Core Characteristics of a Good Leader!

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Pay close attention to the solace and tranquil valley side pictures. Pictures before the utmost cataclysmic shock of earthquakes. One finds contempt and a cold-blooded prosperity oozing from the eyes of our beautiful children. Characteristics of a good leader are different for different regions and times. The valley forges an alliance with the people. An alliance making the world believe that man can exist in all forms of environment and measured constraints. Situated between gigantic mountains and rivulets of fresh water, the frontiers of our nation that border India became the target of Mother Natures grasp. Mother Nature pays no heed to age and gender while fostering a blow that will take years to amend.

Dust cripples and blinds. We as a nation anticipate moving on with a decree of integrity and humility. These are the steps of a hungry elephant perambulating in the forest. This is where the characteristics of a good leader come to surface!


Situations Create Leaders

Hundreds of unnamed bodies lay touched by death awaiting a subtle and warm burial before the winter sets in. Others await food and supplies. They are wondering where the next breath will take their lurid bodies. Government hurdle on with contrite and conducive measures. Vision dampens in the midst of devastation and the dim lights of our finances.

Faced with multitudes of unknowns we struggle on. Amidst remnants of flesh and particles of apparel all lying scattered among the heap of destructed homes and devastated hearts. It will take years and generations to rebuild what we have lost over the course of a couple of weeks. There is no replacement for the loss of human life. We can only anticipate that the ones that have survived are to be the harbingers of peace and fruitful prosperity in the years to come. Training on leadership development are these examples.


Resurrect Situations to New Levels

The perpetual conundrum that Pakistan faces is the unification and building of infrastructure in the valley. No one can commit to resurrection of such magnitude without gainsay reality. Resuscitation will take years to execute. History proclaims that we have never had the resolve and mindset to deliver and execute national development program. Prosperity and a solemn propensity towards survival is a challenge. This nation lost thousands of people in the migration from India to the newly formed Pakistan. Also suffered losses in the defeat of West Pakistan that culminated into the creation of Bangladesh.

There is no victory medal in our existence. Further research indicates that poverty and helplessness have killed thousands of children over the past several years as well. Poor children are embellished into groups that succinctly smuggle them to foreign countries for sexual gratifications or entertaining horse camel jockeys. Pakistan looses hundreds of creative leaders and visionaries that succeed in visas from England and States and opt to render their services to nations that strive in formulating further dominance in the aggrieved countries. Thus, we are a burial ground for wisdom and youth at all levels of economical standing. But to have the innocent wunderkind of our nation buried beneath rubbles of educational cement is a catalyst of a long stream of tears.


Massive Efforts

Massive efforts to uplift the edifices is reality. Edifices fall to the ground like cotton candy on a warm sunny day. Manpower and financial required resources to build again. One needs to consider the mental and the physical impact that has left this nation paralyzed. The people who once lived on those homes can not even fathom to sleep in the silent nights of Kashmir. One of the amazing characteristics of a good leader.

Their dreams are to be haunted by the evil and languished away in their minds forever. There seems to be no respite from the anguish and the increasing perturbing environment of the mountain tops. Indeed, Mother Nature has left no stone unturned to demonstrate its effective power.


Provide Health Care Vision

Victims  surviving a calamity of such massive scale need medical attention. Images on internet show a different version. Medical relief is certainly on the way but the mechanism through which it funnels into the hands of the victims is a completely different ball game. Love and understanding are also ingredients of the medication. With cold hands and death like figures ambushed in snow and starvation, warm hands of love and care can do wonders. Simple medical attention and gesticulated efforts have little impact.

Among the masses, there are people who have lost their parents. And they are parents would have no inkling about the whereabouts of their children. We are to provide medical facility to a community of individuals that are at the brink of insanity. Insanity that will leave marks reminding us of this horrifying experience throughout the upcoming centuries. Leadership traits required to bring forth such outcomes. This leadership missing in our society.


Antiseptic Healer

Secondly hope is another antiseptic healer. It assists in getting life back on track. Hope is a to make evident that beyond the financial promises that we allude to and the quick hands of assistance wither away, hope is an undying fortification against the worst nemesis. Our leaders are required to visit these shelters and the heroes of our nation to become a part of the uplift of the community. I can only imagine the smile embarking on petal lips if cricket personal visit the torn areas and provide a helping hand to the victims.

Thirdly, we as a nation, have to commit that we will never make a mockery out of such a calamity and ensure that we are conclusively and spiritually ready to take on challenges that are even beyond the scopes of mankind. Pakistan will never put its beauty to this flout by dressing it in rags of poverty and shame. There are some prosperity and dignity left in the walls that have not fallen and the men who have not died. Looking at the national picture, we have miles to go before we sleep. This is one of the main characteristics of a good leader.

Sectarianism, political havoc, and supercilious atrocities performed in the name of religion are all pending items that need immediate resolve. In the essence of existence, Pakistan has eventually become the paramount example of third world nations that survive on foreign aid. The only refuge we have as a nation is to beg, maybe it is ingrained in our roots and put forth in our blood as we cultivate the lands and harvest the fruits. Our cultural edifice has slavery and injustice as the pillars of national integrity.


History Changer

Elaboration of the profanities of casualties will leave even the most stark and rambunctious dictators in the procession of tears. Million of desolate questions that foster no systemic results are caving in. Was this nemesis a cataclysmic notion for the religious sins existing among the masses? Was the calamity aim against the over all mechanism that prevails? Or we were simply the wrong flower in the way of the torrential rains.

A crucial question requires an answer. We bury our loved ones and shelter the few remnants of a dead mountain terrain civilization. Foreign aid seizes and the leaders toot their own horns. They throw out lavish orchestrated spills of humanity at the masses. Then what do we do? When all is said and done, what occurs? After the eyes can cry no more and the ailing faces wither away and time comes to heal, where to we position ourselves?

With the evidence of our past and current history, Mother Nature has made a solemn contribution of putting back Pakistan 30 years behind. This phenomenon is not esoteric at all in terms of recognition but the evolving reality of time.

I can only pray and anticipate that through these rubbles we can also bury our prejudices and our mistakes. As we bury our children we can also put dirt on our skirmishes and religious differences.

In peace, fathers bury sons and in war, sons bury fathers. People hundreds of miles away reach and clean the rubble and bury the entire villages and civilizations. What do you call this?

Core Characteristics of a Good Leader!

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