Call Center Campaigns from Pakistan

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The call center industry is booming. Pakistan call center business is growing in terms of skills and sales. Technology is a standard across the board. Call Center campaigns from Pakistan is exponentially increasing. The industry is reaching new heights in terms of revenues and opportunities.


History of Call Center Campaigns

USA, Canada, and Europe tend to perform outbound sales activities. It can either be up-selling or cold calling. There are many benefits on engaging with customers and creating new revenue opportunities. Therefore, customers do validate and pay for more services if the pitch is right.

Due to the ongoing high prices of outbound calls and salaries, many countries go to other countries for the call center campaigns. Pakistan is one such country. Pakistan labor is cheap and it uses its people and resources to make sales to many other countries. Call center trade in major cities of Pakistan is strong.

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    Typically, all outbound calls require cheaper resources. Very expensive to have local people making calls. There are many benefits to that. However, the issue is the operations cost.

    With sales lead generation, you can have someone from other places place the calls. Why? This sale interaction is on the phone. There is no face to face meeting. With that in mind, it makes sense to keep the cost low. But balance it out with the best sale results. In conclusion, this is achievable. Hence, many international companies tend to go to Pakistan for results and cost-effective solutions.


    What type of call center campaigns run from Pakistan?

    Call center campaigns are dependent upon the country that you are targeting. Hence, it is important to know what country are you setting for. Additionally, the pricing and sales incentives also play an important part in sales. Success ratio depends upon the quality of the sales lead and the amount being paid.

    Below is the detailed table of all the main call center campaigns being run from Pakistan call centers. These are just some campaigns. New campaigns keep on coming. There are many ways on how to get call center campaigns.


    Campaign USA Rate ($) UK Rate Canada Rate Australia Rate
    Telecom Service Offering – Selling new product or up-sell 50 60 65 40
    Energy Service Offering 40 50 45 60
    Home Improvement 20 15 20 35
    Security System Installation 100 65 70 45
    Vacation Packages 110 120 115 150
    Medical Insurance 50 30 40 30
    Time Share 20
    Loan Approval 30 15 25 40
    Life Insurance 35 30 35 30
    Health Care products 30 40 45 25
    Market Survey 10 15 10 15
    Data Entry / Form 0.75 1 0.85 0.9
    Call Center Support / HR 15 20 15 20

    New trend of call center services for real estate is booming. There is no specific price tag. Calls being made to foreign Pakistan community. Objective is selling real estate in Pakistan.


    Success of these Campaigns

    Campaign success depends upon the following:

    • sales training of the staff
    • quality processes in place
    • call center environment
    • support of the company

    All of these help the call center meet and exceed the numbers. However, do note that the results are continuous. This is not a one time aspect. You need to have a dynamic team working day in and day in terms of productivity. Moreover, the majority of these call centers work on improving the standards of services. Courses for communication skills is a norm.

    The success lies in understanding the value of the campaign. Sales alignment is key. You need to be updated on the customer and the product offering. In conclusion, the best approach is continuous feedback from the call center quality teams.

    The environment of the call center plays an important role. In any sales environment, you need to be focusing on enjoying your time at the office and concentrating on values and norms.

    In short, the quality of the sales training and quality processes in place define the accuracy of the campaign. Both in terms of the call center experience and the campaign itself.

    If you are a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or another call center working on certain campaigns, love to hear from you. Please do share your experience and the campaigns you are working on.

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    Call Center Campaigns from Pakistan

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    1. Hey Saman hope you are doing all right. Well we are working on US Energy its a great campaign but alot of Pakistani centers’ are being ripped off from the brokers. But its a great campaign the numbers of sales is very high we are doing it from more than a year.
      We have worked on many US and B2B and B2C campaigns as well.
      If there are any present or future opportunities which you think can be beneficial for both of us then do let me know. Thankyou

      1. Hi Taimur,

        I hope you are doing well.

        I am from lahore and i am interested in opening a call center, would you like to guide me how can I get US campaigns.

    2. Hi all
      I hope you are doing great.
      I am based in UK. Currently working as a small inbound call center very much interested to expand but unfortunately cant find any reliable people to work with as Taimur said: most of the brokers are just trying to take most out of you. Please do let me know if we can do something for mutual benefits.
      Best wishes

      1. Hello
        I am from Pakistan Islamabad and I am already working in UK based Campaigns and now I want to start my OWN Business but I cannot find someone to help me in this industry.

      2. We are outsourcing our DME campaign.
        We are looking for centers who can generate good quality leads.
        This is a doctor chasing module!
        You are going to post simple leads and we will do doctor chasing on them, complete results in 6-7 working days.


        Back: 100$
        Knees , houlders ,wrists ,ankles :50$
        hip $50

        1-Patient must have a Medicare PartB plan.
        2-Center must have its own eligibility checker.
        3-Doctor name is mandatory.
        4-Recordings are mandatory.

        Monday to Friday gets paid on next frinday.

        Only experienced and quality Centers are welcomed, don’t need any trash or old leads, healthy payouts.

        Skype: live:.cid.bf62cbdc036d6f29

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        1. +923185904835 this is my whatsapp i am from abbottabad we want to work with you please contact us

      3. Hi Naveed

        Hope you are fine. We are interested in the UK Inbound Campaign we are currently working on Outbound UK Energy Campaign. We have a team that specializes in customer services or Sales.
        Please do let me know if you are still looking for something.

        Best Regards
        Hashir Mughal +923207026117

      4. We are hereto assist you and build that value stream. Let us connect and get you settled into a long term sustainable model

      5. Hi Naveed,
        Hope you doing well.
        I have a center with 40 ready cubicles in Dha, Karachi. I’m looking for a potential campaign. Let me know if we can do something together.
        Kindly drop an email @
        Faisal Awan

      6. Hey Naveed.
        I am from Karachi, Pakistan and I want to work with you on UK based Campaigns and now and I have my own center. If you interested please reply.

      7. hi Im interested to work for any UK or USA based based Campaigns.
        Currently I’m running Quran Teaching Campaigns for USA Canada and Australia.

        Want to Extended my business interested Per can contact me
        here is my whats app :923214899016

      8. How can we contact you, we’re looking forward for US based campaigns or UK based campaigns

      9. I would like to work, i was looking for a inbound campaign. My Whatsapp: +923315322372

      10. hello naveed i have call center based in karachi pakistan need to talk talk regarding your campaign
        please ping me on skype live:.cid.5bb1bdaea6a02fec or email me where we can discuss further

    3. Hy saman
      M looking for US energy compaign to run my center and if you have have your this conpaign available let me know about that so we can gir. Some benefits to each other

      1. hey how are you ,
        i saw you add regarding us energy campaign ?
        skype me umair.chaudhary7
        PM me i can help you

    4. Need a campaign for my call center … customer service and data entry campaign required…

    5. Hey! I just started my own call center in Lahore. We have professionals who specializes in Chat Support. We are looking for a goos campaign or a direct client which requires chat support services. We can help them grow their business. If interested, can email me at or call me at +923014691052. Thank you.

    6. Actually i am looking for all types of campaigns.Please provide me all types of campaigns.

    7. HI there, We have 75 seater center in Karachi currently running duct cleaning campaign for Canada. I am looking for Australian or any UK campaign. If anyone is interested they can reach me at 0332-6663362 Whatsapp

    8. Hello, We need US Energy Deragulation Campaign.
      Please Contact us at 03037146617

      1. We have an open forum where you can post your requirements. Our specialization is building call centers and training the teams.

    9. iam looking for Australia or US Based campaign if anyone help

    10. iam looking for Australia or US Based campaign if anyone help

      whatsapp 03423382752

      1. I’m looking for canadain campaign if anyone help me 03114858338

    11. Good day ahead!

      We have a 30 seater established call center. We are in an expanding phase and looking for more reliable clients to work with. IT related services & Inbound International projects preferred.

      You can contact us at
      WhatsApp +923313668799

      1. I am starting 10 seats call center need genuine campaign. Help required

        1. Hello. I am a DME direct client. I can give you good payout on DME. You can connect with me at whatsapp : +923171227147

    12. Hi,
      i want to be in the call center business so please any one can help how should i get a campaign. 0321-4406055.

    13. Hi

      Hi i run call centre with 30 agents. Also working at solar campaign from us based. We give daily appointments but not recieve good results. We have own dialer and leads. Also we want need inbound campaigns.

    14. Yes i have 2 years call center experience and now i want to open my own center on usa energy campaign can you plz tell me about the campaign which you providing on my email

    15. Hello!
      I am running Home Improvement Lead gen with 30 Agents and recently got scammed so i am looking fro some to give leads in Bulk per i can easily generate 150+ leads per day for you guy’s kindly inbox me details in email so i can start asap

      1. Hello. We are running DME braces campaign in Karachi. I can give you good payout . Email me if you’re interested.

      2. Hi Ameer,

        My Names Brian Parker. I’m looking for centers to generate home improvement & air duct cleaning appointments for my business. I’m running a home improvement company myself and we serve nationwide.
        Feel free to contact me on Skype, Email or whats-app and we can discuss the pricing etc.

        Skype: live:.cid.9471e209b163ea00
        Whats-app / Phone: +1 (773) 672-3637

    16. I am starting 15 seats call center at Karachi I need genuine campaign. Help required

      My watsapp Number 0300-9264540.


    17. I want to set up a new call center in Energy business In Rawalpindi or Peshawar
      Need your help to have idea how to start please
      Contact on WhatsApp +923002453843

    18. Hi All,

      Hope all of you are good. I want to start my own call center. I am new in this field I have done BS(Software Engineering) and had a good experience. If you will help me out I will share profit on a percentage basis. Please let me know if you are interested to work with me. WhatsApp Number (+923361512742)

    19. I m an investor …Looking for genuine campaigns for my own set-up with reasonable payouts…and a supervisor who can help us in making our center a successful with an excellent profit sharing opportunity

    20. I have a small setup of 8-10 seats..i m looking for reliable campaigns with timely payouts
      Would really appreciate if any of of you nice people guide me

      Whatsapp…0331 3324114

    21. Hi I am currently running my own call centre and working with a UK based Taxi company and I’m interested in any inbound UK based work, if anyone can help me please contact me on whats-app on +92-3124200029 Asad here thanks.

    22. Hey! I just started my own call center. We are looking for a campaign or a direct client which requires any service. We can help them grow their business. If interested, can email me at SYEDHADIKHAN@GMAIL.COM I read emails daily please send. or call me at 03322986885. Thank you

    23. I have a call centre with 7 agents.
      Looking for the UK , Australian & USA Campaigns. Please share the details by email & you can WhatsApp me+923014404049

    24. Hey
      i run a small call center and i m looking for Health Insurance campaigns (USA) and SOLAR ( USA& Australian)
      So please share the details by email ( or by whatsapp (03161707101)

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