Scope of Zoology in Pakistan

This article describes the scope, jobs, career, salaries for zoology students in Pakistan.

Zoology is the scientific study of animals. This study entails learning about the behavior, structure, and physiology of animals. Animals are a part of our ecosystem. They also have certain parts to play. Understanding them is critical for our survival. All animals have certain attributes. Many of them support the healthy ecosystem. Animals provide food for humans. Some animals are food for other species. This is a complete cycle.

Since animals play very important part in our existence, hence, the importance of zoology. Zoology studies the origin of animals. It focuses on all the animal species. The scope of Zoology in Pakistan is increasing. Society comprehends the need of maintaining animals species in the country. Hence, universities and colleges are expanding their labs. Pakistan invites international speakers to their annual conferences regarding animals.

Zoologist study animals in the field and in the labs. They also research on development of animal diseases. More zoologists are required for Pakistan to keep alive their endangered species. And also keep healthy the animals that are a part of the economic system.

Zoology is a top field after 12th grade pre medical. It has high merit. Top students get admission in bachelors program in zoology.


Zoology Scope in Pakistan

Do you have an interest in animals? Do you believe that animals are very important? Is performing research on animals interesting to you? Do you have the ability to analyze animals? If so, then you should definitely pursue a degree in zoology.

New animal research departments are opening. The latest equipment for animal treatment is available. An example of this is the dairy industry. Pakistan consumes a high percentage of dairy produce. Hence, the importance of understanding the animals in the dairy industry. Many large-scale industries have surfaced. They hire zoologists to understand animals and their behaviors.

Poultry farms is another growing industry in Pakistan. So is cattle farming and fish farming. All of these industries require zoologists. Along with Zoology, botany scope in Pakistan is also increasing. All animal industries require quality zoologists and botanists to sustain life for animals.

Pakistan is an animal and meat eating country. Therefore, zoologists are needed in industry and in labs.


Career counselling for Zoology

We highly recommend professionals to pursue a degree in Zoology. You can enjoy a vast and exciting career. You get to work with animals. Additionally, you play an important part in life. Animals need helpers. They need specialists. Nurturing animals is a noble profession. Additionally, the jobs are numerous as you will see below. Excellent salary packages as compared to other medical fields.


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    Jobs for zoology graduates in Pakistan

    Below is the list of the top sectors that employee graduates with the zoology degree:

    • Safari parks
    • Wildlife journals
    • Fish farms
    • (Cattle) farms
    • Research labs
    • Poultry farms
    • National Parks
    • Universities and Colleges

    A degree in Zoology opens up doors of opportunity. Majority of the graduates tend to become researchers. Or they join the industry as medical assistants. Research labs hire fresh graduates as laboratory assistants.

    As you get more experience with animals, you can apply to become a consultant. What do business advisors do? As a Zoologist you can work on special international cases. For example, creating strategies to save endangered species.


    BS Zoology jobs in Pakistan

    A bachelors degree in zoology provides the knowledge for students to work with specialists in the field. BS Zoology jobs in Pakistan are vast and diverse. You can work as a research associate. Additionally, you can start as an intern for many of the wildlife agencies working in Pakistan. In fact, industries also higher fresh BS zoology graduates. Though you start off as an intern. You need to understand how the labs work.
    Majority of the jobs after bachelors degree in zoology in Pakistan focuses on building your skills with animals. The first two years are preliminary years. You get to learn how to work with animals. Industry also helps in providing that exposure.


    Scope of MSC Zoology in Pakistan

    The demand for specialist in zoology is increasing. Scope of a master’s degree in Zoology is becoming more of necessity in Pakistan. A bachelors degree in zoology focuses on studying everything about animals. This includes the structure, physiology and genetics. Whereas an advanced degree focuses more on the complexities of different animals.

    A Master’s degree in zoology focuses on analysis of environment and animals. A more focused approach is required by the industry. A MSc degree in zoology enables students to organize and conduct experimental studies with live animals in research labs.

    In fact, many of the universities and colleges in Pakistan have sophisticated labs for research work. Different zoos collaborate with universities to oversee the care and distribution of animals. A Master’s degree in zoology enable students to work in zoos. They assist in breeding, purchasing and maintaining the lives of animals.

    Pakistan is home to a wide variety of animals. Wildlife rehabilitation projects are numerous. These projects required specialists in zoology for their programs. It is imperative to keep the almost extinct animals alive. Hence, the scope and demand for M.Sc. in zoology.

    These areas require specialists. A bachelors degree is not enough to cope with the requirements in the field.


    Zoology salary in Pakistan

    Zoologists are one of the most highly paid professionals. A zoologist can easily make between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 125,000 in Pakistan. In fact, MS in zoology starts from 100,000 Rs. With Ph.D. in zoology you can definitely earn more.




    Scope of Zoology in Pakistan

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