All fields after FA in Pakistan

Congratulations you have finally completed your FA 12th class. Now the most important question is the field to choose from. We have exciting news for you. There are many fields to choose from after completing your FA examination. This article discusses all fields after FA in pakistan

Specifically, the objective of the article is to clearly answer your question what can I do after FA in Pakistan.

FA stands for faculty of arts. Many disciplines fall under arts. You can also become a lawyer. Below is a list of all the fields to choose from after graduating FA Pakistan.

Let us help you choose the best field after FA in Pakistan. However, do note that every field is different. You should choose wisely. This is regarding your entire life. Counselling for students after 12th standard should be mandatory. It helps in giving guidance. Below is a guideline.


What can I do after FA In Pakistan

First, let us explain the importance of arts in society. Majority of the surrounding careers belong to arts. Not everything is medical or scientific. The greatest artists in the world belong to the field of arts. In fact many of the business leaders have a degree in arts. Some of the most qualified lawyers graduated with an FA just like yourself.

Unlike pre-medical or pre-engineering, there are numerous avenues to choose from in Arts.

When you go through FA, you are going for humanity section. Below is a detailed account of all the humanities subjects in Pakistan.


Career Options after FA In Pakistan

There are numerous career options after FA in Pakistan. Below is the type of careers you can choose from. We then further discuss each career option in detail.

  • Artist – Become a painter, singer, actor, digital media consultant
  • Journalist, content writer
  • Business executive
  • Entrepreneur


Complete list of all fields after FA in Pakistan

Below is the list of all options after FA in Pakistan:


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Majority of students tend to pursue a degree in Arts. Primarily bachelors of Arts is now a four-year program. However, there are many colleges and universities in Pakistan that also offer a two-year degree program. When you pursue a bachelors of arts you tend to choose subjects from general sciences.

Hence, you can do a Bachelor of Arts with focus on political science and statistics subjects.


Bachelor in Mass Communications

Mass communications deals with the masses. It is the science of using different channels to communicate with the masses. Radio, TV, and social media channels are all part of mass communications.

As you pursue a degree in mass communication, you learn different tools and methods to focus on masses. You can become a producer. Or you can decide to join different radio stations.

Jobs after mass communication graduates is increasing each year. Mass communication graduates are being employed in the private and public sectors. Media and marketing industries hire mass communication graduates. They work on building social awareness.


Bachelor in Fashion Designing

This is an up and training field. Our society is going through a major shift. New designers are coming to the market. The young generation is always looking for quality apparel. Hence, the importance of fashion designing.

This is a four-year degree program offered by many universities and colleges in Pakistan. You get to learn about fashion designing and stitching. You get to become a fashion designer. Learn everything about the fashion designing industry. And even the marketing side of fashion designing. You have to become strongly committed to this industry.


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Some students are really interested in painting. We highly recommend that those students should pursue a bachelor of Fine Arts. In this degree program you get to learn how to paint.

Careers in Fine Arts in Pakistan is expanding. Additionally, many colleges  provide further skills like sculpturing and oil painting. You get to learn all the different dimensions of painting. Typically, students that pursue a bachelor of Fine Arts become painters, sculptures and artists.


Bachelor of Textile Designing

Textile designing is similar to fashion designing. However, the main difference is that these skills focus on textile designing. You get to learn about making textile items. In particular, highly recommend for students that are creative.


Bachelor in Journalism

With the advent of social media and digital marketing, the scope of journalism is increasing. Companies are demanding journalists with key focus on social media content and marketing. Journalism is a great career for students that are creative and enjoy multimedia applications. Over the last few years, scope of journalism in Pakistan after graduation is increasing. It is one of the top career paths.

In fact, you don’t only have to be a writer to be a journalist. You can also focus on digital media. You can also focus on print media. All of them are different components of journalism.


Bachelor in Psychology

As career advisors, we highly recommend students to pursue an exciting degree in psychology. As a psychologist you get to treat a variety of different mental patients. Psychology career in Pakistan is growing. A great choice for students interested in human behavior.

Pakistan has numerous mental ailments. Psychologists work with hospitals, clinics and can also open up their own practice. In particular, they focus on mental ailments and rectification.


Bachelor of Economics

Economics is a very important field. All companies around the world required good economists. You get to work in the trade, stock market, and even the education industry. Jobs in economics field in Pakistan is growing on a yearly basis. Obviously, companies need economic experts.

Almost all fields after FA in Pakistan relate to finance and economy. You need to know how economy works for any business.


Bachelor of Social Work

Social Work is a great field of study. In fact, the majority of graduates get jobs immediately. Furthermore, public and private sector is always in need of social work officers. They can work in different fields. Hence, we do recommend students to pursue a degree in social work.

Bachelor of social work graduates work in human rights organizations and also in field operations. BS social work jobs in Pakistan is increasing. This is also due to high demand of creating awareness of social issues like polio, population issues and healthcare ailments.


Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

A bachelor of education is a great option for students who are pursuing a career in teaching. Bachelor of education is a 4-year degree program. It teaches you the best techniques and applications to impart education to different classes.

Typically, students that pursue a bachelor in education also move forward and complete a Masters and Ph.D. degree. The majority of bachelors in education students tend to become teachers.


Bachelor of law (LLB)

This is another top level career option. This is a great field for students who want to work in the justice department. Similarly, you can open up your own practice or work in any of the leading law firms. In law, you choose between different specializations. Here are the top law specializations:

  • Income tax practitioner
  • Criminal lawyer
  • Civil will lawyer
  • Litigation lawyer

In fact, after completion of law, you can also apply for the judge examinations. All fields after FA in Pakistan are encouraging. Law is a particular niche. You should like contractual agreements, argumentation and logic.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Majority of students that graduate tend to pursue a bachelor of business administration. One of the most important reasons behind this is the variety of subjects that is encompassed under business administration. You can choose between finance, economics, sales, supply chain and even human resource management. Fortunately, you can do a double major as well.

Majority of companies all over the world hire bachelor of business administration graduates. The reason is that they have a clear understanding of how business works.


Can you do software engineering after simple FA?

Can you enroll in computer science after FA?

These are important questions to ask. Unfortunately, you need to have to pass the pre-engineering subjects to qualify for these subjects. However, you can do three papers and become eligible.


Can I do a BS after FA?

Yes you can. Some above subjects do qualify as a bachelor of science degree.


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All fields after FA in Pakistan

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