Does your Organization have a Customer Service Smile?

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Customer Service Smile – The real hallmark of any organization, Institute, or service segment really begins with a smile. A smile that could mean 1 million words. As for best international practices, smile demonstrates a philosophy. Smiles demonstrates a reality. The reality simply is governed by the culture and service oriented directive of the organization. Let me give you a good example. Has anyone of you ever visit Nordstrom departmental store? Whenever you go to any of their outlets, you will always be greeted by a genuine person with a genuine customer service satisfaction smile.

A genuine customer service smile basically means that the person is really interested in helping you. Sincerity and loyalty is a continuation of their smile. A genuine customer service smile is really the true sales pitch and a perfect avenue for sales growth. Many organizations need the uplift and the training to move forward and create that unique skill-set. Customer Care Education is mandatory to understand the why, what, and when should the smile be embarked.

Whenever we teach customer service, we do encourage and stress on the importance of a smile. In fact, on many occasions, we have live demonstrations. The best part is people react to it. Smile is contagious. Quality is contagious. Some of the most recent research and key performance indicators have concluded that smile is a clear,important and integral part of the customer service index. This implies that whenever you monitor and evaluate Institutes, do give value to a genuine smile.


Customer Service Smile Success Stories

Majority of the financial and economical segment of the international market is customer interactive. Hence, the importance and requirement of a customer centric model. Our organization has been training hundreds and thousands of people nationwide regarding best customer service practices. One of the reasons why people do not want to put their money in training their staff is that majority of the trainers are simply trainers and do not have the experience and the knowledge base to transform organizations into a customer centric movement. Let’s take for example some of the large-scale customer service markets and see where they stand on the Smart principle alone.



Food Chain. In different countries. Does it work? Forget the food. Evaluate the people serving you. Evaluate the smile. The customer service smile will do the magic. The customer service culture will say a million words all at once. If they are happy and satisfied, then you know that things will be fine.


Emirates Airline

Airline Business is one of the most customer engagement models in the world. Pilots, stewards, officials, ground staff and other executives all engage with the customer. Again, another instance where the customer service smile means everything. Customer service will be measured by the smile.


Abercrombie Stores

Abercrombie is a great place to evaluate customer service. Again, keep it simple. Keep the perspective in mind. And see how the purchasing new clothing works. If they smile at you and agree to your choices, you can buy more products and services. The smile will become the harbinger for new sales moving forward.



A question does arise about the financial and economical needs of the people who deserve. The answer is simple. Give them more. In reality, people love to know that they are cherished. Plus, you can find integrity and quality people. You need to look harder. Our philosophy is to care for the people who service your customers. Quality Customer Service is readily available, if you have the heart and soul to build it! If you believe that your organization is ready to take on the new frontiers and build the customer centric value system, then enroll in the training program.


Does your Organization have a Customer Service Smile?

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