Income Tax Consultants and Lawyers

Income Tax Services Company providing complete taxation services. We have expert lawyers and tax consultants. Furthermore, we have income tax accountants in our company. Servicing all major cities. Online income tax service also available.

Income Tax Services, Income Tax Consultants, Income Tax Accountants and Income Tax Professionals all under one Roof!

Our company consists of top income tax professionals, income tax lawyers and income tax accountants in the country. Over 55 years of servicing our valued customers. As a result, businesses recognize our income tax services. Our tax services is part of our unique professional and services portfolio.


Income Tax Consultant Services 

Income Tax applies to everyone earning a living. Similarly, it is applicable to individuals, corporations, small enterprises and large conglomerates. Keeping track of all the records for tax filing is mandatory. Government keeps a vigilant eye on individuals, corporations and businesses. Consequently, Income tax department monitors fraudulent financial activities. The penalties of non-payment are high. And can lead to imprisonment.

Rasheed Law Firm is the leading Income Tax Firm. It consists of income tax consultants, chartered accountants, and income tax lawyers. Our firm consists of retired judges of the tribunal courts. Ex chairman of the Income Tax Court a part of our team. Our firm has over 60 years of experience. Furthermore, we assist companies, individuals and small enterprise business owners. As a result, we also get income tax refunds.

Below are the core tax consultant services we specialize in:

  • Sales Tax
  • Business Taxation
  • TAX Accounting
  • Corporate Tax
  • Professional Tax
  • Income Tax Return


    Save money. Understand how Tax Reforms. Let us prepare and file your tax. Fill Form. Our Tax Team will connect!


    Sales Tax Service

    Sales Tax is applicable to products and services. Hence, important to know about sales tax. For example, we have a distributor as a customer. Sales tax brackets, rules and laws keep on changing. Hence, our consultancy provide professional assistance through-out each fiscal year. Our customer saves money. As a result, we save his cost and time.


    Corporate Tax Service

    Corporations have different corporate taxation needs. Corporate Income tax is detrimental for any audit requirement. Corporations need to know corporate tax. And how it applies to their businesses.

    Most noteworthy, our corporate tax service includes tax returns and consultancy services.


    Tax Accounting Service

    Tax Accounting is a specialized field. And requires experts to engage, diagnose and maintain tax accounting records. Many of our customers use us as tax accountants and consultants. We provide tax accounting legal advise. Wrong tax accounting has dire consequences. This happens. Because accountants do not know tax laws.


    Income Tax For Business

    Income Tax for business requires an understanding of  business verticals. Many of the businesses struggle with business tax. Our lawyers know the issues. As a result, connect with us. Let us take care of your income tax.


    Income Tax Lawyers

    Income Tax Lawyers fight income tax penalties, disputes and charges against businesses, individual or other communities such as government agencies. Are you battling an income tax case? Take law advice from leading income tax lawyers. Our advice can save you.


    Income Tax Return Service

    Each year the law for income tax, income tax brackets and ordinances change to create a new income tax return filing for individuals and businesses. It is not easy to cope, comprehend and keep up to mark with the changes in the income tax department. Hence, the need for an income tax law firm to join in and assist you in your income Tax Return filing. We perform online tax return filing for businesses and personal taxation statements. Objective of our income tax service is for citizens to become tax filers of the FBR system.


    Income Tax Consultancy Service

    Income Tax Consultancy assists you in your tax issues. You have money to save? Running more than one business? Probably, businesses do not know how to save taxes. They Our Income Tax Consultants consists of the top chartered accountants, income tax consultants and income tax law experts in the nation.


    Online Tax Consultant Service

    One of our core services is the online tax consultancy services. We take the worry away. Let us take care of your tax issues. We are available online. You can chat with us. Use social media networks to connect. Or get an appointment. We can use skype for online tax consultant service. Online tax consultant providing exclusive service through different online media platforms.

    We provide services to all Pakistan professionals in any part of the world. In fact, many consults with us that have properties here but working in other countries.

    We specialize in online tax submission. Therefore, no need for manual submission. Get immediate results.


    Taxation Service in Pakistan

    All of these above services are available as taxation service in Pakistan. You can obtain full taxation service from us. Because we have complete law services. Above all, we are experts. We know law.


    Benefits of Income Tax Services and Law Services

    Here are the main benefits of taking our income tax services:

    • Immediate return of refunds. Maximum number of refunds each year.
    • Best and professional income tax consultancy services. We have saved millions of rupees for businesses.
    • Highest success rate of income tax cases.
    • Qualified chartered accountants in our team that validate your numbers.
    • Provide key insights to save money in all tax services.
    • Over 5,000 individual professional use us to prepare tax returns.
    • Assist importers save on sales and import taxes.
    • Most reliable taxation services for local companies. Major local companies have us as their lawyers.



    This section is dedicated to the questions our customers and clients ask us. Let us share our knowledge with you!


    Question: How is my income tax calculated?

    Answer: This depends on your business and income activities. First of all, employees pay tax. Total salary they make is eligible for a certain deduction based upon the salary bracket grouping. However, if you have additional income than the total amount of incomes are added. And the income tax bracket changes. In addition to the additional income, you might already be paying taxes in the form of telephone bill payment, new car purchase and also tax on certain commodity goods. Similarly, these parameters can be deducted from the main income tax bracket. However, for a best case study, visit us and let us guide you.


    Question: How to calculate a federal income tax refund?

    Answer: Tax refunds follows certain criteria. And the criteria depends upon your particular business line, cash flows and operation costs. For example, the federal income tax refund for a service company differs for a software company versus a manufacturing plant. Hence, we highly recommend getting consultancy from an income tax before even calculating and applying for a federal income tax refund.


    Question: Do you use any professional tax software to calculate returns?

    Answer: Yes, we have the most updated tax software. All our legal experts use it. In fact, accountants check all return data to validate and authenticate the income tax returns from the professional software.


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