Scope of Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan

Are you interested in aeronautical engineering? Are you looking for details regarding the scope of aeronautical engineering in Pakistan? Want to know career path of aeronautical engineers graduating from top universities in Pakistan?

This article focuses on providing that information. You will get the latest aeronautical engineering scope in Pakistan. Article discusses in detail the salaries, careers, and job opportunities available for aeronautical graduates. Aeronautical engineering is one of the top fields after fsc pre engineering in Pakistan.

Aeronautical engineering deals with the science and engineering of planes. The scope of aeronautical engineering in Pakistan is very demanding. Pakistan has a very big air force and army base. Hence, the military requires aeronautical engineers to maintain and improve their planes.


Aeronautical Engineering Scope in Pakistan

Aeronautical engineering is drastically different from aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineering deals with the science and engineering of aircraft and spacecrafts.

Aeronautical engineers have a very sophisticated job. They are responsible to design and develop machinery for jets. Many aeronautical engineers also are responsible to test the aircraft. Majority of aeronautical engineers work in the research and development sector. They are responsible to reduce the noise and improve the efficiency of different machine objects.

Like many other engineering fields, aeronautical engineers are also responsible for the safety of the machine and passenger. Their core focus is to ensure safety. Along with electrical engineers and computer engineers, they develop quality standards. These standards are used to measure and improve the objects created. Computer engineering career scope in Pakistan is drastically increasing. The market needs computer engineers to work with other skills to develop key products and services.

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    Aeronautical engineering career scope in Pakistan

    Majority of the aeronautical engineers are hired by the military. Military also hires aerospace engineers. The salary of aerospace engineer in Pakistan is the same as aeronautical engineers. Many of times, aeronautical engineers get paid more after completing certain classes.

    In fact the top aeronautical engineering schools and colleges in Pakistan belong to the military. Fresh graduates that are recruited tend to enjoy a very long and fruitful career. They start out as fresh aeronautical engineers. After 20 years they lead the engineering departments. In fact, many international airplane and jet companies also hire aeronautical engineers from Pakistan.

    The Middle East is also hiring aeronautical engineers from top universities in Pakistan. Different companies also provide the latest equipment to the military. They also hire aeronautical engineers. These engineers are responsible to test equipment on the jets and improve efficiencies.

    Bachelors in aeronautical engineering is a four-year engineering program. Only the top students are selected for the aeronautical and aviation schools in Pakistan.

    In Pakistan, the military also provides full scholarships to top students. You become a part of the military as you become an aeronautical engineer. This is if you get accepted in the military Electrical and mechanical universities. These universities have the electrical and mechanical engineers work closely with the mechanical and electrical engineers. Fresh electrical engineering jobs in Pakistan are also increasing. This is due to the ongoing advancements in missile technology.


    Aeronautical engineering salaries in Pakistan

    The average salary of an aeronautical engineering graduate in Pakistan starts at Rs. 60,000. This is a salary of a fresh graduate. However, if you are a senior aeronautical engineering specialist  your salary drastically increases. Just like a surgeon, more experienced aeronautical engineers are in high demand. You remain an engineer. Experience is the value you bring.

    Some top aeronautical engineers also get jobs in Emirates and other leading airplane services and manufacturers. Companies like Boeing also hire aeronautical engineers. In fact aeronautical engineering salary is very high as compared to the other engineering skills and Pakistan. Salaries of software engineers graduating from the best software engineering universities in Pakistan are also on the high end.

    Subjects that are taught in the aeronautical engineering is very different in other subjects are taught in other fields. Below are the top modules that professors teach to aeronautical engineers:

    • Introduction to aeronautical engineering
    • Engineering physics
    • Mechanic mechanics
    • Advanced engineering mathematics
    • Basic and applied aerodynamics
    • Heat transfer
    • Aircraft control
    • structural vibration
    • Thermodynamics
    • Fundamentals of fluid mechanics
    • product design and development


    Jobs for aeronautical engineering graduates in Pakistan

    Below are the top companies that hire aeronautical engineers from Pakistan right after graduation:


    • Pakistan Air Force
    • Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra
    • Missile manufacturing companies
    • Pakistan International Airlines
    • Flying Clubs and organizations
    • Pakistan Army Aviation
    • Engineering universities
    • Private airlines companies in Pakistan
    • Private airline companies outside of Pakistan
    • Space Research Centers
    • Helicopter manufacturing companies
    Scope of Aeronautical Engineering in Pakistan

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