Scope of Botany in Pakistan

The scope of botany in Pakistan is growing. Many colleges and universities all across Pakistan offer bachelors or a Master’s degree in botany. Pakistan is an agricultural country. Hence, the scope and importance of Botany.

Interested in pursuing a degree in Botany? Then this is a must-read! This article discusses the opportunities, salaries, and scope of pursuing a degree in botany. Botany scope in Pakistan is important since Pakistan is an agricultural state. Moreover, farming countries require botanists for plant life and healthy farming ecosystems.

In the farming industries, you also need quality zoologists. Typically, the teams consists of botanists and zoologists. Zoologists work with the animals. And the botanists specialize in the plant. This is specific to animal farming. Zoology scope in Pakistan is also growing.

Botany is the study of plants. Without a doubt, it prepares students to understand plant life. Subsequently, pursuing a botany degree implies learning about the entire life-cycle of trees and plants.

The majority of students that do not qualify for medical schools and colleges tend to pursue a degree in botany. Botany is a branch of biology.

In particular, botanists are professionals that graduate with a specialization in botany.

Botany helps us understand how to cope with pollution, climate change and population growth through plant life. Subsequently, scientific study of plants helps us understand how to create an effective ecosystem.


Botany Career Scope in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural country. It requires a decent amount of plants for affected ecosystems. Since Pakistan is a very dry and humid area, specific plants can only grow in this part of the world. Hence, botanists are required to study plant life in Pakistan. They evaluate different species and provide their results. In addition, their objective is to improve plant life.

Interestingly, botany opens different doors of opportunity. You are not limited to just one field. You can specialize in forest and become a forester.

Ecology is another interesting field. You work with the environment. You get to work with plants that impact the environment we live in.

Plant biochemists understand the biochemistry behind plants. These professionals are vital for the growth of plant life.

Plant breeders work on breeding plant life. Particularly, they work on farms to reproduce plants. Typically, these are all plants that are required for human survival.

These are just some career scope opportunities after a bachelor or masters program in botany.

Careers in botany in Pakistan are not limited. They extend to careers as a microbiologist and taxonomist.

Majority of students that apply for Botany are females. Which profession is best for girls in Pakistan? Hard question. Many girls graduating O levels or FSC have to ask this question. Choosing a profession requires extensive study. And understanding of the career, market and salary.


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    Jobs for Botany graduates in Pakistan

    There are numerous jobs after graduating with a degree in Botany. In fact, the scope after BSC Botany is expanding each year in Pakistan. New jobs are coming available. More companies are looking to hire Botanists.

    Below are the jobs available after graduating in botany in Pakistan:


    Agricultural Department of Pakistan

    The agricultural Department of Pakistan hires the majority of botanists. Scope of government jobs in Pakistan for botany majors is growing. Botanists work in the field of plant life. This study processes and evolution of plants. These plants are used in agriculture. What type of tomatoes should be produced? Levels of minerals in plants? These answers botanists solve.


    Research centers

    Certain research centers higher botanists to study plant DNA. Plant DNA helps us understand how plant life can survive in different situations. Pakistan needs to improve its botanic and research labs. Research labs focus on plant life. This can include roses, flowers, and other botanical plants for human growth.


    Agricultural companies

    Many botanists are hired by agricultural companies. They work to produce better products for the market. Typically, plants are used to feed animals. However, even specialists like Botanists need good written and verbal communication skills. Communication skills short courses are required. Always have exceptional skills while working in the corporate sector as a Botanist.


    Conservation agencies

    Conservation agencies also higher botanists. These agencies work on special projects to improve quality life in urban and suburban areas.


    Horticultural department

    Horticultural department responsible for the parks in Pakistan. They hire botanists to maintain and improve the park life. Botanists are providing insights. Besides, they recommend the plans and procedures to raise plants in these parts.


    Forest Department

    Pakistan has a large forest area. Importantly, botanists help maintain forest life.


    Environmental Consultancy

    With a specialized degree in botany, you can become an environmental consultant. Here you provide consultancy to government and companies relating to environment.


    Teaching Profession

    Majority of students opt for teaching jobs in Pakistan. You can teach botany in many classes starting from 8th grade. You can also teach botany at a college and university level.


    Nursery Managers

    Nursery managers are responsible for quality of nurseries. You can open up your own nursery or work with one. You get to create and grow plants. Furthermore, plants for domestic and commercial use are critical for daily usage..


    Molecular Biologist

    Molecular biologist is the most skilled of all these jobs. They are specialists. They work in labs to understand the details of plants. Ultimately, their research gets published.


    Important Note – Above are all different fields. However, you still work as a specialized Botanist. All the above are different types of botanist jobs available in Pakistan.


    Career counselling for Botany in Pakistan

    With all of these exciting career paths it becomes a challenge. What is the best career choice? Should you pursue a master’s degree? Or apply for a job after a bachelor in Botany? Certainly, career counselling for Botany solves this purpose. Get an understanding of your personal preference. And understand the salaries and perks for each profession.


    Botany Salary in Pakistan

    Salary for botany majors is variant. This depends upon the career path you choose. Teachers get lesser pays. If you are a microbiologist you tend to get Rs. 165,000 per month. Undoubtedly, some conservation agencies also pay up to Rs. 80,000 per month for fresh graduates.


    Scope of Botany in Pakistan

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