Meet The Corporate Team

Shahbaz Khan- Director Consultancy and Leadership Management

Shahbaz Khan is a Harvard Graduate and has extensive experience building and selling companies in the USA and Canada. He brings forth a unique experience and value proposition. He is leading the consultancy projects and trains companies for leadership management trainings.


Zyma Arsalan- Director Media and Communications

Zyma has been running the human resource management divisions for companies in the USA, Pakistan and Canada. She is an avid writer, speaker and communication specialist. She brings forward an immense knowledge of human management best practices.


Ahmad Sheikh- Director Training and Professional Services

Companies and organizations are all moving forward to a dynamic and focused customer approach. Mr. Saeed has extensive experience in customer engagement and provides key insights in building the customer relationship management model of excellence. He is also doing a program on digital connectivity on Business Plus Channel.


Dr. Ayesha Mumtaaz – Manager Services

With over 5 years experience in health care management, Dr. Ayesha is our focal point for external consultations and driving effective engagement programs. She is a certified health care trainer.


Umar Rasheed – Legal Advisor

Umar Rasheed is one of the leading lawyers of Pakistan specializing in income tax, property tax, business tax and corporate tax. He brings extensive law experience of income tax and general law to the organization.[/fusion_person]


Syed Zaidi- Training Head

Syed Zaidi is our lead PMP /ITIL certification trainer. Mr. Zaidi has worked for a variety of different international organizations and graduated from LUMS.


Team Structure

ThinkFaculty consists of a community of experts in their own fields of study. All of the faculty are foreign qualified graduating from Harvard UniversityDePaul University and University of Texas at Austin. Each of the trainers have over 15 years of experience and have been working in senior positions in a variety of different markets, countries and segments. All of the team members have worked for the top 5 companies in the world like General Electric, Philips, Nokia, Microsoft and Google.

Our customers value us for our unique proposition – We are expects in our specialized fields of excellence and provide the in-depth analysis, vision and guidelines to successfully reach your milestones and objectives.

People are the key differentiators for the company. Accelerating growth depends directly on the quality of resources readily available. It is of critical essence to hire the right people, grow them, train them, and provide them with the opportunities that create leaders and motivators. Our team members have worked with the top companies in the world and can provide the expertise and knowledge to grow your company.

All the team members of ThinkFaculty have been extensively involved in training, consultancy and delivery management. Our consultants have built processes, procedures and training programs for a variety of different segments. We have been engaged in training companies in the education sector to the financial sectors.

Our key strength is that our experts are experienced and talented management gurus before they have set forth into consultancy and training forums. The basic model is that we are experts in our own fields of excellence and provide a unique value proposition for our customers.

Resource management, proper alignment and detailed structural approach drives the momentum, energy and success of all teams and corporations. We specialize in operational management and provide the tools, structure and blueprints required to pave the path through critical junctures, financial crises and resource constraints.

Process and execution are the ingredients of all success stories. Processes need to be clear, precise, goal oriented and achievable. Process development, execution and monitoring is of critical importance. Let ThinkFaculty enable you to create those processes.


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