What is the scope of DPT in Pakistan?

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Firstly, let us understand what is DPT. DPT stands for Doctor of Physiotherapy. What is the scope of DPT? Any scope of DPT in Pakistan? This article answers all your question regarding dpt scope in Pakistan.

DPT is a critical science. Physiotherapy assists people to recover from injuries. It is a medical science. Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals. Certainly they have a direct impact on quality of life. There is a need for physiotherapy. It is a global requirement.

Primarily, DPT is about taking care of people. People that face injuries. And accidents. Imagine a person who got into an accident. Surgery gets him repaired. Now he needs movement. His arms need practice. Body needs shape. That is where physiotherapists come into play. They work with patients. Understand their needs. And works with them continuously. Gets them back into life.

Physiotherapy has a diverse and vast scope. It covers pediatrics, neurological, women health and sports injuries. Physiotherapy has sub specializations. Physiotherapist works with acute and chronic patients. People get injuries. On the whole, physiotherapy can take weeks. Or even months for recovery. Hence, the need for quality physiotherapists.

Basically DPT is an important career path. Majority of students choose it. It is highly ranked career after Fsc pre medical in Pakistan. Pre medical students in Pakistan have options. Many choices exist. Physiotherapy is a bright and growing career path.


Doctor of physiotherapy scope in Pakistan

DPT is a growing business in Pakistan. There are many reasons. Firstly, population is drastically increasing. Secondly, life is becoming more hectic. Leaving people prone to injuries. Thirdly, people get sick. Fourthly, accidents occur. Physiotherapy helps people recover from physical injuries.

Prior to conducting any exercises, patients go through extensive evaluation. Hence, comprehensive understanding of injury is key. Additionally, factors like age and sex need to be known. Also, active lifestyle and medical history of patients are taken into account.

Physiotherapy is a need. Pakistan faces many injuries. Poor healthcare standards trigger injuries. Hence, demand for quality physiotherapists. However, quality is important.


How hard is it to pursue DPT in Pakistan Universities

Both private and public universities in Pakistan teach DPT degrees. It is primarily a 5 year degree. You should choose a university that has a hospital attached. Many universities use the premises of other hospitals. That does not work. With hospital directly attached you get to work with patients. This improves understanding. And better healthcare professionals are generated.

Physiotherapy is at growing phase. You find PhD teachers in many universities. The Latest equipment is in hospitals. Extensive content on best international practices available. It is one of the most rated and top fields after Fsc pre med in Pakistan. More and more students are becoming physiotherapists. Alarming numbers. One reason is the high injury rates in country.


Dpt scope in Pakistan

  • Internationally recognized degree
  • Growing need all over the world
  • Sub specializations in the market
  • Competitive salary
  • Can join large scale and small clinics
  • Open your own center
  • Respected profession
  • Continuous improvement in healthcare
  • Direct connection with patients
  • Impact on quality of life of people

These are the top reasons why students prefer DPT. Therefore, consult a career consultant for advice. Why? DPT is not for everyone. Career consultants evaluate your skills. And determine your skills. Consequently, you need to know the skills. If you do not have them why go for this profession. Let me give example. Physiotherapy is hands-on. Much work with hands and feet. And talking to customers. You need to communicate many things to patients. If you are shy, we have a problem.

You need to follow your passion. Always find areas where you can add value. If you are doing this degree but are not passionate, you will face issues.

Always remember to get consultations. Premium career service experts is where to knock. They will assist you. In fact, they perform assessments. And from there conclude if you are the best fit or not. Hence, career counselling has a major advantage. Saves time, cost and energy.


DPT jobs in Pakistan

The following are the areas where DPT graduates work:

  • Clinics
  • Public hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Non Government Organizations
  • Aid Agencies
  • Sport Clubs
  • Advanced Research Labs
  • Vendors making physiotherapy equipment
  • International organizations like WHO
  • Own set up
  • Olympic Committees
  • Health Clubs


These are the main places where DPT specialists work. These are the top jobs for dpt graduates in Pakistan.

In conclusion, choose your work place. Each place has its own mechanisms. Private practice requires much time. Eventually it pays off. Similarly, you can work for sport clubs. Fun job if you love sports. Additionally, you can work at rehabilitation centers. All depends on your level of expertise. And where you would love working.


Doctor of physical therapy salary in Pakistan

The average salary of a doctor of physical therapy in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. This depends upon the many variables.

Doctor of physical therapy salary in Pakistan is based upon the total number of patients being visited. If you work in a private clinic, then the patients tend to be higher. Hence, the salaries are more.

In government hospitals, the patient number is less. And hence the lower end salary ranges.


M.S.c dpt scope in Pakistan

Majority of students do pursue a master degree. MSC DPT scope in Pakistan is improving. In fact, the master level program assists in building specialized and enhanced skills. You get to learn new ways of assisting patients.

This is the level where you choose your specialization. So, if you want to pursue working with children then we recommend specializing in that particular master level program.


Scope of PhD dpt in Pakistan

Only recommend PhD for professionals that are pursuing a teaching job as well. Scope of PhD DPT in Pakistan is a growing field since more colleges and universities are opening. These universities require PhD professors.

What is the scope of DPT in Pakistan?

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