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” It is really a splendid day when we learn about new things and become accustomed to the best customer care practices in the market. In a Usama Waheed Manager HR testimonial on ThinkFaculty Trainingscountry like Pakistan, we need to focus on the quality of interactions and how we progress as people and communities. I admire the dedication, focus and commitment of the company and how they are helping us and other organizations to give more to the people that matter. A+ Customer Service Training”

Usama Waheed, HR Department, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital


“Inspiring. I have been to several training courses but this really gave me insight, quality content and a proper road-map.  I was looking for answers to a career path. I needed guidance, mentoring and coaching. ThinkFaculty really assisted us in boosting our potential and giving us some conclusive road-maps that can easily be used. In fact the trainer was so good that he was offered to be a part of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce board of trainers.”

Maria Salman, Lahore Chamber of Commerce



ThinkFaculty Leadership Management Training at Fatima Memorial Hospital

“Leading one of the largest hospital operations in Pakistan is a daunting task. We come to work prepared to execute. I think we all need time to focus and commit to the tasks at hand. ThinkFaculty gave us the maturity and focus required to deliver our results. He taught what was important and what needed enhancements. It is good to know that people with extensive experience are now assisting us in improving healthcare. I recommend the healthcare training program to all hospitals. We learnt many important tips and would like to get more consultancy done!”
– Dr. Wajia, Fatima Memorial Hospital

IBM Management

“My job role has me juggling many aspects. With the project management training, I was able to realize the true value of ownership, delivery and execution. Finally, a process driven and result oriented training program. We were really excited to join and found this training program really useful. I believe that all organizations need to be updated on the best practices and processes. Great work ThinkFaculty!”- Waqas, IBM



BeaconHouse School System School Administration
“Learning about best practices and how to improve our engagement levels is really detrimental. We are really excited to know about the best standards in customer engagement. In Pakistan, no such quality training occurs for customer service. Pakistan customer service is really a serious issue. ThinkFaculty has the momentum, drive and extensive experience to give us the processes and mindset. We learnt a great deal in our training program. I recommend that all hospitals, banks and other customer dealing departments to take this training.”- Bina, BeaconHouse School System


University of Lahore Teaching Department

I was never really sure of how to pave my career path. This time, I was given an opportunity to learn more about proper thought process that goes with building and enhancing your career. I am really lucky to have met ThinkFaculty. It has inculcated in me new ideas and thoughts. I guess that is why they have the amazing slogan – Expanding Horizons, Limitless Opportunities. We are really proud of being a part of the leadership management training program.”- Ayesha, University of Lahore


Why Choose Us

  • ThinkFaculty Company comprises world class trainers with extensive experience in customer care, leadership management and process management
  • Proven track record to grow, enhance and optimize performance
  • Over 20 years of experience in leading and training customer service and management teams
  • Over 100 articles published in magazines, journals and newspapers. Established leader in customer service, leadership management, performance management training in Pakistan
  • Result driven service delivery training impacting the customer service index and the bottom-line


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