Best Fields after Fsc Pre Medical in Pakistan

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Here we list the best fields after FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan. This is not the complete list. It is a subset of the complete list of all fields after fsc pre medical in Pakistan.

Which fields are the best for medical students? Which field is best after FSC pre medical in Pakistan? What to do after FSC premedical? These are all valid questions for students who want to pursue top medical career paths.

These are only the top fields. You have many options after Fsc Pre Medical. Only a few are worth pursuing. Few fields provide students with career advancements in Pakistan.

This list is compiled by leading career counselors. But before you read on. Let us share how this was compiled. What was thought through. How are we defining this as the best fields. What makes them the best as compared to other fields.


Best Fields in Pakistan after FSC Pre Medical

Let us first understand what makes a field the best medical field in Pakistan after FSC premedical in Pakistan. Best fields for premedical students in Pakistan are based upon certain criteria.

This list uses the following criteria. This is compiled by the top career counselling center in Lahore. Experts compiled only the top fields. These are the most recommended career paths. So, if you are thinking of the top medical careers, this is the list.


Career Growth

Fields are chosen based upon career growth. This is specific in Pakistan. These careers provide a career growth.



You can make an extensive amount of money. Either joining a company. Or start working on your own business. Professions after fsc pre medical have a strong financial outcome. There is extensive growth in terms of financial numbers and growth.


Demand in Market

There is a continuous demand in the market. Pakistan needs more and more of these professionals. Top medical fields in Pakistan after FSC are always in demand. More and more people look for exceptional doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.


Top Fields after Fsc Pre Medical in Pakistan

We evaluated all the main medical professionals. The medical professionals measured with the above parameters.



MBBS is a degree preparing you to become a doctor. Still, the number 1 rated degree in Pakistan. Why? There are so many options. You can go to the UK. And also USA for higher education. Many doors open up. You get to become a specialist. There is always room for specialists. Even general doctors are required. So our recommendation is MBBS degree. This is the top most relevant after FSc pre medical in Pakistan.

How much percentage is required for MBBS in Pakistan? This is a very important question. MBBS seats are limited. And hence the need for exceptional numbers. You cannot get a seat in any private or public medical college without high marks. The percentage changes each year. However, a good 88% is enough to make you qualify for being accepted in a medical college.



Our second choice is dentistry. You have many options. Pakistan is in dire need of dentists. Poor diet heating habits have a direct effect on the teeth. Also, poor brushing habits. Then the population is increasing. Hence, the need for continuous good doctors. Second best field after Fsc premedical in Pakistan is dentistry.

Scope of BDS in Pakistan after graduation is increasing. Population is increasing. Hence, the need for qualified dentists.



Study of psychology makes you a psychologist. There is a dire need for good psychologists. More and more people need help. There are many mental illnesses. Also, depression is a common theme. Marriages are going bad. Children misbehave. Hence, the need for psychologists. Third top-rated career path after Fsc pre medical in Pakistan. Career of forensic psychologists in Pakistan is growing.



Becoming a nurse is another important career path after Fsc premedical. Nursing is great in terms of career. Pakistan is always in need of good nurses. There are numerous benefits of having a nursing degree. One important benefit is the respect in the medical field. Nurses are well respected. Secondly, with higher diplomas and certifications, nurses can earn a very decent living.


Forensic Scientist

Becoming a forensic scientist is also one of the premedical student opportunities that is growing. Forensic Science is one of the best options for premedical students.  Jobs for forensic science graduates in Pakistan is steadily growing. Very competitive salary packages and opportunities for fresh graduates.



Our fourth recommendation is physiotherapy. This is a dire need for physiotherapists. These specialists assist people in recovering from illnesses and accidents. Accidents are common place. People need to come back to living regular lives. Physiotherapy builds people. They recover people from physical disabilities.

Best Fields after Fsc Pre Medical in Pakistan

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      1. i am student of pre medical and passed with 58% marks please tell me right field

  1. Psychology ka last merit kya gya tha best govt.unis ka or koi uni is k lye b mdcat k marks leti h kya???

  2. I have scored 80 percent marks in fsc pre medical so can I go for dpt or BSc MIT? Kindly guide me please which is best for me

  3. I have heard that maths is also required for BSc MIT but I’m premedical student my subject is biology so how can I go for BSc MIT

  4. I have secured 76 percent marks in fsc pre medical so I can go for biotechnology or food nutrition and diet kindly guide me which is one best for me

  5. I have secured 76 percent marks in fsc pre medical so I can go for biotechnology or food nutrition and diet kindly guide me which is one best for me

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