Scope of Social Work in Pakistan

Scope of Social Work has always been in great demand. Third world countries and developing countries need social workers to help roll out massive social projects. Social work is the activities associated with helping people and communities.

Social work graduates get jobs in the private and public sector. Pakistan boasts numerous social workers that work in rural areas. In fact, the majority of the non-profit organizations hire social work graduates.

The advantage of a social work degree is that it opens opportunity in many fields. You can work in research centers, public offices, government departments and large scale non government offices.


Social Work Scope in Pakistan

Another key benefit of pursuing a social work degree is that it is allows you to apply for many exciting opportunities outside of Pakistan. Social work skills are applicable internationally as well. In fact, many international donors work in Pakistan. And if you succeed in their projects, they certainly provide opportunities to locals for foreign opportunities.

Countries and societies need social welfare experts. They are trained to facilitate and understand social norms. Objective is to mitigate risks and roll out key projects. An example is the polio eradication project in Pakistan. Foreign money comes for awareness and creation.

International donors work in Pakistan. They hire social work experts and psychologists. For example, there is a huge incentive to drive education awareness in poor areas of Pakistan. For that, psychologists and social workers are required. Careers in Psychology in Pakistan are also increasing in the social work domain. Campaigns around education and social issues require social workers and psychologists.

The following are the main courses that you learn during a bachelors program in social work:

  • media and social work
  • social action
  • case work
  • population planning
  • social rehabilitation
  • child protection
  • human rights
  • social static analysis
  • NGO management and leadership
  • gender and development studies
  • sociology of culture

Social workers tend to work in NGO settings. However, females tend to become field workers and public welfare officers. Males tend to become counseling experts and work in child rights groups.


Scope of PhD Social Work in Pakistan

There is a growing need for social work PhD teachers and professors. Since this is a growing field, more colleges and universities are hiring PhD professors. It is highly recommended for social workers to also move forward in education.


Social Work Salaries in Pakistan

Unfortunately, the social work salaries are not at high end in the public sector. However, with a few years of experience, you can certainly obtain a decent salary. Social work salaries can range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000.


MSC Social Work Scope in Pakistan

MSc is a higher degree. Typically, these are professionals that want to get further exposure in a particular field. For example, you want to learn more about gender studies. Or want to focus on human rights of minorities.



Scope of Social Work in Pakistan

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