Scope of Computer Engineering in Pakistan

Scope of computer engineering in Pakistan is drastically increasing. Computer Engineering is drastically different from computer science. Computer engineering focuses on technology, hardware, and programming. Whereas, computer science is hard core programming. And it covers more programming languages.

The best university for software engineering in Pakistan will not be the best university for computer engineering. There is a major difference.

Students that take up computer engineering degrees are hired by a larger industry pool. They can work in hardware companies and system integration corporations. Majority of the gadgets we use require computer engineers. From smart televisions to our high-end phones, computer engineers design and build these amazing tools.

Intel, Microsoft and Apple hires numerous computer engineering experts from all around the world. Read the entire article to explore in detail the salary, careers and opportunities available if you pursue a computer engineering degree.


Computer Engineering Careers

The following are the areas where computer engineers find their careers :

  1. Manufacturing Plants – Companies that make technology
  2. Chip Manufacturing Companies
  3. Internet of Things Companies
  4. Telecom vendors like ZTE, Huawei
  5. Telecom service providers
  6. Internet service providers

Above are the top computer engineering career options. The above areas that create computer engineering jobs in Pakistan. Careers in computer engineering in Pakistan is expanding to different sectors as well. Energy companies are hiring computer engineers for the solar plants.

Computer engineers work in the industry as well. Pakistan has a growing textile industry. Textile manufactures hire chemical engineers to create better syntax products. Textiles and the pesticide industry drives the chemical engineering career scope in Pakistan. Computer engineers create the technology that manages the data and improves engineering efficiency.

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    Scope of computer engineering after graduation

    Very unlike other engineering programs, computer engineers are built to apply their skills in  different ways.

    They can use their degree to obtain a job in a large manufacturing plant. And they can work with teams to develop new technologies.

    Majority of graduates go immediately into job market. Computer engineer is one of the top careers after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan.

    Sadly though, there is no computer manufacturing industry in Pakistan. Hence, the majority of the computer engineers graduate from Pakistan go international. Ample students who graduate from Pakistan find jobs in the United States of America, Canada and even Australia. Some computer engineers go into the telecom sector.

    2020 and beyond is going to be the year for computer engineers. With the advent of artificial intelligence, more hardware will be required to process large data pieces. Blockchain is revolutionizing how we do business today. The world is hiring more computer engineers. Top companies are heavily investing in research and development. Information of things which is also called IO TS is coming to the market.

    Great times for graduates in computer engineering.


    Government Jobs for Computer Engineers in Pakistan

    Computer engineers find ample jobs in the government sector. Government jobs for computer engineers in Pakistan is growing. You get hired in many organizations like Punjab Information Technology Board, Ministry of IT and intelligence agencies.

    The defense and military hire computer engineers. In fact, they work closely with aeronautical engineers to improve efficiencies on jets. Careers in aeronautical engineering in Pakistan is a top career choice.


    Scope of msc computer engineering in Pakistan

    Are you interested in pursuing your masters in computer engineering in Pakistan? There is much space to move into. Majority of Msc computer engineering majors go for higher education. And end up as PHD’s in this field. They also go into the education sector.


    Computer Engineering Salary in Pakistan

    Salaries of computer engineers vary. This depends on many things. Firstly, the university they graduate from. Secondly, their level of expertise. Thirdly, their mindsets. Many of the telecom companies conduct tests. In fact, almost all IT companies take tests of students. Scores and final interviews define the salary.

    However, on an average, the monthly salary of a fresh graduate ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month. This is the salary of BS Computer Engineering salary in Pakistan. Fresh graduate salary.

    Salary of computer engineer in Pakistan also depends on the industry. If you are working in a high end IT company it will be different as compared to working in an IT government organization.


    Why should I pursue a computer engineering degree?

    This is the million dollar question. So many reasons why should you pursue a computer engineering degree. The next 20 years needs computer engineers to build new technologies. Humans depend upon technology.

    Drone technology is changing our lives today. More computer engineers are building sophisticated technology. Electric cars are in the market. Modern computers are coming that are faster and smaller.

    If you pursue a computer engineering degree you tend to set yourself up for a long term career path.


    Career counselling for computer engineering students

    We highly recommend students who recently graduated FSC or A-levels should consult a professional career counselor. There are so many universities to apply to. What ones are the best? What is the best fit?

    Scope of Computer Engineering in Pakistan

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