Scope of Mathematics in Pakistan

Do you like numbers? Does algorithms excite you? Then the world of mathematics is the career choice. Mathematics is a study of quantity, structure and change. This article sheds light on the latest scope of mathematics in Pakistan. It discusses salaries, careers, jobs for mathematics majors in Pakistan.

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Students that pursue a career in mathematics are known as mathematicians. Mathematicians solve complex equations and perform analytical analysis. Mathematics plays a very important word in the daily life. You require mathematics to manage budgets. Mathematics is also used to create programming. Builders need mathematics to calculate total number of supplies.

Grocery stores use mathematics to calculate total sales. Car mechanic shops have applications that use mathematics to generate invoices. In fact, educational institutes in Pakistan also uses mathematics to create student reports.

Unlike many subjects, Mathematics has a fast number of branches. You can specialize in arithmetic, geometry, algebra and even calculus.

In fact, the majority of commerce students are pursuing a degree in Mathematics. B.S.c in Mathematics is now of one of the best fields after fsc commerce in Pakistan. There is a growing need for mathematical experts. Market demands for data analysts. A degree in Mathematics enables you to become a sound data analyst.


Mathematics career scope

Many students pursuing mathematics, tend to also specialize in statistics or economics. These fields are interrelated. Currently, there is a high demand format data scientists. As more and more data is being populated, data experts is a growing demand from market. Data scientists are complex data solvers. Hence, they are mathematicians. They can be statistical experts too.

Additionally, these computer companies need computer engineers as well. These applications were able to calculate numbers much faster. And also by using smaller processors. Hence, the scope of M.S.c. computer engineering in Pakistan is also in demand. In fact, companies in Middle East hire mathematics and computer specialists from Pakistan for their big data projects.

Technology and mathematics go hand-in-hand. As technology advances, it requires more specialists. Mathematics plays a very important role in technology. Space programs, astronomy, IT programs all use numbers. Hence, mathematicians work with other departments to create the infrastructure. They also ensure the quality of the programs.

In many parts of the world, mathematicians are working in high sensitive projects. They are responsible to perform quantitative reasoning. Mathematicians also create theories to will problems. In fact, countries that have a strong military require mathematicians. Mathematicians calculate the trajectory of missiles.


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    Scope of mathematics in Pakistan after graduation

    Scope of mathematics in Pakistan is exponentially increasing. Cyber security is an important industry. It is growing. Cyber security requires mathematicians to work on complex algorithms. In fact, the majority of the cyber security applications and tools are formulated by mathematicians. Mathematicians create the complexity.

    Another industry that requires mathematicians is the military in Pakistan. Mathematicians help estimate the power, impact and distance of military assets. They play a very important role in successfully deploying military applications and hardware. Government jobs in Pakistan now state specialization in mathematics. This is for specific jobs in the Army or Intelligence agencies.

    Majority of universities and colleges all across Pakistan offer a degree in mathematics. In fact, many career counselors recommend pursuing a degree in mathematics. It opens up opportunity in a variety of different fields. The information technology and thinking sector in Pakistan hires mathematicians.

    The investment banking is sector is expanding. Mathematicians a wide insurance companies to analyze the trends in the market. Mathematicians improve the service portfolio of investment banking companies. They are able to do this by analyzing the data and creating value. Value is created by implementing complex equations. Basically, mathematicians interpret the data. Their way of interpreting data is very different from the common man. Hence, they are able to create unique value.


    Careers in mathematics in Pakistan

    In Pakistan, big data is a growing industry. Hence, the industry is looking for quality mathematicians and Statistics experts. Below are jobs and markets for mathematics graduates in Pakistan. These are the industries that hire mathematicians.

    • Cyber Security companies
    • investment banking
    • financial management companies
    • data sciences companies
    • biomedical industry
    • military
    • Intelligence agencies
    • Federal government
    • Research Centers
    • actuary industry

    Mathematicians have a very strong analytical ability. They understand patterns and can construct new trends.

    Therefore, many computer companies hire mathematicians. Mathematicians calculate the power, parts and systems required to build complex machinery. Mathematicians help reduce the size of computers by creating new applications.

    Biomedical companies create teams of botanists and mathematicians. The botanists collect the sampling and the mathematicians work on the numbers. Patterns are created. Extensive research is being done by different teams to study fluid impact on humans. These biomedical companies are also increasing scope for botany graduates in Pakistan.

    A mathematician also specializes in a relevant field. This is highly recommended. The best combination is being inexpert in economics and mathematics. Another great combination is of mathematics and statistics. We highly recommend mathematicians to also learn programming.

    Mathematics are required at every education level in Pakistan. So if you are pursuing a degree in physiotherapy or a degree in computer engineering, mathematics will be taught in the first year. Hence, the need for quality teachers and lecturers.


    Mathematics Salary in Pakistan

    The average salary of a mathematician in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000. If you have advanced understanding of statistical models, then your salary increases. This is the average salary that industries use as a benchmark to higher fresh mathematicians. However, if you have an inmate analytical ability, your salary certainly improves.

    Whenever companies higher mathematicians, they conduct tests. Much of this testing tries to analyze the creative and solution solving skills. Top companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM use these tests to screen and higher top mathematicians all around the world.


    Scope of MSC Mathematics in Pakistan

    Thinking of pursuing a Master’s degree in mathematics in Pakistan? Want to know the scope of MSC mathematics in Pakistan?
    If you want to pursue an exciting career as a professor then we highly recommend pursuing a Master’s degree. The Master’s degree will later lead to a Ph.D.
    Another industry that looks for skilled mathematicians is the information technology industry. MSC mathematics scope in Pakistan will increase in the next 10 years. With a boom of artificial intelligence and blockchain, mathematicians are highly required. However, we recommend pursuing a Masters program with a focus on big data and statistical models.
    Many other students to pursue MSC in mathematics tend to work with the industry. The industry gives a complex issue to the mathematician. And the mathematician tends to solve the issue. In fact, this becomes the MSC thesis of the student.
    Scope of Mathematics in Pakistan

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