Scope of Geography in Pakistan

What is the scope of Geography in Pakistan?

The scope of geography is increasing. Basically, geography is the study of physical properties of Earth. On the whole, Geography teaches about weather, water and terrain structures.

Pakistan has vast area of mountains, land and sea. It is important to have geography specialists provide key insights. However, scope of geography in Pakistan is still in infancy as compared to other countries.

Keep reading this article for details on job opportunities and salaries.

  • Study of physical features of Earth is called “physical geography”
  • Study of human activities, economy and politics influence Earth is called “human geography”


Scope of MSc Geography in Pakistan

Are you considering masters in geography? Want to know about the scope of msc geography?

A person who graduates with a degree in geography is called a geographer. A geographer informs government about land formations. This data is important. Data provides the changes in land. This is required to make decisions. Both for industrial expansion and agricultural needs. Becoming a geographer is one of the best professions for females in Pakistan.

Pakistan has some great universities that specialize in geography. A master’s degree in geography makes you a specialist. Definitely, you will be pursuing a thesis. Ensure the thesis goes towards your interest.

A masters program focuses on developing the core skills of students:

  • Understanding of Environmental Science
  • Awareness of Geology
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Strong concept of Sociology and Surveying


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    Careers in Geography in Pakistan

    A degree in Geography opens a variety of opportunity. What are the careers in Geography in Pakistan? Below are the top careers you can choose from

    • Join a university or college as a teacher of geography
    • Become a researcher in a leading research institute
    • Join as a climatologist in the private and public sector
    • Become a meteorologist and join government service
    • Private and public housing projects require geographers
    • Join as an emergency response coordinate in the disaster management department
    • Expert in the oil and gas companies
    • Join construction companies as a geographer
    • Pursuing an exciting career as a town planner
    • Specialize as a Cartographer

    Geography career scope in Pakistan depends also on the interest of the professional. Since geography is a diverse field so are the specializations. These are all great careers after fsc pre medical. Immediately after graduation in geography, you can join these careers.

    Real Estate is a growing industry in Pakistan. Housing societies and large scale construction firms are in constant need of qualified geographers. These are geographers focusing on landscape and materials of Earth.

    Government urban planning schemes hire geography graduates from different universities in Pakistan.


    Geography Salary in Pakistan

    The salary varies. Private sector offers higher salaries as compared to government sector. Typically, the salary ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 70,000 per month. Conclusively, the average annual salary of geography specialists in Pakistan range from Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 800,000. This includes other perks and benefits.

    Geographers work as research scholars. In research, the salaries are given by the grants.


    Scope of Geography in Pakistan

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