Leadership Skills Training Programs

ThinkFaculty offers various Leadership Skills Training Programs. In fact all Leadership Training Programs are internationally recognized. The following are the main classes:

  • Passion for Excellence
  • Building Teams
  • Business Leadership Training
  • Executive Leadership Training
  • Corporate Leadership Training

The above classes are part of Leadership program curriculum. Similarly, we offer workshops.

Leadership is a rare talent. On the one hand, companies boast about leadership. But seldom do we find true leaders. Hence the need for top level leadership training. Leaders create businesses. They create people. Leaders are remarkable. They persist. And create new markets. Above all, they resonate.

Company not growing? Top level needs focus. They need to know trends. Without skills companies fail.


Training Program Objectives

The following are the main objectives of the course:

  • Understanding of leadership values.
  • Create leadership values.
  • Analysis of team players. And bench-marking against best practices.
  • Share a blueprint of successful companies. Discuss the transformation from good to great.
  • Understand service quality practices.
  • Create leadership strategy.

Ultimate goal is to know how leaders work. Understand their thoughts. Appreciate their way of thinking. Duplicate excellence.


Business Leadership Training

Business Leadership Training focuses on developing business skills. It teaches how to manage business through people, processes and technology. Furthermore, the program builds business leaders. Companies have managers. Leaders create businesses. Certain principles exist. These are guidelines. Consequently, we transform managers to leaders.

Real estate is booming. Companies sell real estate. Real Estate call centers are opening. They are taking in calls. Business leadership is about training these new companies. Manage the teams. Deliver the results.

What does it take to run businesses? Business schools evaluate this question. Framework exists. We know what works. Our trainers have over 20 years of experience working for Fortune 50 companies. Obviously, leaders bring quality experience. For this reason our trainers are leaders. They work on key projects. Business leadership is about leading a business. Accordingly, it can be any business. You can be a supplier. Or a tailor. You do not have to work in a company. On the whole, business leadership is about regular business. We teach you how to lead your business. Namely, techniques to manage people.


Executive Leadership Training (ELT)

Executive Leadership Training develops the skills of executives. The training builds executive leadership skills. Best international practices discussed. Certified USA trainer teaches ELT. ELT is about enhancing executives. They are already in positions. Need to teach them best practices.

Not all executives are leaders. However, they keep on those positions. Beyond the daily activities they do not have strategy. ELT provides them with knowledge. They can now transform themselves. And also teams. ELT is about ownership. About value. Drive. And acceleration. ELT creates uniqueness.


Corporate Leadership Training

Corporate Leadership Training focuses on corporate leadership values. The training inculcates the best corporate leadership practices.

This course targets the corporate sector. Corporate Leadership Training is all about training companies. Training is about best practices. Also about leadership management styles. And best leadership methodologies.

Also, we conduct corporate Leadership workshops. Clearly leadership has a model. Training focuses on various models. Therefore discussions take place.

Finally, a course building leaders. Now enhancing values of companies. Giving their teams leadership skills. They can manage teams. Remain calm. Be respectful. Grow the company.


Passion for Excellence Training

Passion for Excellence is a unique 2-day leadership management training program. Training provides key insights. It talks about  methodologies. And best practices that great companies use. Discuss built to last companies. Companies with a driving force.

Our trainer worked for IBM. He also worked for GE. Hence, we discuss GE and IBM. General Electric has the logo “We bring good things to life” and IBM had a logo “Think”. Equally important logos are icons of prosperity. GE boasts of innovative minds. Minds enabling company to not grow substantially. Of course GE is now number 1 in 12 different business segments across the world. The ability to drive excellence came from their passion for excellence. Specifically passion drives teams.

In particular this course focuses on corporate Pakistan. A curriculum that engages management. And enables them to learn. In addition, the course is based upon GE and IBM practices. Both are leaders in passion for excellence.

We have stories to tell. This is our flagship course. Customers love this course. You see immediate results.


Leadership Training Programs for Pakistan

Pakistan needs leadership training. Managers need to transform. Moreover, teams need to provide value. Our programs develop the skills. Managers understand the importance of leadership. Hence, we train them to take on leadership roles.

We have trained over 50 companies in leadership. Assisting them. Building them. And enhancing them. We know the market. Our training works. It resonates. Results show. Pakistan company grow. Our training matters.


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