Which profession is best for girls in Pakistan?

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Are you a girl residing in Pakistan? A young woman who has career aspirations. Wondering which profession is best for girls in Pakistan? Below we answer this question in detail.

Pakistan takes pride in its women and girls. The objective is to have girls adding economic value. Women need income. They play a role in society. And that is a very important role. With the ongoing economic influx, it is imperative that women work. Not only for income. But for experience. And exposure.

We are leaders in career management. Our advice has helped thousands of students. They are now set in careers. Careers of love. Careers of value. There is a proper checklist to go through prior to choosing a career. Detailed career counselling checklist is available during consultations. Here are the top careers for women in Pakistan.

Must-read for all females wanting to know the answer to – which field is best for girl in Pakistan? List is complete. It outlines the best career for girls in Pakistan.


Top Careers for Girls in Pakistan

The following are the top careers for girls in Pakistan. This is based upon the following criteria:

  • Long term sustainability
  • Career Growth
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Freedom
  • Salary
  • Time
  • Freedom
  • Life Work Balance

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Teaching is a relatively easier field to get into. There are many job opportunities. You can enjoy a long and successful teaching career. In fact, the majority of teachers in Pakistan are women. There is always a growing need for girl teachers. Women make great teachers.

Once a teacher, there are limitless growth. You can learn new subjects. Become a master in a subject. Enhance your impact. Learn new traits. Master new skills.

Teaching is one of the best profession for female in Pakistan.



Over the years, careers in journalism in Pakistan is expanding. The rise of digital media is creating more opportunities for journalism graduates. You can become a digital expert or a public relations officer in a reputed private or public firm. Becoming a journalist one of the best professions for a girl in Pakistan.



Dentistry is a great career option for females. In fact, it is one of the top paying jobs for females all over the world. BDS salaries in Pakistan is extremely high if they go into private practice. You can do extremely well as a general dentist.

However, there are many specializations you can further pursue. You can become a dental surgeon. Or you can become a prosthodontist.

Definitely, dentist is the best field for female in Pakistan. It pays great. Flexible timing.


Medical Doctor

Medicine is a noble profession. It is all about changing lives. And helping people with need. You are part of the cure. It is a great profession for girls in Pakistan. However, there are constraints. Limited number of seats. And the cost of pursuing medical degree is very high. Not many locals can afford. Hence, its limitation.

Additionally, it is time-consuming. You need to add more years of work in becoming a doctor. However, medical doctor is still one of the best field for girls in Pakistan,



Females do great as botanists. A degree in Botany gets you a great career as a botanist. You can work for the horticulture department, agriculture market and even private sector. In fact, many females tend to open up their own environmental consultancy. Many even open up their own nurseries. Plant life is important to human sustainability. Botany is a great field.



Nursing is another strong field. It is highly recommended as one of the top careers for girls in Pakistan. Predominantly, the majority of nurses in Pakistan are nurses. Nurses are in big demand. Not only in Pakistan but all around the world. Nursing is relatively easier to get into. There are different courses in nursing. You can apply for a short course of a proper degree. It becomes with completion of Fsc.


Medical Lab Technologist

A medical lab technologist works in the labs. Their area of expertise is diagnosis and reporting. They work with the latest diagnostics tools and machines to run important health care tests. They are responsible for collecting, gathering and reporting results. In fact, medical lab technologists also can specialize in certain blood or fluid tests.

Medical laboratory technology jobs in Pakistan are increasing. More specialists are needed to run diagnostics and tests. You can later on become a clinical chemist or a clinical genetics professional. Many females tend to move forward as a clinical microbiologist.



Another great field for women in Pakistan is becoming a pilot. There is always need for pilots. Specially females. International airlines prefer females to join. It is a reputable career path. You get to travel the world.

You can also become a pilot for the armed forces. That is also a decent career.


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    Software Engineering or Computer Sciences

    Becoming a software engineer is fun and exciting. You get to work in top software companies. If you are excellent you can start your own company. It works great. It does depend upon the software engineering universities in Pakistan that you attend. Schooling makes the background.


    Dietitian and Food Science Specialist

    Dietitian is a great field for females. Scope of dietitians in Pakistan is growing. More and more need for health care specialists. Which profession is best for girls in Pakistan depends again on the interest. Dietitian and food specialization is a great career move. This is another best professional for a girl residing in Pakistan.



    Banking is a growing industry. Digital banking is the new trend. More and more banks are hiring. Highly recommended field. You can join a bank with any standard degree program. Not must that you need commerce background. Banking allows females to grow. You can to rotate in different areas. There is great growth in banking. Many senior bankers are females.

    Banking is all about customer satisfaction. In fact, banks conduct customer satisfaction training for all employees. It is imperative that all employees can assist customers. The main differentiator is the banking service.


    Beauty and Make Up Specialists

    Pakistan has a large female population. With the internet, girls are more privy to the latest beauty trends. Hence, the need for beauty and make up specialists. Beauticians are in need. Females are looking for sound beauty experts. And make up specialists are as much popular.

    Best is that you do not need a long term degree. There are many institutes providing basic diplomas. You enroll and become a beautician within weeks.


    Fine Arts Teacher

    Fine Arts is a growing field. It is a multi-dimensional career path. You can be an expert in many forms. It is all about making you an exceptional artist.

    Fine Arts teachers are required in all school levels. Private and public sectors are both offering Fine Arts teaching jobs. The schools, colleges and universities all require fine arts teachers to help students to appreciate the arts. They develop skills and teach students to appreciate art. A great fine arts teacher is a major motivation for artistic students.


    Mass Communication

    Mass communication is a great field. In fact, mass communication opens doors to learn more about photography, digital media and film making. You can start your own digital service. Many females can work from home. You can choose so many careers. The scope of mass communication in Pakistan is expanding. Digital media connectivity is key.

    By graduating with a master degree or bachelor degree in mass communication, you get educated on latest tools and applications in media. You can work in radio, TV, and also create documentary films.


    Fashion Designing

    Apparel and fashion is an ongoing trend. Females want to buy the best trends. They want to look trendy. And why not. This is the need of the market. Everyone is looking for a fashion designer. You can start out as a clothing designer. Design cloths. Make your own outfits. And sell to the market. This is a growing need. Women are always looking for good quality cloths. Join the market and become a fashion designer. Create your own fashion.



    This is one of my favorite selections for women. Architects are in need. More and more people are building homes. Cities are growing. And need beautiful buildings. Women have an eye for beauty. Some of the best architects are women. It is a growing field. More schools are opening for architecture. It enables students to think about dimensions. And colors. Great market if you want to open your own shop.

    Becoming an architect is the answer to which profession is best for girls in Pakistan.


    Highest paid jobs in Pakistan for females

    There are two highest paid jobs in Pakistan for females. The first one are doctors with a specialization. Second one is entrepreneurs owning success businesses.

    Are you working on a different career path? If so, share with us. Love to hear your comments.


    Which profession is best for girls in Pakistan?

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    1. I have done my master in Education and now doing master in Library and information sciences. I was a teacher, but now I work with an NGO. As we know that NGO jobs are not secured ones as when a project ends the employee is jobless again. I want to be in a field of job where I not only grow and improve but also have the satisfaction of a secured job.

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