Scope of Mass Communication in Pakistan

What is the scope of mass communication in Pakistan? Scope of mass communication in Pakistan is exponentially expanding. The growth of the online digital age is driving the mass communication scope in Pakistan.

Do you love photography? Is video your passion? Do you have an interest in making documentaries for public issues? If so, then mass communication is the right choice! In fact, mass communication is one of the top career options after FA in Pakistan.

This blog focuses on explaining the career, opportunities and salaries of mass communication graduates in Pakistan. Mass communication is a diverse field. Mass communication is all about different ways and channels to highlight the masses. The public. Masses we see each day. People.


Mass Communication Scope in Pakistan

Mass communication is about the masses. It is very different from journalism that focuses on investigation and reporting. Mass communication is all about different ways to touch the masses. Journalism career scope in Pakistan is drastically different from the mass communication scope in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, many students get confused between journalism and mass communication. Let us debunk the mystery. Basically, mass communication is a collective way of highlighting, discussing and elaborating on the masses. This entails videos, photography, cinema and other media channels.

However, journalism is more structured and focused on writing and content management.

Universities and colleges in Pakistan that offer mass communication courses focuses on building other skills. They focus on building photography, filmmaking, advertising and public content writing skills.

Are you interested in becoming a photographer? Dreaming of becoming a filmmaker? Want to work in advertising agencies then you need to pursue a degree in mass communication.

Mass communication courses also prepare you for product, radio jockey and cinematographer.

Freelance web content writers are making decent money online. They connect to several freelance sites. Or they connect with companies and work remotely. Freelance web content writers in Lahore even have their own community.

It is great to explore the universities and see their setup for your particular field of study. Many colleges have a better radio facility. Or other schools have a high-end production house. There students can focus on learning how to create movies and sounds.


Jobs for mass communication graduates in Pakistan

Jobs for mass communication graduates in Pakistan is growing annually. Private TV channels require mass communication specialists. Additionally, with the advent of digital technology, mass communication graduates are opening up their own channels.

However, the following are the top type of jobs open for mass communication graduation in Pakistan:

  • Film Producer
  • TV Correspondent
  • Photographer
  • Radio Jockey
  • Sound Producer
  • Copywriter
  • Media Planner
  • Video Jockey

In fact, in Pakistan, mass communication graduates are focusing on social media issues as well. Social media ideas generate talk. Masses talk about the issues. Hence, mass communication graduates use those topics and expand on them using different channels.

For example, social media talks about endangered species. Mass communication graduates can start creating documentary on this. Great demand for quality work in this field. Many agencies and NGO’s hire mass communication graduates for this purpose.


Mass communication salary in Pakistan

The salary of a mass communication expert in Pakistan varies. Industries pay different. However, on an average they make between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Scope of Mass Communication in Pakistan

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