How to Apply for Job in Dubai from Pakistan

Dubai is a major job market for Pakistan citizens. Thousands of professionals visit the city to obtain any kind of job. Professionals apply for entry level positions. They also apply for senior level positions. A good deal of fail. Some get jobs. The question is ho w to apply for a job in Dubai from Pakistan?

Many of times you do not want to waste money. Going to Dubai requires money. You need a place to stay. You need money to survive. And then the pressure of finding a job. So can you apply for a job in Dubai while staying in Pakistan? Yes, you can. It is harder. And takes more time. But it is possible.

Dubai requires experts. Best fields in Pakistan after fsc pre engineering have opportunities in Dubai too.

Here are some top 4 tips to ensure you get that job in Dubai while staying in Pakistan.


4 Tips on How to Get Any job in Dubai from Pakistan

The following are core tips to follow. This will help you apply for and get jobs in Dubai. And that too from staying in Pakistan.


Tip 1 – Print local telephone and address in resume

First tip is important. You need to get a local address and telephone number. Use that on the resume. When you have a local number, head headers contact. If you have a different country address, you decrease the chances of connecting. So request a friend. Or a family member who lives there. When someone calls, you can have people say that you are out of town. Hence, will call later.


Tip 2 – Start searching local Dubai job placement websites

Always be consistently on local Dubai job placement sites. They are continuously adding posts. Therefore, you have a strong chance of getting called. Many of times, professionals do not go to local placements. They prefer international sites. This is not recommended. Majority of jobs in placement websites are lower end jobs.


Tip 3 – Use LinkedIn to connect with Local Head Hunters

LinkedIn is a great place to connect. It helps you create value. People in Dubai are there on LinkedIn. Hence, you need to connect with them online. Dubai follows LinkedIn rigorously. Head hunters are available to find good resources. Therefore, ensure you are actively on LinkedIn.

You need to be extremely professional. Connecting is part of the interview process. Advanced communication skills by professionals is a must.


Tip 4 – Keep connecting with companies in Pakistan that have offices in Dubai

Many Pakistani companies have regional companies in U.A.E. You need to connect with these companies. This requires work. Go online. And search for companies with offices in Dubai. There are many times there are positions in those cities. All companies are looking for senior management. What role does leadership play in influencing organizational behavior? Know how to answer it. Right answers get the right jobs.


Pakistani gets jobs In Dubai

These tips go a long way. Above all, it is a reality. Hundreds of professionals use these tips and get career moves. Indeed, it can be done. You need to focus. And become obsessed with making it a reality for yourself.

How to Apply for Job in Dubai from Pakistan

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  1. These are very useful tips, as I hv been In UAE for 2 years.
    I m also looking for a job these days.

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