Scope of Public Health in Pakistan

Scope of Public Health in Pakistan is increasing. This is due to the ongoing health aliments. More people need healthcare. And quality health care. Public health care scope in Pakistan is adding more jobs in the market.

Rural areas are getting more hospitals. Diseases are increasing. Pakistan needs researches. Additionally, the market requires public health graduates to improve health care environment. Improve processes. Add technology to create value.

Public Health has two parts. You can have a medical related degree and later convert to a Master level degree. Suppose you graduated with a bachelor degree in Psychology. And you love working with the public health. You want to know why certain areas have poor health standards. A degree in Public Health is the best fit. Jobs after BS Psychology in Pakistan open up with an advanced degree in Public Health.


Career Counselling For Public Health in Pakistan

Recently graduated with a degree in public health? There are many careers to choose from. It is difficult to choose a particular field. However, discussing it with a career counselor helps. They bring perspective. Understand the trends in the market. They help you realize your potential. And can guide you accordingly.


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    Scope of MSc Public Health

    There are variety. There are different universities in Pakistan that offer Masters program in public health. The two-year program focuses on managing the public health sector. It teaches the skills to run hospitals and healthcare units.

    Typically, the universities requires the graduates to already have a degree in medicine or equivalent. You are a strong candidate if you did your MBBS. You can also apply to masters in public health if you did a four years program in health care related fields.  Scope of MSC public health in Pakistan is given by University of Health Sciences.

    MSC Public Health is an advanced degree. You should have a relevant medical background to pursue a master’s degree. This will help you extensively. Scope of human nutrition and dietetics in Pakistan is growing. After a bachelors degree in diet you can pursue a masters in public health. Great combination.


    Careers in Public Health in Pakistan

    Public health is a growing area of study. It is also very dynamic and rewarding fail. Do you enjoy working with the public sector? Helping people make a difference? Is job security important for you? Are you a doctor and want to go into different areas? Below are the top careers in public health in Pakistan:


    Teaching sector

    Join the public healthcare department. Become a professor in teach public health courses.


    Chief medical Officer

    Be responsible for managing hospitals and healthcare units. You need to have an MBBS or a Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS). BDS Scope in Pakistan is expanding. More dentists are required. Hospitals are looking for specialists to run the hospitals and clinics.


    Clinical infectious disease specialist

    Work with patients with infectious diseases. Be responsible for eliminating and controlling infectious diseases in different areas in Pakistan.


    Healthcare specialist in the government

    Government also requires healthcare specialists. Apply for jobs in becoming a healthcare professional.

    Community disease analyst. Graduates with a Botany degree can work as community disease analysts with an advanced degree in public health.

    Private and public sectors require community disease analysts. Their job is to monitor diseases and provide data


    Public Health Career Scope

    Unlike many other fields of study, public health career scope is more long term. Majority of jobs are in the government sector. And these jobs are long term. Permanent in nature. Hence, you can look forward to a pension. And retirement.


    Public Health Salaries in Pakistan

    The public health salaries in Pakistan varies. This depends upon the nature of the job. And also the number of years of experience you have.



    Scope of Public Health in Pakistan

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