Scope of Doctor of Nutrition Sciences (DNS) in Pakistan

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Let us begin to define what is the role of a doctor of nutrition sciences. Apparently, there are different titles for the same degree. Some call it doctor of food and nutrition. Other institutes label it as bachelors in diet and nutrition. It is also called bachelors of nutrition and dietetics. Additionally, this program is also referred to as human nutrition and dietetics degree. Irrespective, there is a scope of doctor of nutrition sciences in Pakistan.

In this program students learn about effective nutrition assessments. Eventually they become experts in clinical nutrition. Eventually, they can practice in a patient care environment. Moreover, scope of doctor of nutrition sciences in Pakistan is not limited to the region. One can further certify themselves as a registered dietitian. BSC Nutrition is one of the career options after fsc pre medical in Pakistan.


Specific Scope of BSC Nutrition and Dietetics in Pakistan

The bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics degree is similar to the doctor degree in Nutrition Sciences. The difference is that the bachelors degree is a 4-year degree. And the doctors degree is a 5-year degree. Equally important, both become diet specialists.

Diet specialists and nutritionists are always in demand. There are two significant reasons behind the demand. First, the alarming population increase. Secondly, unhealthy diets. Both are creating the need for proper diets. Awareness of proper health is a need. People need to know about the latest trends in health. Diet consultants provide the knowledge. Indeed, they are experts. And guide patients to better wellness. Human nutrition and dietetics scope is growing in the food manufacturing and processing plants.

The need in Pakistan is more severe as compared to other countries. In Pakistan, there is a serious lack of nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies are a common issue. Children and mothers have severe deficiencies. Therefore, nutritionists need to perform research. And provide a proper solution.
In Pakistan, it needs to start from the food industry. Nutritionists to work on how food is prepared. What is being prepared? And how to create a culture of proper diet plans.

Many dietitians tend to also move into the public health sector. Public health career scope in Pakistan is also growing. You can then administer a department or a team of health care professionals. You can take up jobs with the World Health Organization and work on specific projects like malnutrition in poor sectors of Pakistan.

B.Sc. nutrition and dietetics scope is always growing economies. Scope for nutritionist becomes almost a need. Specialists in nutrition help improve health in communities.


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    Who should apply for the Food and Nutrition Degree?

    This is a specialist degree. Not everyone should apply. Therefore, students with the following skills should apply:

    • love to work with patients
    • deep focus and love for wellness
    • Understand the importance of health and fitness
    • Knows about diseases and wants to mitigate them

    Lately, BSC in Food and Nutrition is a top level medical degree program pursued by females after fsc in Pakistan.


    Basic Requirements of Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics in Pakistan

    Primarily, this is a 5-year course. Private and public universities and colleges offer this degree. It begins after intermediate degree. Objective of the degree program is to create awareness and importance of diet. Students learn its vitality. They learn tools to improve health. Gain a strong understanding of the best diets in the market. Eventually they become specialists in this field of study. They work on assessments. Measure the health of a patient. And provide the best suitable diet plans accordingly. Therefore, nutrition is all about food and its role in health.

    In Pakistan, many degrees exist. Some universities offer bachelors in food and nutrition. Above all, the objective is the same.

    Majority of students pursuing this degree tend to open up their own clinics. Society requires dietitians. Ailments like sugar and diabetes is common. Hence, the need for diet specialists. However, you need to have a customer centric approach as well. Students pursuing a degree in diet sciences also take training on customer service skills separately to understand how to deal with patients. This training helps students understand customer interaction.


    Jobs Available for Doctors of Nutrition Sciences

    There are numerous jobs available for students pursuing this career. Here are the main areas:

    • Food and Nutrition Consultant
    • Food Authority Jobs
    • Professor and teaching jobs
    • Food processing and preservation units
    • Quality Control
    • Food Inspector

    Currently, the government of Pakistan is focusing on health. Health care jobs are growing. Hence, dietitians should apply for government jobs in Pakistan.

    Government jobs for B.Sc. nutrition and dietetics is more in rural areas. Government is focusing on having B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics majors apply as health care workers.


    Annual salary Registered Dietitian

    The salary varies depending upon the job. However, the average salary is around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month. This can also vary if you have additional diplomas in particular areas.


    Universities offering human nutrition and dietetics in Pakistan

    Below is the list of universities offering nutrition and dietetics in Pakistan:

    • University of Management and Technology, Lahore
    • Women University Mardan
    • BZU Multan
    • University of Faisalabad, Faisalabad
    • Pir Mahar Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi
    •  University Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences, Lahore


    How to become a doctor of nutrition?

    • You need first apply for the 5-year degree from a recognized university.
    • Second step is take the international examination to become a certified doctor of nutrition.


    Have any questions? Need to know more about scope? Ask us. And our experts will respond.


    Scope of Doctor of Nutrition Sciences (DNS) in Pakistan

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      1. Is there comes doctor with the name in degree of Bsc hons nutrition and dietetics… and is there any salry difference between doctor of diet and nutrition vs bsc hons nutrition and dietetics

    1. Kindly guide about the universities in Islamabad which are offering the degree of dns

      1. Go for any public university they are the best. I do not recommend private universities.

    2. Is merit going to be dropped in this field as the promotion of students is done, if yes then how much merit will be dropped and can a student of 58 % apply for this field?

      1. Sir I have got admission in Bs food science and technology.but now my name have also come in bs human nutrition and dietetics.out of these which subject is best.which subject has more opportunities for job and is highly paid program

    3. This may be completely unrelated but I want to know what are some good paying fields in BS after pre-medical. I mean, if the salary of a nutritionist is just 20-30,000 rupees, shouldn’t a person just do something else, like become a government teacher for example? If there is any practical field that pays well, I’d be very thankful to you for informing me!

    4. Asslam-o-Alikum Sir!
      Sir last year I got admission (HND Depart) in an institute which is afliated with GC university Faisalabad. Till now I’m facing too much irritating attitude of my family and others that why i choose this field……….there is no scope of this field in Pakistan……you are wasting your time…..etc
      I try my best to answer their every question but I think i could’t satisfy them……….Sir now how can i response………..
      please sir guide me in this regard

    5. sir i got 75% marks in first year can i get admission in DND or BS nutrition and diet?
      in which universities should i apply?
      please guide me sir Thank you

    6. Mam i secured 77% in 1st year pre mèdical and got promoted in 2nd year now i am looking for a feild which siut me the best i am willing to do bs nutrition but in our city it is only offered in private university i had read all your replies in which u preferrd government university now i want to ask that should i go for it in a private university??

    7. this an actually a really good field and there are so many universities providing there best to students in this field such as


      and many other private universities with full arranged labs and latest technology

    8. Is there comes doctor with the name in degree of Bsc hons nutrition and dietetics… and is there any salry difference between doctor of diet and nutrition vs bsc hons nutrition and dietetics

    9. Assalam u alaikum. My name is Zainab. I am from Lahore. My marks in Fsc part 1 are 361, and Olevel’s converted marks 641 out of 900. Which fields will be better for me? Will I get name in Nutritionist and Dietitians list of UVAS? Should I give NUMS Test or to change my field from medical to sone other field? AS I HAVE ALREADY APPLIED FOR MCAT IN AKU.

    10. Aoa,I m working as a register nurse I want to do master in nutrition, is it beneficial for me or I should do MPh?

    11. Sir i am in 7th semester of Bs human nutrition and dietetics in fsd after this degree i want to do PG diploma in this field.. kindly sir refer me a good institutes for PGD in lahore.
      And kindly further guide for this field

    12. I am promoted in 2nd year now so I am looking which field suit me the best…plz tell me which field have scope in Pakistan now a days..

      1. Too vague of a question. You need to understand your desires and skills. Get connected with us and let us deep dive into your personality.

    13. Can you help me?I have to do bs food and nutrition.Is it important to study science Fsc in inter?I study FA with homecnomics.

      1. Yes but a bachelor degree will also suffice. I take it that you are did bachelors in a different field?

    14. Hey! Which field is good pharmd or nutrition.. I’m soo worried plz guide me,and I choose DUHS for both of the fields, but I’m confuse which one should I choose.

    15. Is there comes doctor with the name in degree of Bsc hons nutrition and dietetics… and is there any salry difference between doctor of diet and nutrition vs bsc hons nutrition and dietetics?

      1. Doctor label is now stripped. In reality, dieticians are always called dieticians. It is only in Pakistan, that education did this mistake. There is now only a 4 year program in Pakistan.

    16. Excuse me sir, I am doing 4 year program of BS-HND.
      I want to ask that after finishing my degree will I be an official doctor? If not, then how can I become?

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