Scope of Forensic Psychology in Pakistan

Scope of Forensic Psychology in Pakistan is growing. Forensic Psychology is a sub specialization of Psychology. Students interested in psychology, can choose several key specializations. You can choose clinical psychology, applied psychology or forensic psychology.

Scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan is also catching pace. Society requires clinical psychologists to diagnose mental ailments.

This post outlines the scope, career, salaries associated with pursuing a degree in forensic psychology. Forensic Psychology is one of the most important skills to mitigate crime in society.The demand continues. Let us explore it further.  


What is Forensic Psychology?

Forensics psychology is defined as the science of psychology associated with law and justice system. The study helps us to understand the psychology behind crimes and criminals. Forensic psychologists help in solving crimes. They are experts in this field and can determine the symptoms and reasons behind crimes. Their inputs and guidance play a very pivotal part in solving crime cases. Justice systems all around the world require forensic psychology experts. However, we recommend that you enroll in a career counselling session in Lahore or in any other city prior to making this a subject for higher education.


Scope of Forensic Psychology

Thorough investigation requires forensic psychologists. Investigation is predominantly around crimes. A forensic psychologist tries to understand the circumstances behind the crime. They focus on the psychology of the stakeholders involved.

Experts, criminologists and forensic psychologists are required to understand why people perform crimes. They play a very important role in society. Forensics psychologists provide their expertise behind the reasons and symptoms. They act as specialists. It is imperative to understand if crime is being committed because of certain devious plans. Or the person has a psychological issue. Both diagnosis and different solutions. Hence, the importance of forensics psychology.

Forensic psychology links with criminology. It also connects with human psychology.


Scope of Forensic Psychology in Pakistan

Forensic psychology is in high demand in Pakistan. The reality is that research in forensic psychology is nascence. There is a huge difference  between the demands and needs in the market. Crimes are taking place every day in Pakistan. More and more market research and analysis is required to understand the reasons behind the alarming trends. Over the last 10 years, more jobs have been posted for forensic psychologists. Forensic Psychology is one of the top courses after fsc pre medical in Pakistan.

Majority of the cases that happen in Pakistan require forensic psychologists. The legal system is in dire need of the specialists. The specialists need to meet with stakeholders involved in the crime to determine the causes behind the act.

Additionally, there is lack of forensic psychology material available in Pakistan. Hence, the need for forensics psychology and experts. The country requires researchers. The justice system is lacking in terms of its deliverables to the community because of lack of experts available in the field.

Forensic psychology is very important anywhere in the world. Especially in Pakistan. Forensic psychology and its importance is directly correlated to the crime. So if a country has high crime, more need for forensic psychologists.

Law and justice departments needs forensic psychology majors for training and development of employees. This is a skill many law enforcement agencies need to be aware about.


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    Role of a Forensic Psychologist

    The main goal of a forensics psychologist is to collect, examined and present evidence. The audience could be the justice system or any other system. They can provide their inputs to the police department, Army and other agencies.


    Jobs for Forensic Psychologists in Pakistan

    Jobs available for forensic psychol0gists in Pakistan:

    • National accountability bureau
    • Park son intelligence agency
    • Anti corruption department
    • Government forensic labs need paragraph
    • Forensics labs
    • Federal Intelligence Bureau
    • Armed Forces
    • Military courts
    • University and Colleges as teachers and researchers
    • Consultants
    • Law Firms

    Unfortunately, most of the fresh graduates tend to for teaching roles. However, there is a large scope in the law firms. Law firms need the forensic psychologists to help them win cases. They need to bring their expertise and evaluate the data. Collecting evidence and reporting is a requirement often missing. Which career is best for females in Pakistan? Forensic Psychologist is a great career for females.


    Salary Forensic Psychologists

    Forensic psychologist start at grade 17. The basic salary of a grade 17 of several is around Rs. 50,000-Rs. 80,000.



    Scope of Forensic Psychology in Pakistan

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