Customer Service Training in Pakistan

We live in a world of service. Customer service  is about creating value. Companies need to create a service culture. Where to begin? How to create service culture? This is a journey of excellence. Hence, the need for customer service training in Pakistan. These trainings impart important skills for individuals to develop customer service skills.

Processes and people create service value. Irrespective of the challenges, service works. Customers demand value. In the same way value drives businesses. What does a business firm do? They provide business consultancy. But the magic lies in the customer service dealing.

Companies with value remain. Value culture survives. Others come and go. In conclusion, we facilitate the change. As customer service consultants, we assist in transformation. Our training program builds value. It integrates service. We are the best customer service trainers! Customer service is an evolution. Therefore, enroll today.

Firstly customer service training is not only about smiles. Or taking care of a customer. It is much more. Secondly training is about developing a culture. A culture where everyone serves.

Everyone needs to create an experience. Specifically people make the difference. Let them be a part of a team creating value. Imagine a bakery. Everyone treats you with care. Front end staff. The baker. Waitress. Cashier. All of them create that experience. In the end it can never be one individual.

Additionally, experience is not one time. It has to be continuous. Each time. Every time. Not for one customer. For all customers.


Customer Service Training Program Introduction

Customer Service Training develops a service culture. Namely serving the customers matter.

Trying to improve revenue? Need to increase customer branding? Reducing churn is a must? Obviously the solution is customer service training.

Working with customers is an art. Developing customer relationships takes time. We build value. Customer value. It is an in-depth training program. How to measure service? By all means start measuring customer service.

Training is a paradigm shift. It focuses on customer excellence. Establishes rules of service. Create customer value. Undoubtedly teams understand how to deliver service.

This is our flagship training program. We serve Asia. Our trainers are experts. They have experience leading customer service departments. Over 30 years of managing customer support teams. Our trainers have success stories. In fact, they work with companies to create service value.

Creating value is a science. It requires syncing teams. Aligning goals. Ensuring everyone is on board. Service is a culture. Furthermore, we work closely with teams to instill the service value.

Customer life cycle is discussed. We revamp processes. Consequently, processes change. Service comes first.

We teach how to create a customer service language. Get everyone on the same path. Talk the lingo. Speak the vision. It is all about developing. Subsequently sustaining quality each step of the way.

Also, we teach service recovery. What do you do in case of failure?


Who Should Enroll?

All companies that work with customers. This ranges from income tax preparers to people working at the cinema booths.

Any company interested in creating customer value.

Companies that need to improve customer experience.

Everyone in the service market needs to attend.

Anyone who serves should enroll.

Companies with walk in customers.


Course Module Outline

Below are the main modules of our customer service training program:

  • Building Trust
  • Communication Handling
  • Service Resiliency
  • Handling Upset Customers
  • Coaching Customer Service Teams
  • Building Rapport
  • Courtesy
  • Building Positive Relationships
  • Complaint Handling and Escalations
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Building Rapport
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Building Customer Service Ethics
  • Service Attitude
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Walk In Customer Dealing
  • Service Up-sell
  • Greeting and Closing
  • Service Rapport
  • Listening Skills
  • Customer Quality Assurance
  • Overcoming Service Obstacles
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Service Accountability
  • Service Resiliency
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Customer Data Analytics
  • Service Character and Integrity
  • Customer Campaign Management

Important Note – Telephone Customer Service Training and Business Communication Skills Training are completely separate modules. You can enroll in any topic. Or you can enroll in multiple classes. In addition, it depends on the needs.


Customer Service Training Program Benefits

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance customers via loyalty programs.
  • Interactive communication.
  • Develop best practices.
  • Implement service quality initiatives.

Outcomes are not generic. Holistically, customer service training teaches service value. The most important outcome is service value. Creating service value is critical. Knowing how and why to engage is key. Besides customer needs to feel served.

Firstly, we establish key performance indicators. Create quality measurements. Generate customer service dashboards. These are outcomes of the training session. Additionally, we focus on the mind-set. Main benefit is creating a service mindset.

Another key outcome is knowledge. Serving a customer is a skill. Skill comes through knowledge. It comes through practice too. This is how we train. We build knowledge. Focus on practice. Hence, role plays. And exercises.

Even companies dealing with students need customer service training. Eucation consultants and VISA offices get training from our organization. They develop skills to build relationships with client.s

Secondly, understand how to measure service. Different parameters exist. What parameters correlate with your business? Wrong measures create havoc. Hence we train on monitoring customer service. Get clarity.

Thirdly, identify customer patterns. Understand what customers want. Remember not all customers give feedback. Majority never say anything. They only leave. Knowing why they leave is important. Proactive engagement is key. This is a skill. Let us teach you proactive analysis.

Lastly, you get a team of service experts. After training, teams can deliver exceptional service. See the immediate effects.


Customer Service Training Methodology

We focus on practicality. Training shows how service is created. Hence, extensive roll plays. Invite teams to the main stage. Act out scenarios. Get the team engaged. Focus on the main incidents. Get people to act experience. We evaluate the gaps. And then we work on improving it.

Service is practice till perfection. Teams work on top customer issues. Specifically, we improve the experience.


Customized Customer Service Training Process

The following are the process steps:

Customer Service Analysis

Our experts perform a Customer Service analysis. This is prior to any training. Customer Service analysis measures the satisfaction levels. We need to know what customers think. This is create a bench mark. Need to know the level before training. Let me give you an example. Recently we were requested to perform a training session for a bank.

We perform mystery shopping. Conduct surveys. Analyze processes. Evaluate how customers are serviced. Monitor satisfaction on key interactions. Capture data. Collect data. The analysis shows gaps. Furthermore, these are the gaps that need to be addressed.

After training we perform another analysis. The scores change. Improvement.



After analysis, data is shared with the company. Company provides inputs. Proposal updated. Goals and objectives are clear. Company add their outcomes. Scope is now documented and signed.



World-class professionals impart training. They have experience in enhancing customer value. Our team conducts training for different markets. Professional, engaging and learning environment. Complete program pricing is dependent on the outcomes. Training Program pricing varies on the number of days. A workshop can be of a 1 day. Similarly, we conduct a week-long training.


Coaching / Mentoring

Enable a culture of service. This requires mentoring. Coaching is essential. Teams need monitoring. Evaluate performance. You only improve things that can be measured. Service is an outcome. Creating value matters. Hence, the need for coaching. We monitor different phases. Each phase is ranked. Evaluate processes. Evaluate people. Identify gaps. Work on them. Continuity is key. For this purpose, creating culture is about resonance.



There is no specified duration. It depends upon the modules. Classes range from 2 days to entire week.


Training on customer service in Pakistan

We conduct these training programs in Pakistan. Conduct training in Islamabad. Continuous workshops in Lahore. Work with companies in Karachi. Our training programs take place at company premises.

Individuals can apply. We also conduct individual training. Majority of our workshops are with companies. In particular companies engage us to build customer value.

Pakistan is a growing economy. Major gaps in customer delivery. We are experts. Assisting companies in creating value.

Evolving economies need to focus on service. Service creates businesses. Challenge here is lack of vision. Management needs to know the value of service. People working need to serve. In conclusion customers need to enjoy service.

It is a long journey. We need to change mind-sets. Optimize processes. And keep raising the bar. The first step is to create understanding. On the whole mind-set matters.

After mind-set, we focus on interpersonal skills. Now we teach how to implement service. It is a language. You have to express it. It has words. Body is part of the service.

Front end customer training. Enable teams to improve service. Teach people to create value. It starts with mind-set. Approach. Creativity.

Our training creates service leaders. They work with teams. Equally important our training enables teams to create value.

Quality is another deliverable. You need to maintain quality. Monitor each transaction. In particular, develop best practices.

Customers talk about service. It is the easiest way of marketing. Look at brand names. They have a story. In Pakistan, it is different. Companies need to create service. Of course service needs to speak. Loud and clear.

Create a balanced culture. So many retail outlets. Furthermore experience differs. We create consistently.


Customer And Questions Section

Any advanced customer service training programs?

Yes. There are. Advanced courses depends upon the goals. Outcomes define the training. Each customer goal is different. We conduct workshops. These workshops gears towards certain goals. Want to increase customer interactions? Enhance loyalty? Decrease customer touch points? Develop life cycle approach? You get answers to these questions in the advanced classes. Indeed this is advanced customer service training.


Who drives the customer experience?

Everyone does. The experience is owned by everyone. Even the people who do not interact with customer. Moreover, everyone has to come to life. Without it, no customer experience.


When do results show?

Immediately. Training gets immediate result. People transform. Firstly start practicing. Eventually processes can take time. And so can technology. But people can change. And change immediately.


Any example of excellent customer service in retail?

Yes. They are many. Let us share with you one. A local shoe retailer. They have great products. Poor service. Sales is pathetic. Customers complain. We took 3 months. Training on values. Training on principles. Now everything is changed. Certainly service is the reason why customers come.


Do you need a customer service training manual?

Yes. Customer service manual is a starting point. You need manuals. It is the bible of service. Get all the processes in one book.


Customer Reviews

“An amazing opportunity. Learning different methods. Improving customer awareness. We can use social media platforms. We are now interacting with customers. And developing strong bonds with our partners. Furthermore, very excellent training!” Mrs. Amna, Fatima Memorial

“Spectacular. Enthusiastic. Trainer has heart. Content high-end. Lastly, relevant exercises,” – Abid, Manager CS, HMT Tech

“We are growing. Customer service is an art. We know it now. Creating value. Subsequently, love the training,” – Hareem, Director, Government of Pakistan


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