What Do IT Consulting Companies Really Do?

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IT consulting companies do two things. Firstly they solve problems. And secondly they provide advise. Companies face many challenges. And IT consultancy comes in handy. IT consulting companies are problem solvers. They have the tools. Also, the mind-set to figure out what is wrong. And immediately resolve the issue.

Also, they are experts. They can be risk experts. Or IT vendor experts. IT companies specialize in many core areas. Companies choose IT firms depending on need.

Imagine you are a company selling toys. Sales are great. Opening up stores in the next 10 months. Now you need a computer application. Perhaps you want to sell online. This is exciting. However, you lack the skills. What is you purchase the wrong IT solution?

To summarize, this is where IT companies add value.


What do IT Consulting Firms do?

IT Consulting firms are specialists. Additionally, they offer a variety of services. Information Technology consulting firms provide following services:

  • IT life cycle management
  • Risk management – making sure IT mitigates risk
  • Process Improvement
  • IT vendor selection
  • Support and Service
  • Hardware and Software support

We select IT equipment for our clients. They are business experts in other fields. Technology is not their forte. Understandable. Hence, we come into action. The first step is understanding requirements. A good consultant goes beyond the need. And can forecast demand. Scoping is the first step.

Second step is evaluating products. Moreover, many products exist. Need to know what works. What will be effective. It is all about outputs. And results.

IT firms have manpower. They have experience. They work with different companies. In fact, they are used to such diverse issues. As a result are best for complex issues.


What Do IT Consultants do?

Consequently, IT consultants are also specialists. These individuals are software specialists. Or they can be database specialists.

IT consultants provide technical expertise. This depends upon the requirements of the customer. Let me give examples. You are a company. And need to purchase a call center software. For that you will hire an IT consultant. This IT consultant specializes in call center software. He is not an expert in any other field. So he talks about call center solutions. He cannot provide solutions for your billing.

IT consultants learn skills online as well. ITIL certification training online is a great way to gain skills. ITIL framework is in demand. IT consultants work on ITIL services.

Here is second example. You are a company focusing on baked goods. You now need software and hardware to maintain inventory. Call a solution expert. Firstly the expert evaluates the requirements. The IT consultant will evaluate the need. Understand the current and future business requirements. Based upon the inputs will suggest the expert opinion.

IT consultants differ from IT consulting forms. IT consultants are individual players. Basically firms have multiple experts. Whereas, an IT consultant is just one individual.

Furthermore, IT consultants are system analysts. They are computer technicians and project managers. Objective is to deliver a certain product. All in all, they work hard in initiation and implementation phases.


Remember that what Do IT Consulting Companies Really Do depends upon the assignment. Many companies hire IT consultancy firms as an advisory role. Their job is only to evaluate. And provide expert knowledge. Many of times, companies hire IT firms to establish a new bench mark.


What Do IT Consulting Companies Really Do?

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