Career Counselling in Lahore

Choosing a career is scary. And also exciting. Remember choosing a career is the most important decision of your life. It will build you. Making the right decision will ensure a long term prosperity. Career counselling is important for students. You need professionals to help you. And guide you. Ask the right questions. Get you thinking. Career counselling in Lahore is available for students in Punjab.

We are here to assist you. Build you. And provide you with a career path that is practical and exciting. Are you interested in a government job in Pakistan? Want to become an engineer? Let us help you answer your career questions.

Career counselling is one thing that many students do not consider. And that is the first mistake. Students ask the wrong questions. Young students do not have the right data. And are asking the wrong people. When you choose a career that is based upon wrong logic you end up sad and frustrated. You should never be in a career you cannot add value.

As career counselling leaders in Lahore, we meet students daily. They are not in gear. Majority have dreams. But no reality. Hence, our need. We make them ask the right questions. They start getting into a positive mindset.

We have created a system. A proper system of questions, activities and thoughts. These steps create value. And provide with you the right answers. We let you get the right data. And you make the right choices based upon the right parameters.


Online Counselling for Career Guidance in Lahore

Not everyone can make it to Gulberg. That does not limit you to getting a quality counselling session. You can connect with us online. Online career counselling for students about career is available. We come on skype and assist you in your career goals.


    Taking a decision of your career is a life changing experience. Fill the Form. Connect with a Career Advisor Today!


    Career counselling for class 12 students

    Career counseling for FSc students should me mandatory. There are so many careers tho choose from. Careers are dependent upon the FSC level. Have you completed FA or FSC? Below are the best blog articles on the scope of Arts, commerce and pre-engineering fields in Pakistan:

    12th grade changes everything. You need to know your focus. You are going to choose an important career path.

    Counselling for students after 12th grade is critical. It defines your entire life. Students need guidance. Understand the career options available. Do not limit yourself to certain categories. Understand the scope in the market. Career counselling for class 12 students in Lahore needs to be mandatory.

    Counselling will help them grow. Nurture. And get on the pathway to success at an earlier stage of life.


    Career counselling for 10th std students

    10th grade is another vital cross-road. You need to choose between different fields. And even type of exam. Do you want to go for FSC or A levels? Interested in pre engineering? Or you want to go to pre medical? These choices need to be made.

    Career guidance for class 10 students involves understanding their needs. And updating them with the options. Communicate the scope of careers. Discuss salaries. And job opportunities.


    Career Counselling Services

    The following are the main career counselling services in Pakistan we offer:

    • One on one career counselling with career experts
    • Training
    • Psychometric Assessment Sessions for Self Exploration
    • Self Exploration Sessions
    • Decision Making
    • Career Planning

    Career Counselling begins during each education phase. You need career counselling after completing matriculation exams. Highly recommend career counselling after passing Fsc. Get expert advice on all career paths after FSc pre medical in Pakistan. Learn about the most important career programs in medicine.


    Benefits of Career Counselling

    The following are the main benefits of career counselling:

    • Helps students to understand the reasoning behind choosing the right careers
    • Provides key training and development skills to students
    • Enhances the mindset
    • Introduces the latest trends and data behind career decision-making
    • Builds valuable skills as a student
    • Creates an international mindset
    • Leads students to careers they will love and enhance in


    Why career counselling is Important

    • Time – You are saving years. Getting into a wrong career costs you time. Imagine you spending three years into a career and realize this is not what you wanted.
    • Cost – Changing careers at a later stage has high costs.
    • Effort – You have limited effort that one can deliver. Why waste it on things and careers you do not want.


    Students studying at Lahore Grammar schools, Aitchison College, Froebels, City schools and beaconhouse schools all come to us for counselling and coaching.


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