Best Medical Fields for Females in Pakistan

This article is a very important read. It provides all the best medical fields for females in Pakistan. Moreover, it talks about the top medical careers for females in Pakistan. The article discusses careers, salaries and opportunities. In addition, article is all about the best medical fields for females in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, there are multiple medical fields to choose from. However, being a female, the options change. The details below are specifically career options for females only. After 12 grade, females have valid questions regarding their careers:

  • What are the benefits of studying nursing?
  • What healthcare profession is the best suitable for females?

This blog clearly states the latest trends, career paths and salary for nursing graduates in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, must read blog if you are interested in knowing more about nursing as a profession.


List of Top Medical Careers for Females in Pakistan

Below is the list of top medical careers for females in Pakistan:


Becoming a Top Level Psychologist

Pakistan population faces alarming mental ailments. Hence, the need for quality psychologists. You have to complete a Master degree in order to become a psychologist. This is a little longer degree. However, the benefits are immense. You can work in different clinics open up your own practice.

Future of psychology in Pakistan is very bright. There is a drastic increase of depression and other mental ailments. Subsequently, psychologists assist people to cope with mental illnesses. More psychologists are required to meet the need. Importantly, becoming a psychologist is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan.

Great career for women since this involves coaching and coping strategies.


Become a Dermatologist

Unfortunately, Pakistan faces multiple skin ailments and infections. It is imperative to have an ongoing supply of dermatologists to help reduce the skin issues. Hence, the need for dermatologists. Dermatology is a great field for females. The scope of dermatology in Pakistan is exploding. They can work in the pharmaceutical companies. And can also start their own business.


Choosing Nursing as a lucrative Career Path

Nursing is a great choice for females. It is one of the most noble professions in the healthcare industry. In fact, it is also the most competitive, demanding and rewarding. You can make a very decent living as a nurse. For that, you need certifications. And years of experience. BS Nursing scope in Pakistan is expanding. More females are joining the healthcare work force as nurses. They are working in hospitals and private clinics.


Medical Doctor is an exceptional career path

Becoming a doctor is one of the top medical careers for females in Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan has numerous private and public medical colleges. However, you need to have very good marks in FSc to be eligible for medical colleges.

Scope of medicine is expanding in Pakistan. It is a scope that all nations across the world required.

MBBS is the first step. The majority of doctors tend to become specialists.

Majority of females choose to be a doctor after FSc. In fact, Fatima Medical College is specifically for females only.


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    Dentistry – One of the top choices for Females in Pakistan

    As career advisers, we highly recommend females to choose dentistry as a field. Dentistry has multiple benefits. You can choose your own timings. And start your own practice. Therefore, this is a great field for females. Females need to balance personal life and professional life.

    However, the majority of dentist remain as general dentists. Very few specialize. Irrespective, dentists make good money in all the cities of Pakistan.

    Dentistry is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan. You get to open your own clinic and set up working hours. Without a doubt, dentistry is one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan.


    Physiotherapy as a Career Move

    Physiotherapy is one of the top medical fields for girls in Pakistan. More and more population is requiring physical therapists. Physiotherapists help people come back to normal after injuries and medical problems.

    In fact, more female physiotherapists are required in Pakistan today. Physiotherapy is one of the best career options for women. The scope of physiotherapy in Pakistan is increasing at an alarming pace. More people get injured. Physical rehabilitation is critical. Old age people need physiotherapy to keep them active.

    Majority of females have a variety of different physical ailments after the age of 50. Females feel more comfortable to go to female physiotherapists. Hence, the need for physiotherapists.


    Dietician and Food Specialist

    Students who want to become a dietician have to pursue a bachelor’s in diet and health sciences. Apart from this, different colleges have different names for this particular field. Certain colleges call it Bachelor in Nutrition Science. Other colleges call it bachelor in food sciences.

    We highly recommend females to also pursue their certification. Careers in nutrition and dietetics is expanding. People are getting sick. Malnutrition is an issue. Old age people are not getting required diets. Hence, the urgent need for Dieticians and Food specialists.

    Best Medical Fields for Females in Pakistan

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