What is the role of leadership in an organization?

Pakistan is an under-developed country. And limited to the number of markets. Jobs are scarce. Banking, textile and technology are main markets. How is the leadership in these industries? What is the role of leadership in an organization?

That is the million dollar question. Leadership plays a very important role in an organization. Leaders help others. They provide solutions. Leaders define the vision of their group.

The role a leader plays is vital. Role of leadership in an organization is everything. That leader is the person people go to. He or she is the person keeping the team together.

Most importantly, the person needs to know about the traits of others. No use leading when you do not know the capabilities of team members. That is a disaster. Always learn the strengths of the team.

Leaders need to be strategic. Understanding operations is good. However, a leader needs to think strategically. Many times strategy is everywhere. In a world of competition, strategic initiates drives revenue. Always learn as a leader. Be prepared to face reality. And things that will come uninvited.


What is the role of leadership in an innovative organization

Innovative organizations need leaders the most. They thrive for direction. Teams need constant feedback. Innovative companies need strategy. Are you working in an innovative organization? Then learn the traits of leading minds. Here, the outset is different. Be a thinker. Even a dream. Understand people. You need to ignite. Define the energy levels.

In innovative organizations, leaders need tools. Tools help keep sanity among the madness. Easy project management tools are available online. You need to keep teams updated. Take notes. Keep the data active. These tools help innovative leaders.


What role does leadership play for a manager

All managers are not leaders. And all leaders are not managers. Are you working in a competitive environment? Stable company? Leadership roles change. Being a manager means take the lead. Ensuring deliverables are met. Making sure teams understand the market demands. Innovative leaders are different from these managers. These managers need to keep focus. Commitment is high. Companies invest in leadership training courses.

For example, a manager is responsible for several banks in an area. This needs flawless execution. Ensure teams know the objectives. Talk to the teams often. Reconcile with the teams. Understand the dilemmas. Be respectful. Understand teams matter. So there is another way of communicating. Teams are big. People are different. And hence managers need to be people managers.

What is the role of leadership in an organization?

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