How to get Government Job in Pakistan

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Getting a government job in Pakistan is a dream. It provides great benefits. How to get government job in Pakistan requires a strategy. We outline the strategy for you. Many have this notion that one cannot get government jobs. It is difficult to get a job in Pakistan. Why? It is not on merit. This might be partially true. The real truth is that people do not know how to apply. Answers lie in the execution. Here is the complete road-map. Learn techniques. Or call us for advice. Both ways. Let us make it work for you.


Strategy on how to get Government Job in Pakistan

The first step is to know what kind of government job. Every government job is different. And the perks are different too. The biggest mistake many people make is not knowing where to apply. Second mistake is how to apply. Government jobs in Pakistan vary. There are jobs in police department. Many are federal jobs. Where are you interested in? This is the starting point.

Do you need extra days off? Can you transfer to other cities? All of this matters. You need to know your flexibility. From there you can conclude what is the best option for you.

Many people meet career development experts. They assist students in pursuing degrees and careers. With right direction, it becomes easier to get government jobs.

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Tips on how to get government jobs

Here are the main tips to follow. This is after you have finalized a strategy. The strategy will guide you on the steps to follow. These are generic rules as well.

  1. Check all government websites. This includes federal and provisional sites.
  2. Subscribe to all major Urdu and English newspapers. Check out all job postings.
  3. Build your personal profile. Learn a new language. Or a new skill. Master yourself as a potential candidate.
  4. Improve writing skills.
  5. Enhance excel skills. Many jobs require fresh graduates to know Microsoft Office tools and applications.
  6. Create professional resume.
  7. Boost your confidence.
  8. Have a sales pitch ready.
  9. Connect with the local community. Find people who know people who work in those companies.
  10. Use LinkedIn and connect with the company. Also, the professionals working in the companies.
  11. Rigorously follow up via phones and emails.
  12. Buy a decent suit. Look professional during the interview.
  13. Get professional consultancy. Connect with leaders in the market that can prepare you. Find the best career counselling specialist. They will help you.


Important Steps to Take for Ensuring Government Job Employment

Remember that only applying for a job is not the objective. It is to be prepared. Know the questions. Be excited. Now you can get the job. It is all about mind-set. Have resume ready. Be prepared. Confidence is key.

Many candidates never get a call. Many reasons behind it. One is that the resume is not correct. Or that they never picked up the phones. You do get an interview call? What is your dressing? How are you looking? Your shoes? Your tie? As a female what is your hair style.

Managing a major interview at a government organization is an important step. Make sure you are prepared. There is no second chances. Many of times we recommend hiring a consultancy firm. They help in building resume. Help you practice. You become stronger and more confident.


List of Ten Government Job Portal Sites in 2019

The following are the main top ten government job portals that you can go to.

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How to get Government Job in Pakistan

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