Leadership Empowerment – Training and Development Need

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Leadership Empowerment is the true need of training and development in Pakistan. One of the major issues facing the leadership in Pakistan is the empowerment issue. People tend to become prone to dictate the vision and the goals, and believe that the people will conquer based upon their own agendas. However, that never holds true. This is not the algorithm that has maintained and sustained governance and quality management in the world.


 Leadership Empowerment Strategy

Our organization has been preaching leadership empowerment for over a decade. However, the real crux lies in the execution of the philosophy. We have a robust and dedicated team that provides the insight, vision and execution pattern to enable companies to follow on a true leadership role.  Leadership workshops can go only so much. As reality sets in, you move. It is not easy and let not you be fooled.

It takes courage, determination and will to get on the leadership empowerment . Training and development is the key. A variety of different training programs to be in place to substantiate the quality and the momentum of the training and leadership. We realize that people and teams rely specially on the belief that they are leaders. however, the results show something totally dissimilar. That is the brand of life.

People need to be organized and realize the importance of being a leader. Leadership is not about following at all. In fact, it has nothing to do about it. It has to do about life and nurturing it with love and affection. Like life it needs to be told what to do and then given a chance to become what it was expected out of it. That is what and how we build teams. Dictation is not the hallmark of our values nor can it give us the verdict we need.

Our organization deals with a variety of different companies that believe that they are on the main verge of development and completeness. When we come close and evaluate, we realize that the teams are built off of real target marketed build-outs. We often emphasize on the engagement of the teams. In fact, training and development is a continuous career objective and needs to be fulfilled through an internal desire, company initiative and ignited from the top.

There are several reasons why people do not provide leadership empowerment to their staff. Here are the top three reasons.


Scared of Loosing Power

Loosing power and authority is a scary thing for people. People need to realize that life is not about gaining more power but distributing the power to communities.


Failure of Loss

When you delegate power to others then you have a higher risk of losing the competitive edge. This is a reality. But there is also a risk that the new person might not be able to deliver what is required.


People are stupid

Leaders to think that people are stupid and cannot handle the quality of engagements and the level of leadership.


These are the core three reasons. Though I do not agree with most of them as a consultant, however this is where the world resides. Our request is to go beyond these hiccups and see the larger picture. And the larger picture clearly states that there are too many advantages to delegation than to keeping the power within.

Leadership Empowerment – Training and Development Need

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