PTCL, DGS and MindBridge Interview Questions

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You are one of the lucky ones. The main call centers of Pakistan are asking you to come in for an interview. This is your lucky day. Now, we need to prepare you for the interview. Let us first begin with PTCL. Then we move forward to DGS Lahore Interview Questions. At the end, we provide Mind Bridge Interview Questions. Though if this is your first time getting a call, we recommend you get professional training. Preparing is key. Call center interviews from these organizations do not happen each day. Be ready. Get these jobs! Getting training on Customer service management skills is the key. Get training. Know how to prepare for these questions.


PTCL Call Center Interview Questions

PTCL is the leading internet and telephony company in Pakistan. It has one of the largest call centers operations in Pakistan. It has different call centers in various cities. One call center is in Lahore and the other is in Rawalpindi. PTCL Call center interview questions are as follows:

Specific questions are asked by the call center team members. Let us prepare you for the top questions are asked.


What do you know about PTCL services?

Have you ever call the PTCL help line? How was the experience?

Since you have call the help line what improvements would you make?

Do you have particular shift that you plan on working in?

How do you define customer satisfaction?

What are the key attributes of a quality customer service representative?

Do you know anyone who is already working in the call center?

What have you learned from others regarding the call center experience?

Are you good at up selling any kind of service? Please share with us an example.

Call centers very hectic. How would you balance life and work?

What would you do if a customer abuses you on the phone?

You have any experience working in a call center?

How would you rank yourself as a communicator?

Are you a team player? 

How would you improve yourself if your quality score is very bad?

If a customer is not happy with your solution what would you have?


PTCL Call Center Interview Questions Preparation

PTCL is not a high-end paying call center. Irrespective of the salary, it has many opportunities to move forward. Hence, young students come for interviews. Career incentive is a big incentive. Now, look at the questions above. These questions are telling you something. PTCL wants the following from the candidates:

  • Good understanding of PTCL products and services.
  • PTCL call center is a 24×7 operations. They look for males that can do midnight and evening shifts. Females only work morning shifts.
  • Decent understanding of customer communication.
  • Good communication and can talk to customers.

Hence these kind of questions. We do recommend that you go for a proper call center training program prior to taking interview. These kind of training programs increases your changes exponentially. Customer centric attitude is a main requirement. Be Prepared.


DGS Interview Questions

DGS stands for Digital Globe services. They have a large office in Lahore. The office caters to international customers. They also have large-scale customers in Pakistan. They are call center experts and pay a premium as compared to PTCL. However, the quality of service is higher as well. They are looking for people with better English and analytical skills. Typically when you are called for a DGS interview you’ll be looking to work for an international company. You will be responsible for servicing them. DGS also conducts interviews for telemarketing campaigns.

Here are the following DGS type of questions:


Any prior experience in servicing customers?

What do you think are the key components of a successful call center experience?

What is customer relationship management>

How would you close a call? 

To improve customer experience what would you improve?

Do you do multitasking? 

What is customer retention rate?

Are you a problem solver? If so give us an example.

Due know about artificial intelligence?

Are you aware of any international telemarketing campaigns running from Pakistan

What would you do if the system goes down in the customer still need service?

How’d you deal with difficult customers on the phone?

What are the key attributes of a call center expert?


DGS Call Center Interview Questions Preparation

DGS is high-end. They require premium speakers of English. Also require strong analytical abilities. Their focus is bringing on talent at decent salaries. However, you need to present yourself articulately in the interview. DGS call center interviews are no joke. Prepare in advance. In fact, we recommend that you take extensive call center orientation classes to prepare yourself for the interview. Knowing the questions is one thing. Answering them is another. Nonetheless, the most important is the confidence. If you are interested in high paying salaries as a beginner, then prepare accordingly. Smile during customer satisfaction interactions. Make this your habit.

DGS is a BPO – Business Process Outsourcing Company. So, if you prepare for them, you can apply to other BPO companies.


Mind Bridge Interview Questions

Mind Bridge is another premium call center. It is not as premium as DGS. And above PTCL. So, it is competitive. Hence, they attract many fresh graduates. You need to prepare for the interview. Here are some of the main questions asked in interviews:


How do you handle negative feedback?

What kind of steps would you take to deal with unsatisfied customers?

Tell us about your experience with customer experience management?

How to get positive feedback from a customer?

Are you good at taking negative feedback from supervisors?

How do you build customer loyalty?

What you do to improve the overall satisfaction of customers?

Any idea of the call center business operations in Pakistan?


Mind Bridge Interview Questions Preparation

Mind Bridge focuses on tele-marketing. They also provide support to large tier companies in Asia. They look for well versed and groomed individuals. You need to be positive and good technical person. Need to know customer relationship tools or have the background to work on tools and applications.



Interested in finding answers to these questions? Call center interview questions and answers for freshers blog is a great start! These are not set in stone questions. They can overlap. So, be prepared to get these type of questions. All can be intermingled. If you have prepared for these interviews through us, talk to us about your experience. If you got other questions, share! Look forward to hearing from our call center future stars.



PTCL, DGS and MindBridge Interview Questions

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