Importance of English in Our Life

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English like any other great languages has importance. But unlike many other languages it has a great role to play in the achievements of man and in our daily lives. Let us give you the latest reasons behind the importance of English in our Life.


14 Significant Reasons behind the Importance of English in Our Life

How we Improve our English? Below are 14 most significant reasons behind the Importance of English in Our Life Today!


Global Language

Do you travel the world? Go and hike the tallest peaks. Enjoy serene walks in Brazil. Let the waters of Malaysia mesmerize you. Irrespective if where you go. You will find someone speaking English. It is the global language of the world. More people speaks this language than any other language in the world. Being a global language validates importance of English in our life.


International Travel Companion

You need visa to enter many countries. You are ready to meet new people in Poland. Visiting Kashmir is on your agenda. You want to enjoy Tibet culture. No one worries about the human engagement. Why? This is not a road blocker. English the international travel companion. You will find people speaking the global language. This facilitates people travel. From the valleys of Tibet to the cold mountain ranges of Alaska you will always find someone who can speak English.


Most Spoken Language in the World

As per recent study there are more than 1.6 billion people who can read and speak English. This is more than any other language. There is no other language that boasts such high numbers. Get better at speaking English. Enroll in any advanced communication skills training course as well. Learn the art of spoken communication.


International Contracts and Legal Bindings between Nations

Countries go into agreements. Arms agreements to infrastructure investments. All major agreements are signed in English Language. Interest in knowing what USA signs with Korea? Want to know what Russia is doing in Syria regime? All of the international contracts and legal bindings are in English. Learn the language and learn about these amazing international contracts between nations.


Mergers and Acquisitions in English

Mergers and acquisitions also use the language of English. Corporations spend millions of dollars to merge and acquire new businesses. Therefore, key outcomes are documented in English.


Improve your Job Level and Career Prospects

Very few languages can commit to improving the quality of life. By knowing English as the language you improve your quality of life and opportunities for jobs. International organisations prefer people who can speak eloquently and present in English.

Whether you are looking for job as an executive or a corporate leader, your interviews will be in English. First of all, human resource experts try to evaluate your skill sets through English communication.

Global companies are now helping their candidates go through particular psychological tests. These tests give a very conclusive perspective of the mindset and talents of individuals. All of these tests are in English.

Being bilingual is always a plus point. Knowing English and easily interpreting it to different language is a skill set many organisations are in search of. Applying for a job in Dubai also requires a certain level of communication skills.

All of the above stated factors clearly outline how critical and important is English in the professional world. Any person who wants to thrive in and enhance the career needs to be fluent in English communication. Therefore making learning English language ever so critical to your life overall and career especially.


Enhance Yourself

Most of the self-help books are written in English. As a result, Improving yourself will require a comprehensive understanding of reading English.

Almost all the fields of specialisation have English as a core communication method. If you’re a teacher and you want to improve your teaching skills. Go to any library in the world. Probably, you will know that the best books on any particular subject will be in English.

The ability to communicate with majority of the world is an important reason to have English in your life.


Getting to the school of your dreams

Students from all across the world want to go to the best universities in United States, Canada, and Australia. For that many of these universities and colleges offer Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This test is mandatory for all students moving to these countries for higher education.

Good TOEFL scores give you a higher proximity of getting accepted at the top universities and colleges in the world. Imagine that you are a student in Korea. You are one of the best students of the nation. Your mathematical skills are exceptional. As a result, you are even labelled as a prodigy. But if you score very poorly in the TOEFL test you have lost the chances of going to the top universities in the world.

The good part is that you can easily improve your English communication skills by joining any professional Institute. Most noteworthy, Professional institutes have qualified English instructors that each written and verbal communication.

International English language testing system and Cambridge Exams also use English as a medium. So if you’re also interested in seeking higher education opportunities in the United Kingdom you must have a strong grip on English communication.


Surfing and understanding the Internet

Billions of people all across the world surf the Internet. The Internet language is English. Imagine a world where over 1 billion users typing searching the internet in one language. Billions of websites are in English. Online content is majority in English language. Want to connect to the Internet? Want access to the world of information? Learning English through web is one of the best ways to improve communication skills.

If you lack the English communication and written skills you are highly deprived from the internet. We live in the informational world. If you have a good understanding of English communication you can read online news articles and easily comprehend what is going on in the world. You can enjoy listening to English videos and introduce yourself to new skills and talents.


Internet as Experience

Internet is not only a one-way mechanism. The Internet is all about experience. YouTube videos, forums and blog are all interactive sessions. Get connected to images, videos and content. Furthermore, if you do not speak or have a good understanding of English you decrease your chances of communicating with the experts that you are striving to learn from.

Just imagine you want to learn football in Argentina. Being a young kid you have easy access to the YouTube videos. There are thousands of videos on how to improve your football skills. But all of them are in English. You might have the best talent in the world as a kid. You want to improve. Improvement is a requirement. But if you cannot listen and comprehend what is being communicated in the videos you will never reach the stars and become a football player in your country. In conclusion, dreams of talent loose out. Finally, no benefits from online training classes.

In addition, If you are a professional in any field of study you still need to research online. Millions of Chinese manufacturers have to go through the Internet to understand new technologies and components affecting their manufacturing plants. Imagine a Chinese company who has hundreds of workers but cannot understand the global climate change of the products and loses business. We’re talking about millions of dollars lost simply because of the fact that the Chinese companies can not comprehend and do proper research on the manufacturing industry trends.


International communication

All of the social media platforms use English as the sole medium of communication. You could be using any social media platform. Use Whatsapp or even Instagram. Social media platforms connect you to your niches and people.

You can connect to thousands of surfers from all across the world. Are you a very talented salsa dancer and want to connect with different salsa dancers in Venezuela? Are you a cook? Want to learn about Ethiopian dishes? The social media platforms gives you an opportunity to connect with these people on different platforms. English language learning courses work well to give this exposure.

But all of these people use this platform talk in English. So if you are proficient in English then you can easily use the social media platforms and take full benefit. Be well-connected. Respond to inquires and read about your favorite international figures.


Learning Opportunities

Approximately 85% of the books that are published every year is an English. If you are an avid reader then we highly recommend that you start improving your English communication skills immediately. Get to a level where you can go to any library and enjoy reading world-class books. You’ll be able to get to know about William Shakespeare. Read classic novels and realize the importance of English in our life.

Firstly, having a comprehensive grip on English allows you to meet people who have lived before us. Read autobiographies of Abraham Lincoln. Learn about the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Finally, entertain your mind with creative thoughts by Einstein and learn about Wall Street.


Entertain Yourself

Hollywood is the number one international market for entertainment. The best cartoon. The best animated movies are all in English. Top-level action packed movie trailers are all in English. Above all, romantic movies are all in English.

Want to enjoy the best movies of all times? Interested in enjoying world-class animated movies? Imagine watching the best actors acting in top rated movies.

Improve your English then! This will give you a very strong edge. Going to the movies is a very fun activity. Consequently, millions of people all across the world go to cinemas and enjoy different types of movies.


Informational climate and Trends Analysis

We live in the information world where trends mean everything. The world is talking about “Harry Potter” and the “Hunger Games”. The world is talking about FIFA 2018 World Cup. Communities around the world talks about make-up. The world is talking about the upcoming water crisis. Almost all of this information is readily available online. Millions of books are being printed and published about the top trends and informational climate parameters. How are you connecting with the world? Are you in sync with the trends and information age? Importance of English in our life begins with knowing the informational climate.

Sherlock Holmes is just one of the best written books of all times. Furthermore, millions of fifth graders all across the world read comic books. Autobiographies of Nelson Mandela is being read by people of all ages.

Imagine meeting these people and you having no clue about what they are talking about. Not syncing with them because you don’t have the connection? You are not able to read the books and learn the lessons of life. Ensuring you are in the dark ages? Connecting with the new generation is of most importance. Otherwise you are left out.


Learning English can make you smarter

As per a recent study of the top psychologists in America, languages improve brain power. Bilingual professionals tend to be smarter than people speaking one language. People who speak English as a second language enjoy a stronger retention rate as compared to people who only know English.

Research shows that learning a new language changes the brain structure. And that in a good way. So why not give your memory and your mind a boost. Start learning different languages.


Importance of English in Our Life

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