Solar Energy in Pakistan

Energy triggers economic prosperity. Pakistan is looking for alternate energy. Solar Energy in Pakistan is an alternative source of energy. Consequently, solar energy generates electricity.

International Energy Agency is exploring new ways to promote solar energy. Multiple reasons behind this exploration. Firstly, solar is an inexhaustible source. It generates ample electricity. Secondly, it reduces pollution. Sun generates energy. As a result, climate damage reduces. This ensures that fossil fuel prices are lower.

These advantages are global. They pave the path for sustainable energy. Solar energy throughout Pakistan is a reality. We are installing solar panels to over 4,000 households in Pakistan. Our teams visit customers. Understand the requirements. Then build the solution. Cost saving solar energy for homes is a reality.

Solar Energy in Pakistan impacts all segments. It is for residences and corporations. Let us first understand how solar energy works. Then we discuss solar energy generation.

Pakistan is prime target for solar energy. Because it has cities that get really hot. And great place for penetrating rays. The issue is some areas have dust. Dust is an issue. Solar panels need to be in clean places. Solar panels need clean spectrum. Dust and bad air creates poor performance.

Larger housing schemes require large solar systems. Mega solar projects can run electricity for housing societies. Specific area for solar panels required. Therefore, housing schemes to understand electricity demand. Electricity demand governs solar panel numbers. Additionally, housing areas require other material to circulate electricity.


Current Status of Solar Energy in this Region

Pakistan is uniquely located. It has extensive solar rays coming to it. It has certain regions that are extremely hot for over 6 months in a year. In fact, Pakistan has solar plants in certain cities. Major government initiative. The cost of maintenance is high. Hence it has not become the alternate for energy. It will take time for solar energy to be a viable solution. However, with the cheaper solar equipment, the cost becomes sustainable. The other challenge is its distribution.

Many of the plants not working. Now freeway using solar for traffic lights. Smaller solar panels for lighting areas.

Many traders import solar energy equipment. Solar equipment comes from China. However, you need to be vigilant. Solar companies to give services. Guarantee and warranties needs to exist. Majority of companies do not have local presence. Service is not available. Finally, this is the main hurdle.

Secondly, proper installation is also a challenge. There is no certified solar installers. Certified International project managers install solar panels. Proper solar panel installation is a must. Not ever install is same. Different solutions for homes. And different solutions for commercial buildings. Certified installers know their jobs. Hence, this decreases issues.

Thirdly, product life cycle matters. How long the product works? Does it get depleted in 6 months? Works perfectly for 2 years? Need to know this.

Additionally, find out if local parts are available. Solar solution has different parts. Make sure the vendor has local and readily available partners. Issue is with import. Many items keep changing. And integration an issue. Hence, all items need to be available.

Proper solar systems need continuous maintenance. Companies perform remote monitoring. Solar panels need to be clean. Batteries to continuously be checked for optimization.


How Solar Energy works?

Step 1 – The sun is the main source of energy. Solar equipment uses solar rays to generate electricity. Rays pass through the atmosphere. Likewise, Ultra Violet rays are blocked. Rays reach Earth.

Solar Energy is the science of sun rays producing electricity. Solar energy is evolving. In the last five years it became viral. Panels absorb light and creates electricity. Therefore, photovoltaic panels are the best solution.

2. Photovoltaic cells are designed for solar and thermal power rays. The solar power cells have a negative and positive field. Photovoltaic cells are also called solar panel cells, solar cells or simply cell plates. Different names for the same product. The cells or plates consists of photons. Silicon absorbs photons. Photons become free as electrons. And passes through wires as electricity. This is called DC power. And requires a converter to transmit AC power into homes.

Solar Thermal is a bit different. The sun rays heats the water. For a large-scale operation, solar energy heats oil. Oil further produces steam. Steam throttles machines, turbines and other larger mechanical cycles. Electricity is produced. Can be used for large-scale residential areas. Solar thermal is expensive. It takes more time to install. Has larger production cost. Does generate more electricity. Additionally, solar thermal has overhead. Certainly, you need raw products. That adds into the cost. It can become expensive. The cost goes to consumers.

Heating water is for smaller units. That is more in rural areas. Heater water solution can be cost effective. Though the production is not much.


Future of Solar Panels and Utility

Future is bright. Solar panels is a need. Because demand is increasing. New homes use solar panels. Part of construction. Home owners pay for these services. Future has more homes with solar panels. Smaller panels with more efficiencies are coming. Cost of these homes unknown. Total cost will have solar cost.

China manufacturing roofs with solar designs. If economical it is a game changer. More and more solar designs define the future. Future might have a good number of homes on solar. This reduces electricity requirements. Therefore, need of the day.

Solar to become alternative solution. Homes to be solar efficient. Cost will define the outcome. If affordable the numbers increase. Cost effective solution is a need.

Maybe panels might not be required. Probably, newer systems will come. Easier ways of taking rays. Faster ways of generating electricity.

Local production is best. Making solar panels locally is cheap. However, the quality needs to be high. Without quality solar panels, energy does not generate. Local support facilitates its usage. Large scale solutions to be available. Easily available smaller units for consumers.


Issues with Solar Energy in Pakistan

Sun rays need to have certain ingredients. First, climate hampers solar energy. Another alarming factor is dust. Solar energy needs a direct path. Any hindrance causes effects. Similarly, bad pollution delineates the rays. Poor rays poor generation. Different rays exist. Poor visibility causes havoc. Need clear sunlight. Without it, solar energy no use.

Pakistan needs to ensure skies are clear. Also, no issues with dust. And no ray deterrence. Environmental agencies to play their part. Consequently, cleaner atmosphere a must. Without it solar is no use.

Not all devises run on solar. Newer appliances need to come to market. Above all, electrical supplies need to be solar friendly. Poor solar systems burn equipment. You can have your home appliances go bad. This is due to poor solar systems. Never anticipate this? It is reality. Hence, the need to get the best solutions.

Over the last five years, equipment does burn. Bad wiring is at fault. Many of times poor quality systems.


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