Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills are interpersonal skills. You use these skills with individuals and communities. In the work environment, soft skills is a mandatory skill set. Consequently, It requires extensive training to become well versed in soft skills. Soft Skills Training is also called Communication Skills Training. Almost every day we face people. To summarize communication with people is part of our social fabric.

Soft Skills Training is about skill enhancement. In many industries, soft skills is part of the customer service excellence training imparted by leading training institutes.

Indeed value of soft skills is tremendous. It gives boost to companies. Allows for efficiencies. Cultivates culture. Above all, magnifies people. Individuals enjoy having good communication. It is an art. Should be learnt by everyone.

As an art, it needs a teacher. Good teachers give good results. Hence exceptional teachers bring exceptional results.


Soft Skills Training Course Overview

Soft Skills Training is a trait. Certainly, a science that has impact and significance. Our trainers are internationally certified trainers in soft skills. They have worked extensively in different countries as communication experts.

Companies know the value of soft skills. Organizations spend millions of dollars on soft skill training. According to a recent study done by Harvard University, lack of soft skills is the main root cause of conflicts, troubles and misconceptions. Hence, the importance of having soft skills training for all your employees.

We have been teaching soft skills training for over a decade. Therefore, we see a huge dip in the number of conflicts and issues. How does that happen? Because of continuous soft skills training.

Quality soft skills training is directly responsible for customer satisfaction. Even more, customer Satisfaction has much to do with soft skills. Many of our customers use our soft skills training program to teach their retention team. Customer Service Retention is all about ensuring that the customer stays and does not go. Hence, it is really important to have a proper customer service soft skills training for customer retention life cycle.

Soft Skills Training is compulsory for all industries. Likewise, if you are a chartered accountant, banker or even a post man, soft skills will assist you. Enroll today. Become more communicative. Decrease issues. Furthermore improve relationships. Enhance value. Above all, become a leader.


Who Should Attend

  • All corporate level executives interested in improving their soft skills and communication skills.
  • All senior level management who work with different teams.
  • Executives who have extensive customer service interaction.
  • Customer Service team members.


Course Duration

This course is a 2 day event. However this extends. Depends upon customer requirements. Also we conduct communication skills workshop.


Course Methodology

  • Interactive
  • Role Plays
  • Presentation
  • Dialogue

Surely role plays is essential. People get to act the scenarios. Soft skill scenarios need active participation. Besides people learn during role plays. Soft skills is an art form. Therefore, learn how to be communicative. Communication techniques through role plays works.


Course Outcomes

Following are the main outcomes:

  • Soft skills to manage people
  • Become a better listener
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Become a better communicator


Course Outline

  • Introduction to soft skills.
  • Basic Soft Skills Gaps. And How to Improve on the Gaps
  • Presentation Skills
  • Corporate Level Soft Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence

Above are the main modules. Training goes through each module.


Soft Skill Training Review

“Our organization focuses on quality. Quality in dealing with customers. Expert trainer with market knowledge and key insights. Furthermore, a master training experience. Recommend it to everyone” – Ali, Wateen Telecom


Soft Skills Training in Pakistan

We conduct soft skills training in Pakistan. Conduct workshops in major cities. Work with companies. Moreover assist individuals. Our courses have a proven track record. People that enroll improve their soft skills. First of all we perform gap analysis. We meet teams. Identify communication gaps. Customize training program. Programs focus on developing skills. Improves team communication.

We perform soft skills for call centers. Also conduct soft skills for companies. Proven track record of enhancing skills. It shows. People become better communicators. They establish themselves as leaders. We are building communication skills for individuals.

Conduct communication skills for professionals. Are you a lawyer? Or a dentist? Need help with communication. Join one of our communication classes. We define excellence. Teaching you a new of communicating. See the difference. Consequently improve relationships. Develop strong ties. In fact, let communication drive your business.

Soft skills improve everything. Let it be customers. Or the profits. Eventually everything changes. Soft skills go a long way. It helps how you communicate. Therefore communicate with each other. And to the customers.

Companies in Pakistan needs soft skills training. It helps them communicate. Assists in building rapport. Customer contact is a poor experience. Through training it improves. Results are obvious.

We have many success stories. Working with department stores to change the experience.

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