House Construction cost in Lahore

Building a house is not as complex as it seems. How to calculate construction cost of house in Lahore? Below we will provide breakup of home construction cost in Lahore for 2020.

Below is the list of items that build up the construction cost in Lahore.


How to calculate construction cost of house in Lahore

Below are the main items that helps you to calculate construction cost of house in Lahore. Do note that each item comes with a different costing. For example bricks. Bricks have a price range. Depends on the quality. Similarly, with the light fixtures.

Construction cost of a house = Labor + Grey structure materials + finishing goods


Labor Costs

Labor builds the home. You need to add cost of labor. Labor for all the activities. Some areas need different labor. Type of labor are as follows:

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Steel Experts
  • Generic construction labor

Generic construction labor waters the bricks. They do the brick and mortar side of business.


Grey Structure Cost in Lahore 2020

Grey structure is the house with the core building blocks prior to finishing. The house is built. Cement plastered on walls. Walls are erected. Gate in place. House is missing doors and windows. It is missing the bathroom fixtures. Also, the kitchen fixtures.

The grey structure uses the below core items:

  • bricks
  • crush
  • cement
  • steel
  • sand


Firstly, you need raw materials. Then you need to start constructing. Keep the house as a project. Here are the main grey structure deliverables:

  • Land marking and foundation
  • boring of water
  • termite proofing
  • seepage control
  • masonry work
  • elevation shape
  • ceiling
  • metal grill fixing
  • sewerage
  • outside passages
  • electrical wiring
  • boundary walls


Prices vary. These items are always in flux. However, the best recommendation is to calculate the total of each item. So, ask the architect. He or she provides the total number of items required. Very easy to calculate total number of bricks. Same is the case with the total number of cement bags.

First time is the price of core items = X. X is the total = bricks + crush + cement + steel + sand

Above is the grey structure construction cost in Lahore for 2020.


Electrical Wiring and Fixtures

This is a growing cost. Depends on your requirements. And the size of the house. However, we recommend getting proper costing through experts. Do not purchase fixtures and wiring without research. Extensive rebates are available.


Plumbing Items and Pipes

Plumbing entails the underground work and the fixtures. This is inclusive of pipes. Again this is a fixed cost. But total depends upon the quality of material.



Kitchen and its utensils are one of the expensive items. This depends on many things. Are you looking for granite slabs? Can you work with standard slabs? How many cabinets? All of this adds into the costing.


Wood Work

There are many alternatives to wood now. However, many prefer wood work. People use wood for doors and other items in the house.


Our Recommendations on Improving the Construction Costs

  • Do not go for square feet pricing for construction. Calculate the total items required like wiring, wood, and cement. Purchase that in one go. These saves cost.
  • Do not give turn key projects to the construction teams. They tend to get the same material from the market which you can do. And that too at a higher price.



House Construction cost in Lahore

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