13 Proven Strategies on How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction is a different processes and procedures. How to improve customer satisfaction the right way? What is the most important ingredient? The most important ingredient to success is the mindset. Finally, this is the mindset of teams or organizations delivering customer service. Over our course of training customer service programs to a variety of different organizations across the globe, we have come to a certain conclusion. Organizations believing in customer satisfaction need to be totally engaged in the customer life-cycle management approach.

The customer life-cycle management starts even before the customer comes on board. Primarily, the processes and procedures need to be customer friendly. Therefore, customer centric organization is key. Let me give you the example of the telecom sector.

The two main ways of gathering feedback are: customer surveys and Net Promoter Score measurement, used for calculating the loyalty that exists between a provider and a consumer.

If you want to actually get any broadband service, the procedure needs to be simple and easy. So even before the customer purchases, the pre-sales to be easy. This is the start of the experience. Improving customer satisfaction is an art and a science. Not only that but the parameters associated with activation need to be practical. And most importantly, the parameters need to be combined with culture. Genuine customer service satisfaction smile is not the only guarantee.

Customers are your marketeers. They will tell others. These are the people on social media. They will talk volumes of service. People do not forget service quality. In competitive environments, create the ripple effect.


Implement these proven strategies and give Customer Satisfaction Ratings A Boost

The following are broken down into Process Strategies, People strategies and culture. This is to keep the strategies in categories. Helps making it easier to implement. Customer service needs strategies. Without it you cannot create culture. In short, culture resides on customer values. Values are actions of individuals. Individuals create culture. Seems like a circle. Perhaps that is the case. The below are the top proven strategies to improve customer service. These strategies come from customer service training consultants.

Remember people strategies go hand in hand with processes. Both need to work in unison. These are two components. Never work on one and forget the other.

Boost service ratings. Keep track of process improvements. Create an environment of service value. Service is going to make the difference. Be a trend setter. Certainly, these recommendation will get you to that point of excellence. Start implementing these strategies.


How to Improve Customer Satisfaction through Processes

This section focuses on processes that assist in customer satisfaction. Here are the main strategies:

1. Immediate response to the inputs and inquires. Now the social media platforms measure your response as a key indicator for quality customer engagement. The faster your response the better your repute and closure potential. And within this structure is the soft skill. Good thing is that soft skills are trainable.


2. Customers should have more than one option to choose from. This makes a lot of sense. In our customer service training programs, we have generic programs as well customized programs. As a result, both options help us build revenue streams.


3. Have coupons and gifts to share with customers when things do not go your way. Customers love gifts.


4.  Have a customer matrix to measure satisfaction. The customer service index is to be a measurable commodity. Customer satisfaction index is a measurable parameter. Irrespective of the transaction and the number of visitors that come into play, customer service index provides a comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction ratings.


5. Create customer loyalty programs. Surprise them with new ways of connecting. Above all, provide them with cool and amazing incentives. Make sure the loyalty programs state the fact that you know your customer desires.


6. Social Media is your friend. Use it to connect and bridge the gaps. Use it to equate value and create a unique proposition.


How to Improve Customer Satisfaction through People

This section focuses on people. How can people improve customer satisfaction. Here are the main strategies:

7. Go beyond expectations. Why limit yourself to regular delivery of services. First of all, give them the value and services of a life time. Another important aspect is the surprise element. Simply surprise the customer. And you would see that the customer expectation ratings exponentially increases. Let me share with you a very recent survey. We went into a local restaurant. And requested the waiters to not only thank the customers but also leave them a coupon. Some were told to leave chocolates before the check was being presented.

Customer never expect a special discount or chocolates. And the tips that were typically 5% or 10% exponentially grew to about 20 to 30%. This is the magic of customer expectations. Again this is only possible if you keep on working on new aspects of satisfaction. If you do not own a restaurant, work on conducting quality telephone customer service training programs for the teams. Call centers satisfaction goes a long way too.


8. Transform irate customers to satisfied customers. Easier said then done but get it going.


9. Take care of your internal teams that cater to the needs of your customers. This gets unnoticed. Keep internal team happy. Hence, they deliver. Proven tactic. Ensure they are paid to serve. And the magic begins.


10. People make all the difference. If you have an operation that has customer engagement, then make sure that customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the quality of people who are represented in your organization. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be measurable index. There shall be a variety of different tools and tasks that you can perform to calculate the customer service index.


Improving Customer Service Through Culture

These strategies are based upon creating a service culture.


11. Never tell the customer that there are limitations to your service. There is no company policy that should stop anyone from delivering value.


12. Another important tip is practicality. Treat customer with a special nature. And enjoy the conversations accordingly. Being professional is on-site. But being very practical about one thing is another. Let me give you an example of an airline company. The airline companies simply communicates very clearly when delay occur. In the customers are typically okay with that. But along with that practical approach you need to give definitive timelines and practical solution accordingly.


13. Be persistent. Yes, every action has to be persistent in terms of its equation and delivery.


We have used these magical steps in many of our training programs and consultancy projects and they have all done successfully. So, do bring forth the customer satisfaction through these inputs.


Conclusion on Improving Customer Service Strategies

Above are proven strategies. They work on building resonance and value. Many companies use these strategies. They are also taught in customer service training programs. They do the magic when implemented. However, we recommend taking these steps sequentially. Create  the revolution with the culture in place. If you know of other strategies please do state. Like to hear from others. Share your experience. Strategies evolve. Experiences improve. Keep continuing to serve customers. This keeps companies alive. Revenue like to service delivery.


13 Proven Strategies on How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

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  1. It was very helpful and you explained very well because we need to invlove customers and making them feel special and helping them out even when it not make any sense…

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