All fields after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan

Below is the complete list of all fields after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan. It includes the best fields after pr engineering. Therefore, it includes many fields that 12th class students are not aware of.


Scope of Fsc pre engineering in Pakistan

Engineering is field to stay. Undoubtedly, it will only expand. New technologies come to surface. Therefore, engineering is a great choice. Especially in the computer science space. In fact, new jobs are aligning in the business analyst and big data fields. These are all options to choose from.

Scope of pre engineering will improve in the agriculture sector too. Chemical and Agricultural engineering to help in yield and cultivation.

You did the right choice in choosing pre-engineering for 12th grade. Another great option is choosing commerce in 12th grade. Career options after FSC commence in Pakistan is also bright.

These selected fields of study open up many doors of opportunity.


List of all fields after Pre Engineering in Pakistan

Engineering covers a variety of different disciplines. To summarize, following are the fields for pre engineering students to choose from:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Computer sciences
  • Architecture
  • Civil engineering
  • Biomechanical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Telecom engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • B.S.c. in Mathematics
  • B.S.c in Physics
  • ¬†Aerospace Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering


These are the core engineering fields after pre engineering. Furthermore, students choose from these fields. Universities and colleges in Pakistan offer degrees in these majors.

Middle East is growing. Oman, Qatar and Dubai hire all types of engineers. By and large, students apply for jobs in Dubai from Pakistan and get employment. It is easier to apply from local cities. Many companies interview remotely. Eventually professionals get hired in Dubai.


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    Career options after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan

    What to do after fsc pre engineering? What can I do after completing pre engineering? These are valid questions.

    There are multiple career options after Fsc pre engineering in Pakistan. Here is the main breakup:

    • Engineer
    • General Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Armed Forces

    You can become an engineer of your liking. Not something you want to pursue? With this intention, get enrolled in a general management bachelors program. Join the work force with a different degree. Become an entrepreneur. Learn top social media tips for small business and grow revenue.

    Or join the armed forces. And join the army. Navy. Anything you desire.

    Prior to choosing any of these fields understand your own self. At the age of 18 you have a good understanding of what you would like to pursue. Start with that. Obviously, certain students enjoy chemistry. For them chemical engineering is a great option. Many of our students that come for counselling love automobiles. For them we recommend mechanical engineering or Electrical engineering. In essence, the baseline is what is your propensity towards. One should certainly research prior to finalizing any specific program of study.

    These are all different carer after pre engineering that students can choose from.

    This is a very difficult choose. Hence, we recommend talking to a career advisor immediately.


    Best Fields after Pre Engineering in Pakistan

    Below is a detailed discussion of the top fields in Pakistan after pre engineering.

    • Aeronautical engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Industrial engineering
    • Software Engineering


    Aeronautical Engineering

    This is a growing career path for students. Aeronautical engineering focuses on developing the skills to maintain airplanes. Aeronautical engineering career scope in Pakistan is on the rise.

    In Pakistan, aeronautical engineering is offered at universities run by the military. Why? Fighter planes require good aeronautical engineers. Hence, the industry focuses on building their own engineering programs.

    Aerospace Engineering

    Another up and coming field is aerospace engineering. It deals with the science of aircrafts. If you want to work in outer space technology then certainly pursue this degree. Jobs for aerospace engineering graduates in Pakistan is on the rise.


    Chemical Engineering

    Chemical engineering is a very important field. Indeed, it provides the skills for students to learn how different chemicals react in factories and industries. Chemical engineers are highly required in areas where there is extensive raw material going into finishing goods. An example textile and paint industries. Fresh chemical engineering jobs in Pakistan are growing. For this purpose, the growing industrial need to have environmentally friendly solutions.

    Pakistan has a growing textile and pesticide industry. Industries hire chemical engineers.


    Civil Engineering

    This discipline focuses on material and buildings. If you’re interested in building dams, construction, roads and infrastructure, then civil engineering is the best option. You get to learn a great amount about infrastructure and materials.


    Computer Engineering

    Computer engineering is a multidisciplinary skill. It focuses on programming skills as well as hardware architecture. If you’re interested in building gadgets and electronics and computer engineering is a great field. Computer engineering salary in Pakistan is growing. Salesforce, AI, Block chain are creating the need in market.


    Computer Science

    Computer science focuses on developing your core programming skills. If you are interested in web, then computer sciences is a great field of study. Fortunately, you get to learn about different programs. Eventually you become a very good programmer.


    Electrical Engineering

    Electrical engineering is also very important field. This field focuses on the Electrical parts and flow of transfer. This field focuses on gadgetry and electrical components. Electrical engineers are employed with large-scale projects. Electrical engineers will be seen hired by General Electric and Philips. They work in organizations that have hard in sophisticated electrical equipment.

    Scope of Electrical Engineering in Pakistan after graduation is increasing. Industry is growing. Population is growing. New housing societies are being built. Electrical engineers help create power distribution systems. They help in building infrastructure. Industry requires electrical engineers to build electrical machines.


    Environmental Engineering

    This is relatively a new field of study and focuses on the environmental factors associated with engineering. On the whole, subjects are climate change and industrial change associated with the environment.


    Industrial Engineering

    Industrial engineering focuses on the engineering part of large-scale industries. So if you’re interested in working for Honda or reorder, Definitely, industrial engineering is a great stepping stone. You get to learn about how large-scale industries work.


    Software Engineering

    Software engineering is relatively new field of study. Altogether, it is an amalgamation of engineering and software. So it’s a hybrid program. So you get to learn about programming and also the architecture behind programming. We are seeing more software engineering universities in Pakistan in the education space. This is to add to the need in market.


    Can I do software engineering after FSC pre engineering?

    Yes you can do software engineering after FSc pre engineering. Good question. Software engineering is different from the typical pre engineering topics. However, software engineering is a growing field. We recommend students to pursue this exciting career path.


    What can I do after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan?

    This question comes if you can not make it into the engineering fields. Generally speaking, that is still fine. That is not the end of the world. There are other options to choose from that is relevant to pre engineering.


    B.S.c Mathematics

    4 Years of a bachelors program focusing on mathematics is a great choice. Additionally, you can graduate with a degree in mathematics and economics. Or you can choose between finance and statistics.

    Mathematics enables you to still get the required skills to become a data analyst. You get to lean core mathematical equations.

    Mathematics scope in Pakistan is increasing. More companies are looking for analytical minds to solve their data issues.


    Which field is best after FSc Pre Engineering in Pakistan?

    There is no one perfect field. Which field is best after FSc pre-engineering in Pakistan depends upon the propensity of student. You cannot drive a student who loves mechanical to go into software engineering. Or a person who loves aviation to go towards computer software engineering.

    Your ambition and passion will drive what field is best for you after FSc pre engineering.



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    All fields after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan

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