Advanced Communication Skills (ACS) Course

Poor communication is an issue. Managers face communication challenges. Good communication is key. Companies thrive on good communication. Indeed, good speech diminishes issues. Above all, interpersonal skills matter. Speech defines leadership. On the whole, communication skills builds rapport. And enhances team building. Advanced communication course is about enhancing communication. This course builds competence. It improves the ability to communicate effectively. Hence, this skill enhances leadership.

We live in a world of words. You dictate orders. Or orders are given to you. In fact, both are real words. Talk matters. What are you communicating? Accordingly, speech has impact. A major impact. Saying something wrong has consequences. Having a large team? How to circulate bad news? Eventually establishing dialogue is important. But how? Without delay you can communicate. But lack effective communication? Try a basic effective communication class as well.

Lacking leadership dialogue? Currently, managers face this issue. It is a natural gap. Exists in all sectors. Now we know the issue! How to resolve it? ACS training is the solution. Get training. Empower yourself. Become a leader of communication. Develop best communication methods. Engage your audience. Build value.

You can be a great scientist. A teacher. Or a lawyer. But you cannot speak. Eventually, you loose out. Ultimately every thing matters. Talking is basic. But majority do it poorly. In fact, this course changes everything. Learn to develop new skills. Become effective. All in all, communicate flawlessly.


Who should Enroll in the Advanced Communication Skills (ACS) Training Program?

ACS is for senior level managers. Facing stress as a manager? Leading teams is an issue? Leading teams is frustrating? Definitely this course helps you communicate with teams.

Course for individuals who need to become experts. They are novices. Currently, they are not best. But have the skill to communicate. In summary this is to take skill to the next level. Create another level of excellence. Advanced communication skills course is a new level. Communicate with teams. Truly connect better.

For example, you manage a team. People do not follow instructions. Some do work. Others have issues. Perhaps poor communication. Now, understand how you communicate. See the pattern. Know the best way of talking. Empower yourself. Engage in best practices.

Individuals who have taken our communication skills enroll in this class. Advanced communication skills course course is the next step. We teach how to effectively communicate. It is all about empowerment. Through the course build your skills.

Customer service companies need to enroll. Or companies focusing on customer excellence. Customer service training courses revolve around improving communication skills.


About the Training Course

ACS Course is an advanced course. Course outlines best communication styles. Communication skills are value skills. Speaking style wins or breaks performance. Enable yourself to communicate under pressure.

This course guarantees growth. Correspondingly see drastic improvements in relationships. Fine tune your skill. Now be comfortable dealing with issues. Know communicating is an art. Similarly become an expert.


ACS Training Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand best communication styles
  • Create your own style of communication
  • Apply techniques to mitigate communication issues
  • Harness the power of body language
  • Effectively demonstrate a superior level of communication
  • Become assertive in difficult situations

We develop good communicators. This is the ultimate goal. Therefore, start listening. Remain silent. Emphasize ideas. Create dialogue. Be genuine. These are the outcomes of training.


Course Methodology

ACS is an interactive course. Participants complete assignments. Communication exercises take place. Everyone works on developing their skills. We use different pedagogical techniques.

Firstly, we explain communication types. Secondly, we evaluate what is your fit. Finally, we train you on the style. Practice. And practice. Ensure you use best methods. Break the ice.With this in mind become stronger in communication.

We use different methods. Course focuses on role-playing. We discuss good communication case studies. Also discuss poor communication case studies. We share experiences. Sharing experiences connects people.


Training Outline

This is 2 day training program. Below are the main modules:

Day 1 Training Modules

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Building rapport
  • Influencing team members
  • Body language


Day 2 Training Modules

  • Inspiring others
  • Persuading others
  • Providing feedback
  • Receiving feedback
  • Assertiveness

Training can also be customized. Immediately you can choose your requirements. Each module focuses on a particular skill. You can enroll in any of them. Objective is to update skills. On the whole learn a new way of communicating. Firstly we recommend meeting with us. Secondly, we identify the gaps. Professionals have different issues. However, some are not assertive. Some are poor at building rapport. And some are not effective. In either case, know your gaps. Then enroll.


Advanced communication skills training course in Pakistan

In fact, only company conducting this course in Pakistan. We offer courses in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Our trainers conduct training in other cities too.

Additionally, we conduct workshops. Workshops focus on specific skills. For example, we conduct workshops on team communication. Also conduct workshops on written communication.

This course is a must for Pakistan. Nevertheless, English language is not the mother tongue. Managers do not use English correctly. This is a problem. Then how to speak? What are the best methods to communicate? We go through the gaps. Identify areas of improvement. In summary, improve the gaps.

In brief, diverse people in Pakistan. Especially in the work place. People do not share thoughts. In the same way, keep their ideas insight. Do not communicate. Hence, the need for ACS training. The results are immediate. Eventually teams improve. Efficiencies increase. Managers become experts in leading. Correspondingly, teams enjoy working with management.

Additionally, we assist in presentation. Presenting numbers is a challenge? How to direct conversation? Need to initiate dialogue? It is difficult. It is reality. But something that can work. People have presentation anxiety. That is normal. Solutions exist. Connect with us. Let us train you. Moreover, become confident.

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