Scope of Journalism in Pakistan

We live in a digital world today. Hence, the need for quality writers and journalists. The scope of journalism in Pakistan could not be more vital. Quality journalists drive the digital media. Journalists are vloggers and writers.

Specifically, the objective of this article is to clearly highlight the importance of journalism. Majority of universities and colleges in Pakistan teach journalism. Journalism school in Pakistan is increasing. The blog discusses the career options, job opportunities and salaries of journalists in Pakistan.

Did you know that a degree in Journalism is one of the best fields in arts after 12th in Pakistan.


Journalism scope in Pakistan

The field of Journalism is a wide field. In particular, journalism is a four-year degree. Students get to learn different facets of journalism. You get to learn about digital media, television, print media, vlogging and writing. After graduating with a degree in journalism, students have diverse opportunities in the market. Apparently, media houses and television channels are always hiring journalists. In fact, in Pakistan, the majority of journalists already have online presence. Through the YouTube channels or Instagram accounts, these young graduates are generating revenue.

A journalist is a person who has the ability to investigate data and reported accordingly. We highly recommend journalism for students who love writing an investigation. You need to have articulation in verbal and written communication. You can also start your own channel. But you have to be excellent in communication.

Which career is best for females in Pakistan? Journalism is a great field for females. In fact, the majority of top shows have hostess.


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    On the whole, private and public sectors both require journalists. There is a bright future for graduates and Masters in journalism students. A journalist and become a writer or an anchorperson in any news channel. Even as a reporter, you have a variety of options. You can become a court reporter. Additionally, you can decide to become in education reporter. Many young graduates going to the showbiz as entertainment reporters. You can join news channel and become a news reporter. Moreover, some actually like investigation and become crime reporters. Many graduating to rinsing journalism also opt to become political reporters.

    A journalist can also apply for following positions in the private and public sectors:

    • Public Relations Officer
    • Advertising Executive
    • Press Media Executive
    • Digital Media Specialist
    • Entertainment Journalist


    Jobs for journalism graduates in Pakistan

    Jobs for journalism graduates in Pakistan is increasing each year. Top content media companies offer social media marketing services for small businesses. Social media marketing services encompass creating quality content. This includes digital content, writing, video and other channels.

    Digital sector is requiring more journalists to run their businesses online. Journalists wear different hats. Here are the top fields for journalism graduates in Pakistan:

    • Broadcasting
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Online Digital Channels
    • Public Departments

    Even the private sectors have their own digital media staff. For instance, colleges require journalism graduates to run their advertisements. They also work on the social media channels. Building linkages and followers is key.


    Journalism salary in Pakistan

    Average journalist salary in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000. This depends on your quality of communication. And the level of your skills. Are you great at a particular field? Do you have a niche? Are you a vlogger? Or can you write exceptionally well? In that case, you can make more money.


    Scope of PhD Journalism

    There is a demand and huge scope of PhD Journalism in Pakistan. Significantly, universities need quality professors. You can specialize in different fields. You can do PhD in digital media. Or you can be a specialist in media communication. You will get a job immediately in the media sector. And in the education sector.


    Scope of Journalism in Pakistan

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