Best Options for Students In Medical With Less Marks in FSC in Pakistan

This article answers the most important question –  What is the best option for students in medical with fewer marks in FSC.

You did not get great marks in FSC premedical. You cannot choose the top career options after FSC premedical. What to do? Do you still have lucrative options?


List of Fields after FSC Pre Medical in Pakistan with Fewer Marks

The following is the updated list of fields after FSC Pre medical in Pakistan with fewer marks.


BS in Biology

BS in Biology is a good field to choose if you could not get into medical college. You get to learn about biology and its components. After a 4-year program you become a biologist.

Corporations and private sector hires biologists. Biology graduates pursue higher education as well.


Bachelor in Psychology

4 year degree in Psychology opens doors of opportunity in the private and public sector. Pakistan has a large population with growing mental ailments. More quality psychologists are required to sustain a level of sanity in the society. BS psychology jobs in Pakistan are increasing. More young and energetic psychologists are needed to meet the demands in the market.


BS in Physics

4 Year degree in physics is a great career choice. You get to become a physicist. Government of Pakistan has a Nuclear Department and hires physics majors.


Bachelor in Zoology

Becoming a zoologist is a great career path. Students need to understand the importance of Zoology in our society. The scope of Zoology after graduation has many dimensions. Zoologists work with animals and keeps the balance of animal kingdom active.


BS In English Literature

English literature is a great career choice. You can become a teacher or a linguist. In Pakistan requires English teachers. In fact, content writers are building quality content online. English graduates are finding jobs as contact writers and making a good living as freelancers. Jobs for English literature graduates in Pakistan is expanding. More freelancers are coming to the stage.


Bachelor in Geography

Geography opens up many opportunities. Geographers are required in every city. Construction companies hire geography experts to help understand the ground and environmental conditions. Careers in geography in Pakistan is growing. Highly recommended field of study.


Bachelor in Food Science

This degree has several names. It is also called Bachelor in Diet and Food Science. It teaches about proper diet plans. You become a dietician and can work in the food segment.


BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

Moving forward with a BBA is also a great career move. You can get into business administration. There are so many options. You can choose to do a major in finance, accounting and human resource management.


Diploma in Dermatology

Different medical and public medical institutes are offering 1 year and 2 year diplomas in dermatology. Great career path if you are interested in working in the pharmaceutical industry or want to work with dermatologists. Careers in dermatology in Pakistan are in demand. Get enrolled and become a part of a needed community of experts.

Best Options for Students In Medical With Less Marks in FSC in Pakistan

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