Real Estate Call Center Services

Own a real estate agency? You have customers ? Lack call center know how? This is typical. Real Estate is all about connectivity. You have renters, buyers and sellers all coming to you. Customers are increasing. You need a proper database.

How do you manage the clients? Real estate call center services provides the solutions. The service provides a unique platform.

Effective communication to the market is key. You need to keep your customers updated on the latest trends. It is imperative to keep them synced with the latest offers.

Many of our clients get help with campaigns. Most successful campaign is house construction cost estimate for Lahore residents.


What does Real Estate Customer Service Services Solve?

Real Estate market is about customers. They need updates. Immediate updates. Homes come and go quickly sometimes. Agents have a hard task managing customers. They have only their numbers. Some have emails.

Customer service solution provides the complete life cycle. Call center technology, processes and training of staff.

Call center is mandatory. That is if you have a decent size customer base. And need to update them of activities. Additionally, call centers also do outbound calls. Extensive business wins take place at call centers. You register the customers and get the data.

Call centers are required to manage real estate companies, brokers and contractors as well. Developers also need call centers. They need to work on business opportunities. Effective communication is key. How to improve communication skills? Become the leader in communication services.

Our real estate call center services can help real estate owners grow. We take care of your business.

Every day people purchase or rent properties. Potential buyers ask questions. They need answers. Potential buyers need information. How expensive is the kitchen? What are the amenities? Who owns the property? What was the original amount?

Call centers help real estate companies to expand businesses. They offer investors and customers with complete data. You need data and proper communication to close deals.


Top Call Center Services for Real Estate Companies

Here are the main type of call center services we offer the real estate segment:

  1. Inbound call center management – answer all calls from investors, customers and dealers
  2. Customer relationship management – logging, reporting all customer inquiries, sales, and complaints
  3. Outbound call centers management – placing calls to current and potential customers and updating them of new campaigns and deals
  4. Live chats – live chatting with customers interested in new areas and development projects
  5. Email support for busy investors, property sellers and business partners

The call center inbound and outbound solution comprises all the above stated value adds.


LocationPK Case Study

Let us share a major win. We are working with LocationPK. LocationPK is one of the top online real estate agencies. It comprises large real estate agents. We are building their service center. Potential customers call. Everything is logged. We generate reports. Reports show us snapshot. How many customers want 5 Marla. And how many wants 10 Marla. We keep on sending them data. Seeing conversions.


Real estate social media marketing companies in Pakistan

Real estate social media marketing companies in Pakistan provide a variety of different services. Objective is to provide social media services for the real estate industry.

Social media marketing services entail connecting with potential customers through inbound and outbound campaigns.



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