Customer Relationship Management Case Study

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Customer relationship management (CRM)  is basically defined as the processes and procedures that create a financial and customer centric value system. All fields of study uses customer relationship management. Different industries and segments of the market use customer relationship management tools. For instance, banks and financial institutions use CRM databases. This makes complete sense. In order to understand the gains in the outputs of any individual, you need to build a relationship first. People define customer relationship management as exceptional customer service dialogue and training.


CRM Value Add

Specialists in the field of Customer relationship management believe the vaults around knowing the customer. But many of the organizations and corporations really understand the concept of customer relationship management. Knowing the customer simply doesn’t mean basic biodata of the customer. It really means anything the tools and the people to understand and communicate more effectively. In the last 10 years, or our organization has been billing customer relationship management tools and software applications for a variety of different customers. What to collect, when to collect, and what to look need evaluation. That means give you a good example.

We were currently working with a large healthcare organization. They basically wanted to understand why a certain amount of customers never come back. In order to come up with the definitive answer, we had to understand the current customer base. So we started collecting data. We started initially with data like the names, addresses, and telephone numbers. And then we also got the e-mail addresses, and try to connect them from social media. Social media we were able to gain the kind of connectivity in the questions and answers at the post and connect with.


CRM Outcomes

Thirdly, we were able to gauge into the statistical equation. How many were black and how many were white. How many were females and how many were males. Parents have kids. How many have kids? How many are in separate homes? All of this data and then was filtered through business intelligence tool. You need to know the metrics to feed into system. The benefit of any robust and sophisticated customer relationship management tool is to provide you with trends to further facilitate your customer engagement.

Through our data we were able to learn that a majority of men actually did not agree with the overall recovery rates. Whereas females were very satisfied with the overall health exposure from the hospital. So we started tapping into the equation and the fun out the many of the men were Dr. More engineers and they had a very hard and fast paced environment that they work in. Hence they needed a methodology and treatment that was curing them faster than the current method. This enabled us to create a new way of handling our customers and we created a new methodology to increase the level.

Customer Relationship Management Case Study

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