Call Center Training Courses in Pakistan

We offer several call center training courses. In fact, each course focuses on different skills. Complete skills for call centers. You can enroll in a program.

Running call centers is a skill. Furthermore, it is also an art form. Managing call centers is not easy. It takes skill. Besides, you need to manage teams. Call center has large teams. Agents report to supervisors. And supervisors report to a manager. All have to specific skills. Be it a manager. Or a supervisor.

Each role has specific skills. Supervisors need to manage agents. Moreover, managers need to manage supervisors.

We have created modules for each skill.

Our programs cover all skills. Training focuses on soft skills. Other programs teach customer service methods. Therefore, courses discuss best practices. Also, courses cover call center strategies.

An international customer service expert teaches the courses. Our trainer is a certified call center expert from the USA. Furthermore, he has over 15 years experience managing call centers. Call Center Training is a part of ThinkFaculty customer service programs.

Planning on improving call center experience? Want to build a call center? Need to improve supervisor skills? How to measure call centers? How to rate supervisors?

These are important questions. You need skills to manage operations. Indeed, our training program covers all skills. Become a certified call center manager. Finally, start improving operations as a supervisor.

We have an office in Karachi. Our customers rate us as the best call center training institutes in Karachi. We also conduct extensive call center training programs in Lahore. Companies with call centers continuously consult.


Who Should Attend

  • Inbound supervisors
  • Outbound supervisors
  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
  • Large-scale call center teams
  • Call center staff
  • New call center hires
  • Call center managers

Currently, many roles exist in call centers. You have supervisors. Call center agents. Quality teams. And back end operations. Every team member needs to attend. In fact, call center training is essential. It drives passion. Certainly get knowledge. In addition, set standards of excellence. Why do you want to work in a call center? Get experience? Or become a manager. Irrespective of the outcomes, this training is for you.

    Drive your Call Center Revenue. Improve efficiency. Connect with Us Today! Talk to our Consultant.


    Course Duration

    Training is a 2-day full day course. The days can vary depending upon the requirements.

    Additionally, we conduct workshops. Also and seminars on call center operations and efficiencies. These courses provide details of call center operations. Focus on people skills and operational parameters. Finally, objective is to enhance skills of all team members. Additionally, also focus on processes.

    Training provides understanding of best practices. With best practices, efficiencies improve. Consequently, customer service ratings increases. Frequent calls decrease. More time to work on quality measures.


    Call Center Training Content and Respective Modules

    Training includes the following modules:

    • Call Center Training
    • Inbound Call Center Training
    • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
    • Outbound Call Center Training
    • Call Center Customer Service Training
    • Supervisor Call Center Training

    Note: Choose any module. Select module that you need.

    Customer service representative training is different. Front end staff require different skills. They are front end specialists.


    BPO Call Center Training

    We are the best BPO call center training academy in Pakistan. The objective of the BPO training program is to help companies improve their business processes. This can be in form of training. And consulting.

    We develop BPO training modules and BPO training courses after evaluating. We evaluate the processes, teams and individuals. Performing a gap analysis shows the areas where training is required.

    The BPO training center is dedicated to working long term with BPO companies. We develop the processes and procedures.


    Course Outcomes

    The course has multiple outcomes. After taking the course, you will be able to understand:

    • Call center operations
    • Best call center operations practices
    • Supervisor responsibilities
    • Manager activities
    • Call center agent duties
    • Best communication styles in a call center
    • Tip on building customer experience

    Supervisors of call centers achieve these outcomes:

    • Manage teams effectively
    • Measure performance
    • Identify gaps in operations
    • Improve agent performance
    • Measure inbound activity
    • Measure outbound tasks

    BPO team achieve these outcomes:

    • Improve up-selling
    • Enhance customer experience
    • Develop customer relationships

    All of these are important outcomes. Indeed, you need to add efficiency. For this reason processes need to be optimized. As customer service consultants, we train and improve. Consistency is key. Training agents requires continuity.


    Call Center Agent Training

    Call Centre Agent Training is a 2-day training program. Training focuses on all skills. It covers soft skills. Also covers operational skills. Additionally, communication skills is part of soft skills. Agent monitoring is part of operational skills. On the whole, this program transforms the call center agent.

    Call center agent training program is more of an individual and focused training. First day is with a small group. Second day we focus on the individuals. Call center agent training course ensures the agent is ready to take on the role. We develop the core call agent skills. At the end, we provide call center agent certification.

    The only call center agent training program in Pakistan. Majority of call centers get trained agents from us. Or get their agents trained through us.


    Inbound Call Center Training

    Companies have customers calling their call centers. Agents take the calls. Calls can be inquiries. It can also be complaints. Major calls are sales leads. Irrespective, agents take calls. Additionally, diverse people call. Age groups differ. Besides, it is a difficult job. Tense and stressful.

    Agents need training. How to take calls? The Best ways to satisfy irate customers? How to improve customer experience? These skills need improvement. Hence, never have agents take live calls without proper training.


    Outbound Call Center Training

    Training has different topics. The following are the main Outbound Call Center Training Modules:

    • courtesy management
    • customer retention
    • campaign management

    There are different types of outbound call centers. Some outbound centers work on up-selling. Others focus on service activation. Subsequently, some are information calls. All are outbound calls. Each has different outcomes. Different outbound call need different ways of measuring service.

    Performing outbound calls requires passion. You are a sales guru. Need to connect. Create immediate rapport. Know the product. And sell. Not easy. In summary, we teach the art of outbound sales.

    Our training works on approach. It focuses on technique. Drive sales. By the same token become an expert.

    We have trained hundreds of agents. We are experts in outbound training.


    Call Center Customer Service Training

    Call Center Customer Service Training is about inbound and outbound call center operations. It is a blend of inbound and outbound modules. Therefore, training focuses on different topics. Training focuses on customer life cycle. Also discuss quality management. At the end, we discuss retention management. Also, Call Center Customer Service Training teaches how to engage with customers.


    Supervisor Call Center Training

    Supervisors run call centers. They drive operations. Hence, training mandatory. Supervisor training is about enhancing skills. Supervisors run the shifts. Subsequently, they perform multiple tasks. Supervisors are responsible for operations. As a result they have service values to meet. Call centers run on standards. Implement international standards.

    The course enables supervisors. They become aware of the best international practices. Drastic improvements in team building. Moreover, enhances quality engagement. Training provides call center supervisor tips. These tips enable you to become the best supervisor.


    Call Center Communication Skill Training

    Agents are the life line. They are front end of company. They are the source. Responsible for satisfaction. This training course focuses on call center staff.

    Training upgrades agent skills. And enhances communication skills. Call centers use specific communication skills. Even talking over the phone is an art. Hence, training ensures agents are up to date. Communication and interpersonal skills course is also available. This focuses on generic dialogue. And not limited to call center operations.


    Call Center Trainer

    Our main trainer has led call centers for companies in Asia, USA and Canada. He brings forth a rich experience. Of course an exceptional trainer. Over 16 years of experience. Technical Know how.

    Strategy to execution. This is the journey of excellence. Moreover, we create call center strategy. Finally, align strategy with business goals.


    Call Center Training Pricing

    Pricing is dependent upon training needs. Therefore, each module has different pricing.


    Call Center Reviews

    “Our organization took part in the Training Program. Training is about customer engagement. We learnt quality communication. And clear delivery. Really impressive trainer. And the training content very relevant. Indeed, it was exceptional.” – Ms. Samia, Eden Housing Group of Companies.

    “Improves service standards. Focus on customer. Now we know how to create service. In conclusion, great training!” Amna, University of Lahore.

    “Sensational. Practical guidelines. On the whole superb trainers!,” Abid, Manager, Government of Pakistan

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