About ThinkFaculty

Our company has a humble beginning. It started out with only myself and a vision. I graduated from a top-notch university in the USA. And started working for Fortune 50 companies. Began my career as a telecom customer service support specialist. Spent a few years in technical support. Started understanding compliant handling and account management. Loved the ambiance of the call center. Fell in love with assisting customers.

We also grew our training and development portfolio. Our trainers are the best for project management course in Lahore.

From technical support moved to product and service management. Became a product manager. Started working with the best talent. Learned the way of building quality products. It is all about delivering exceptional product. Go beyond customer expectations. Be close to the customer. Understand the requirements. Keep them updated on the delivery and activities.

Successfully launched some major products in the market. After working for 5 years in product service, moved outside the United States. Started working for another Fortune 10 company. Started working at management level. Later a start up company connected with me.

We started working and building sites. And grew the portfolio to include small business social media marketing services. Wanted to experience the difference in approach. Small companies have a different way of doing business. They are fast. Resilient. And capable. But the mistakes are many. They flaw. Startups do not have the clout to work on the big issues. Typically, they work out the minor details. One learning experience is that start up companies need to have visionaries. They need to work on the magnitude of the product and service.

After working for several years in the start up phase, I later moved to a middle tier company. They were decent. People were good. I fell in love with middle tier companies. Working for the large companies, I was just a number. In the start up companies I was not that important. Development was always king. I never really liked that part. Middle tier companies did the magic.

I met some great mentors in my life. Some of them saw my talent. They realized the energy and drive. I am very luck I met them. They were able to create and build me. I never knew I had talent of developing and training. Training was just a normal routine. In the early years of training, I never knew that I can ever become a trainer or a consultant.

Met many consultants in my career. Some were obnoxious. And many were decent. Some had the big names. And many were just run-of-the-mill. Many made impacts. But the majority were useless. I remember wondering why companies give so much money to useless knowledge. They never made an impact. That day I realized I will work on developing a consultancy firm that has meaning. It gives resonance. Allows people to think. And eventually I labelled the company “ThinkFaculty”.

The world makes sense. ThinkFaculty began as a one man show. Objective is to facilitate change. Incorporate values. Show the corporate segment the meaning of true training. It is all about creating value. Expanding horizons.

In the corporate world, we drive experience. There are no standards. ThinkFaculty lives on the vision of creating that exceptional drive. And that only comes with knowledge and practice. Majority of all the call centers and customer service centers take assistance from us. BPO training courses are rated the best in this part of the world!

With that the company began. We entered the market. Took on the world. And tried to create the ripple effect. The best part is that we have stories to tell. We have smiles that we create. Companies have taken us on as consultants. Many as partners.


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