11 Must Know Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

If you are a small business and want to increase revenues then these amazing 11 social media marketing tips a life saver! Social Media tips for small businesses are the steps required to build revenue streams! social media tips for small business Before you read on, we need to be on the same page. You are one of the many small or mid tier companies that want to increase awareness, social activities, profits, and long-term customer satisfaction. If this is the case, then you are on the right page. You are on the right content. Or you have a bit of money to hire a reliable SEO company, you can still request to use these amazing tips for increasing traffic.

Social Media is the media channel of the future. It is the blood line of revenue streams and long-term growth. It is the substance and momentum that will take you to the stars. However, there are many unknowns. And we are going to share with you some of the killer social media marketing tips and clear ambiguities of any myths.

So, lets begin with clearing the myth and working on the killer tips!


Social Media Tips are Magic

Here is the magical moment? We are finally here to reveal to you the secrets of the unknown. Well not really. That depends. Do you believe in magic? Ok, enough. Socail Media tips are not magical.

You want to rank up and use social media but don’t know how? And you have come to the expert village to know the rules of engagement? that is how it should work. we are here to help you and build new roads and avenues for you. we are strong in consultancy and have done wonders for many of the customers around the world. well enough of us. it is about you. isn’t it?

so you believe in something and now want to use the social media hype to create traffic. well let us put some things into perspective: SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT MAGIC.

Any business, irrespective of being it on-line or not, requires time, dedication and commitment. There is no easy movement to the stars. One step at a time. If you know how business works then the pill and ingredient is just hard work and a bit of luck. Believe in the rule of hard work.

On-line market is no different. It will take you time and dedication to get there. And this is the best part. You do get there. It takes movement and understanding.


Myth – Social Media Companies, PR Agencies and Traditional Marketing Companies are one and the same thing

Understand the difference between social media companies, PR agencies and marketing companies. Each might bluff and not give you the results. You need to make sure you know the difference. PR agencies typically give you the best results leading to know-where. you are great in graphic design but can’t relate to the social media logic methodology. Social media companies are too focused in brand awareness that they can forget the human nature of the entire scope. And marketing companies are just the marketing companies.

One of the

You need a blend. You need to figure a company that has done similar work and can relate to your business methods and market. this is the critical side of the business. A sound social media agency for small business will have enough track record and mileage to show you. That is their efforts made into reality.

We believe that you need to be really clear on these two myths. It is critical that you clear a deep breath and then move on. These tips are no short-term success pills, but long-term models of successful integration and social connectivity.


Tip # 1 : Social Media Planning

As my colleague and trust friend Mr. Wilson states ” Planning is the key for all successes”. This is the same case for social media. Irrespective of the fact that you are a small business, planning is still required. You need to focus on the strategies that will make the difference in the longer span of time but quickly. So, do you go for social media Facebook activities or stick to the vanilla perspective. This is going to be the game changer. We recommend that you do a deep dive into the dynamics and markets and see what works best for you!


Tip # 2 : Measure the right Social Media Variables and Indicators

Simply counting the total number of postings will get you no where. It is all about the engagement and connectivity. Hence, we would recommend as tip 2 that you start measuring the right variables from the get go. Ensure that you work on measuring the engagement and connectivity of all the social media activities that you tend to perform.


Tip # 3 : Half of your traffic to the site needs to come from the Social Media Activities

Yes! You heard correctly, we are talking about half the traffic. And this is easier said then done. But you cannot rely on the organic traffic alone. You need to know that social media also sends a hefty amount of traffic to your pages and can act as a sound catalyst for future growth opportunities.


Tip # 4 : Small Businesses Need to be on Google plus and Linked In to say the least

If you are a small corporation or business unit, we highly recommend that you immediately get your presence on linked in and google plus immediately. You will be amazed at the quality of links you get. Plus it shows that you are a true professional.


Tip # 5 : Automate your social media postings

There are so many countless cool applications and tools for you to use to automate your social media activities We highly recommend that you use them so that you can save time, cost and increase your revenue streams. Even with automation of postings, you need quality web content creation systems and people in place.


Tip # 6 : Always keep on learning about your customers

Social Media Activities need to be all about knowing your customers. Certain customers are on different social media platforms. Know where your customers are and monitor accordingly.


Tip # 7 :  Be a Friend On-line

Social media is all about engagement and active participation. if you are not getting the likes and the clicks, there is something wrong. The basics of social media is being social. Remember that. Everyone wants a polite friend. Be that friend. Like others, share their content and grow their community. Trust us. People do reciprocate. And that is the best part of building relationships. They will help you back. That is the sole purpose of any social media campaign.

Remember that there are millions of people on-line trying to build a network and get content noticed. Well, you are just a piece of the puzzle. Now, how do you connect? Like people and their content. Not just for the sake of connectivity, but for the spirit of the game.

Let me share with you an example. One of our sites sells shirts on-line. But I am also an avid soccer player. And there is this great site for Ivory Coast site that talks about the fans, FIFA momentum and zeal. I keep on adding comments. And eventually, they started liking my shirts and even ordered some from my site. Now, that is an incredible offer! You need to build brand through friendships.

And keep in mind that the benefit is mutual. They were able to get the best deal on the internet. And many more examples, but the principles remains the same. So, keep the friendship juices flowing.


Tip # 8 : Use the Right Platforms

Who are you trying to reach? What is the purpose of the social media? You need to know the answer. For many, it is just about circulating the information. Others it is about sales. Irrespective of the magic, you need to know what you want to achieve.

What avenues are you going to use? Sometimes it depends upon the model of execution. for example, some of our customers use the traditional Facebook and some do an amalgamation of the social media channels. It all depends upon the focus and what do you really want to achieve. it is that simple. but you need to know where the target market resides.

Let me give you an example. We were working for this hospital that was not gaining any momentum on Facebook and google plus. we realized that the doctors and nurses are really on LinkedIn and we started building on that model. And within certain months, the rankings and traffic  started to increase. So, ask yourself the basic questions. Where are your beloved customers? Engage and try to build the networks.


Tip # 9 : Share Content that Matters

I am sure that you have heard this one before. And it is the same since time. Content and quality content is where the heart and soul is. People are looking for information and you need to be that information giver. There are no two questions about that. This is the sequel of growth. You need to know what the audience is looking for and simply build on that. And it works, your rankings increases and the overall perspective gets better and better. You can people to start appreciating who you are really are. The best part is to be considered a true specialist. The go to guy.

And let us share with you a very interesting example. We have a customer who deals in hospital equipment. So, we helped him share content that doctors wanted. And once we became the go to guy for the specialities of healthcare, pitching his services become easier.


Tip # 10 : Reactive and Proactive Approach

Reactive versus Proactive approach makes a big difference in terms of the results. We recommend that you push and pull the data. For example, you can push the content through different mediums and also pull the data and share it with your friends and families. It simply grows. That is the power of using different approaches.


Tip # 11 : Enjoy Social Media as a Strategy

You can only win business if you enjoy what you do and it is the same for social media. Love what you do and you will find new avenues to create value.



Social Media is a long-term project that you need to start planning for. It will months, years and even some more to build the foundations of a long-term growth pattern. However, you need to enjoy the learning and the opportunity. Keep on learning and build on new theories and techniques. They will be new and upcoming social media marketing tips as the industry moves on, however, take these as the key success principles. These are the 11 golden social media marketing tips and rules.


11 Must Know Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

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