11 Expert Tips on How to Improve English the Right Way

11 Effective Ways to Improve Your English

Are you one of the thousands of people across the globe interested in improving English language. How to improve English communication and language a main question you want to focus on? And you have all the right to be asking this question to yourself. In fact international standard of communication all around the globe is now English. ThinkFaculty is a global lead in communication training and have placed below a list of the best tips on how to improve written and verbal English communication.

However we are not going to teach you how to improve English in a scary or dramatic way. You do not have to throw yourself from a cliff or bungee jump. The list is divided into two parts. First section is on the sources places where to improve your English skills. second section is on methodology – what and how to practice the aspects learnt from the sources. Think of these 11 communication skills training exercises and material tips that you can immediately use.


Section A – Sources where to go to on How to Improve English


Watch English movies

English movies is a very great source to learn and improve your English communication. If you do not really understand English that well then you can actually have movies with subtitles. Nowadays with the technology advancements you can always enable the subtitles for movies. The benefit of subtitles is that you can now understand how they pronounce certain words and what type of methodologies are used for proper English communication. Movies also hints on how to use the body language in syn with English communication.


Listen to English radio

If you do consider yourself a novice or can at least understand English without subtitles then it is highly recommended that you continuously listen to English radio. English radio does have its benefits. Through this channel you can understand how people communicate with one another over a monotone dialogue. You’ll be able to properly understand how to present yourself and how to actually communicate talking to a larger audience. Listening to radio is dramatically different from watching a movie. Watching English movies you would see two people communicating with another. However listening to English radio will give you the advantage of understanding the art of communication one way. Radio speakers have a large audience and talk to a larger scale audience. You need to appreciate this form and learn how to continuously talk to a silent audience.


Read English newspapers

Journalism is another great source to learn English. In fact we recommend that you read a variety of different English newspapers online. Every different author and editor has a different way of communicating. Though this would improve your written communication skills, however you’d still get a very good understanding of how English is communicated.


Read English books

Being a fan of English books is a complete must. You can start reading any book that you like. Take it from the classics to just regular books. Every book will give you the advantage of learning proper communication in English language.


 Listen to English or American music

English and American music is another source that will enable you to understand English. Though the lyrics might be a bit difficult in nature however you can always get a printout of the lyrics online and then start listening to the music. You would start appreciating the language from a different view-point. Do remember music is the rhythm of the heart. So you would be able to understand English language as well as the cultural norms.

Section A really refers to soft skills and its effectiveness. These are skills that are magnified through consistent work and training. Section A is a critical component to solve your issue of how to improve your English language – both written and verbal.


Section B – Continuous Improvement Steps to Improve your English 


Always keep a paper and pencil ready for learning new words and vocabulary

As you journey onto the new frontiers of the new language, you will be facing a variety of different exciting challenges. One of which would be new words and vocabulary. And then you have a mind who would always forget. Hence it is highly recommended that you start taking notes of all of the new words that you will be interacting with as you keep on reading and listening to English language and communication.


Make friends who understand and speak English

This is another very important source that really boosts your English-speaking potential. Even if you’re not in America or UK or any European country, you can still find people who speak very good English. I recommend going to the local churches over making friends with English teachers. All of these community of partners will likely facilitate you in speaking better English.


Practice English wherever you can

You need to start communicating at any given level. Just begin. Say the basic words first. And don’t really care about what people think about you. You journey is not to think over viewpoints or get demoted because people would ridicule you. That’s not the objective. The objective is for you to actually progress farther and farther into this English role and you would find many challenges. Hence it is very clear and important that you understand the overall objective. Start communicating wherever you can. Begin Now!


Use a bilingual dictionary

This is another excellent tip that we are providing. There will be many occasions where you do not understand how to use a new word that you come across. Always have a bilingual dictionary so that you can relate to what that word means. Also would be easier if that bilingual language dictionary actually has sentences as well so that you can understand how to use a new word in a particular sentence in speech.


Learn English idioms and phrase words

Like any other culture and language; English language has its own specific idioms and phrase words. And you need to understand them. Not referring to as slang terms, we are talking about English idioms and phrases. An example of this is when it is raining heavily you can that it is raining cats and dogs. Raining cats and dogs is specific to the English language and no other language will decipher this as heavy raining. Hence, idioms are critical to learn. And continuously learn.


Writing everyday

So when you are learning English language another good perspective is to start writing every single day. And in fact if you have friends who can check your written communication that is even better. Writing everyday would allow you to start perceiving and practically implementing the language that you seek.



These are 11 tips taken from our leading English teachers and communication specialists. If you have other tips for improving English language, we would love to hear.

11 Expert Tips on How to Improve English the Right Way

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