Complete List of Commerce Fields after 12th in Pakistan

What are the best courses after 12 commerce? What are all career paths after fsc commerce in Pakistan? List down the best courses after 12th commerce with good salary.

These are just some important questions students and teachers ask us. Important questions. What to do after intermediate in commerce is important. You are talking about your life. A career. Long term growth.

This article is written to give you answers. You will find out the most comprehensive list of commerce fields after 12th in Pakistan.


Careers after FSC Commerce in Pakistan

There are many careers after FSC commerce in Pakistan to choose from. Listed below are the high level careers and market segments you can pursue:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Banking
  • Business
  • Costing

Commerce is a growing field. In our country, top students choose medical over engineering fields. Top software engineering Universities in Pakistan take the best performers. However, commerce is also a top career path that can and should be taken. 


Top Fields after FSC Commerce in Pakistan

Listed below are the top fields that students pursue in after completing FSC Commerce in Pakistan.

  • ACCA 
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Mathematics and Statistics 


ACCA Career Path

ACCA is a global certification in accounting. Benefit is that you can go to other countries. And this degree will be accepted. You can register in any college and university that is affiliated with ACCA Pakistan.

ACCA Pakistan conducts the exams. Different colleges are affiliates of ACCA. These colleges provide the course work. However, the students need to be eligible for the exams. There are certain levels to pass.

The ACCA degree opens doors of opportunity globally. Salaries are very competitive in the market. It takes time. Eventually, many do pass and pursue exciting careers.  


B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration) 

ICom graduates tend to choose to pursue a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. One of the main reasons is that there are many subjects to choose from. You can specialize in human resource management, marketing, finance, economics and accounting. 

Some students tend to pursue double majors in B.B.A. 


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    Chartered Accountancy

    This is the most prestigious path for any student finishing Icom. Chartered accountants is a recognized degree. They are also the highest-paid. Chartered accountants are specialists. They go through a rigorous program.

    Very unlike other career paths, CA has a different path. You have to go to a firm and practice there. Then you take the certification exams within certain years. The institute of chartered accountants give the degree. This is different for different countries. Chartered Accountancy in Pakistan is led by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Some countries do accept this degree. And many countries do not. These countries prefer ACCA. What does a business development consultant do? They provide services. All types. Chartered accountancy is one of them.


    B.Sc. in Economics

    Economics is a very important field. All around the world good economists are required. Economists provide key insights to the financial systems.

    Economics is the study of goods, services and resources. Economists are highly paid. Stock market and insurance companies hire economists. Economists analyze data and trends. Scope of economics in Pakistan is an emerging field. It has much practicality. And opens doors of opportunity in private and public sectors. 

    In Pakistan, there is a growing field in mutual funds and stocks. Hence, banks and financial companies are looking to hire competent economics majors. Obtaining government jobs in Pakistan is another route for Economists.

    We recommend applying to a top university in Pakistan for this degree. It is important to have competent teachers.  


    B. Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

    Majority of students tend to choose a bachelor of commerce degree. This is one of the top degree programs that ICom students pursue. It also provides stable job opportunities after graduation. 

    4 year commerce degree focuses on multiple disciplines. You learn about commerce, accounting, finance and commerce marketing. 


    B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics 

    There is a high demand for business analysts and data scientists. They hire fresh graduates with majors in mathematics and statistics. Hence, this is a new and high demand field. Highly recommended field for students interested in complex algorithms, patterns and data. 

    4 year degree focuses on different topics like Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. The degree also focuses on building your analytical and statistical skills. Scope of mathematics in Pakistan after graduation is growing. Become a part of the ongoing demand of data analysts in the market. 


    Other fields after fsc commerce in Pakistan

    Above were the top fields after FSC commerce in Pakistan. They have high merits. Only top students tend to pursue those fields. However, the below are other competitive fields you can choose from.


    LL.B (Bachelor of Law)

    Pursuing a law degree is another great field to choose from. With an ICom background, you can focus on becoming an income tax and sales lawyer. 

    There are many private and public colleges and universities that offer a law degree program.


    B.Sc. Tourism and Hotel Management 

    Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Management focuses on developing skills to manage hotels. You get to learn about the entire experience. You get to learn about management, hotel management, tourism, food and customer service. 


    Diplomas from the Institute of Cost and Management Pakistan 

    Institute of Cost and Management in Pakistan offers a variety of different diplomas. These diplomas focus on cost and management. Companies require specific skills in cost and ledger management. 


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    Complete List of Commerce Fields after 12th in Pakistan

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    1. After completing my fsc inshallah i go for BS ACCOUNTING and FINANCE after completing this degree I got 9 exemptions of ACCA then inshallah I also go for ACCA is this a good path for my Currier. can I get a accountant job easier as compared to BBA Students or i go for BBA not this route bs af then acca please guide me

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