want to do MBBS. Can you suggest to me which field should I choose after doing my FSC?

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