9 Benefits of ITIL Certification for IT Professionals

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We are not going to talk about ITIL exam. Or how to take the exam. Talking about benefits after passing the exam. Presenting 9 important benefits of ITIL certification. Sharing top benefits of passing the ITIL examination. Most noteworthy, the benefits of ITIL are two-fold. One side is the individual. The other side that benefits is the company that hires the candidate. You can still get ITIL benefits by simply taking the class as well.

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What advantages does an ITIL certification brings to IT Professionals?

This is the easy question. The question that has numerous benefits. Let me start out with my own example. I always take knowledge as a true bench mark. Any standards provides new levels of excellence. So for me, it is the extra knowledge to boost my credentials and expertise. Finally, do realize that ITIL is a step by step examination. You have to pass multiple examinations to become an expert. The first step is becoming certified in the ITIL V3 foundation examination.

Likewise, ITIL certification is an acknowledgement that an IT professional has a certain level of IT Service Management excellence.


Better Salaries

With a certification in place, salaries do improve. This is a tested fact. So enjoy the financial benefits! Depending upon the industry, the salaries increase from 15% to 35%.

“I recently completed my ITIL foundation. Immediately saw salary increase in my pay stub. It depends upon the industry. I work in the banking IT sector and they have no room for glitches. Others that qualified with me do not get that much increase. They are in the grocery business line. Hence, less risk averse markets.” Timothy, 34, U.A.E, Project Manager

Even more, companies that need IT specialists also fund the ITIL trainings of their employees.


Executing professional methodologies

With a new understanding of ITIL framework, there is an opportunity to implement new methodologies and strategies. ITIL framework provides a detailed framework of processes and procedures. Above all, ITIL professionals get to plan, manage and implement new key initiatives. New knowledge base gives a new understanding. Hence, IT Professionals deploy the latest ITIL practices. Best practice knowledge is one of the main advantages of ITIL.


Being a Part of a Professional Network

Being a part of a professional network is a benefit in itself. Why not be a part of a professional network that can grow and establish you as an individual. Being a part of a professional network allows you to coach and be coached. Professionals reside in all countries. You can be an ITIL expert in Asia or in North America, the professional network is immense. Similar is the case with the ITIL training companies. You can get ITIL certification training from Pakistan or from Nigeria, you become a part of the global ITIL network. Being a part of a professional network is one of the benefits of ITIL certification.


Global Recognition

This is another key benefit. ITIL training. Global recognition. You are known in any IT industry across the world. Go anywhere and know you are expert. Companies realize the potential. Hire professionals with global IT degrees. Consequently, IT professionals keep pursuing this degree. One of the main benefits of ITIL certification is global acceptance.


Self Recognition

What benefit is a certification if you do not thrive for it? Self Recognition is an award within itself. Feel proud to be the best and part of elite group.


IT Customer Centric Mind-Set

The purpose of any technical training is to enhance the mind-set. ITIL training is about enhancing the technical skills. Hence, after you successfully pass the examination, your become customer service IT professional. You understand the IT needs. And how to prioritize the needs and facilitate change.

What are customers say after taking passing the examination:

“I plan to raise my own level of excellence. It is worth it. Knowledge base that is exceptional and accepted globally is the way to go!”

“Proper planning is key. And with ITIL certification, I can plan projects and delivery with best practices. It teaches me best practices and methodologies. Continuous growth.”

“Salary increase. I got a 25% increase just by my certification alone and it makes a difference.”


Less Strain

The beauty of the international framework is getting the job done at an easier pace. And allows you to have less strain. Consequently, ITIL framework already gives you the processes and methods. You are responsible to implement them. No more making new project diagrams and the processes. Above all, IT professionals see more than 34% less stress after implementing the best practices.


Help Others

New education serves you as a teacher and a mentor. Help others to get to new standards of excellence. Similarly, you are now a leader and need to improve others and take them along with you. Helping others is the best form. Also people remember support. Helping others benefit you too. IT professional learn better helping others. Others give you a turn to develop your skill. Others want guidance. Enjoy the teaching. Hence, create partners and communities. In contract, companies also tend not to help others. And that culture resides. But that does not work in the large run. Helping others is one of the main benefits of ITIL certification.


Contribute to Larger Impact Driven Projects

As a ITIL practitioner you contribute to a larger and impact driven project. As a result, management teams give opportunities to IT executive with expertise. Probably, this is across the globe.

If you are an ITIL professional and have received other benefits then these please do share. Love to hear from other ITIL certified professionals. Share us the interesting benefits you reap!


Important Note

Many other benefits can take place. These are the most amazing benefits till date. Latest benefits if you pass the ITIL. ITIL certification is a career changer. It gives a new direction. Provides a framework to execute projects. Furthermore, thousands of people benefit from ITIL certification.

9 Benefits of ITIL Certification for IT Professionals

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