Top 20 frequently asked questions on PMP Exam

Frequently asked questions on PMP examination is a much talked discussion. Pursuing one of the most coveted certifications in the market today is an achievement and road you want to cross. Join over 400,000 and plus professionals leading this perspective. Here are the main questions that we professionals ask us in our seminars:


FAQ About PMP Exam Questions

Q.1. What is Project Management ?
We have already answered this question. Click here for the detailed answer.


Q.2. What is educational requirements to be eligible for PMP Exam?

35 hours of class room training on Project Management is mandatory.


Q3. Where do I start preparing for PMP examination?

You need to know what is your availability in terms of learning. You can either take any online project management course class or go to your local PMP service provider. Recommend going for best pmp exam prep course in your locality.


Q.11 What is the cost of the exam?
A.7. If you are a member then you have to pay $405 fees. And if you are a non-member it will cost $555. Hence it is highly recommended that you log onto and sign up to becoming a member. Membership fee is $125.


FAQ’s on PMP Certification Requirements

Q4. What do I do to get certified?

You need to take the PMP certification and then pass the exam. Easier said than done. Passing the exam generates your certification.


Q5. What qualifies me to take the exam?

  • As per PMP guidelines, your eligibility criteria are as follows: 4 years bachelors program or its equivalent, 3 years of basic project management experience along with at least 4,500 hours leading and being a part of projects with defined scopes and 35 hours of project management related education. This education can be self, regular classes or even online classes.
  • As per PMP guidelines, if you do not meet the above stated eligibility criteria then you need to have a second diploma which is a high school diploma, 7,500 hours of project management experience and 35 hours of project management education.


Q6. What counts as a “Contact Hour” of education?

Excellent question. A “Contact hour” is defined as an hour utilized in learning about project management. Any class from PMI Registered Education Provider or affiliates is accrued as a “Contact Hour.” Additionally, sponsored trainings, private training companies, or university and even private learning constitute as a “Contact Hour”.


Q7. What counts as “Project Management Experience”?

Project Management Experience is defined as the energy and time spent learning and being a part of a project. Many of times it will be a learning curve. However, as from the PMI perspective, the experience is more to be catered towards your directing and leading a particular project.


FAQ’s on PMP Preparation Questions

Q8. How should I prepare for the exam?

Passing the PMP requires a standard approach of hard work, dedicated and focus. Continuous studying of the material is critical. Passing the PMP first go can be done.


Q.9.  PMP Exam Passing Score?
There is no specific passing scores as per criteria. However after you immediately complete the examination, the score is in front of you. Either you pass or you fail.


Q.10 How many questions are there in the exam? How much time do I get?
You have to complete 200 multiple choice questions within 4 hours. 25 of the questions are just for evaluation purposes. No grades on these 20 questions. You will be evaluated for only 175 questions.


Q.12 Why does PMI perform random audits?
As per all international practices, all international examinations have certain benchmarks and standards to comply with. Similarly, PMI also conducts random audits to ensure that the credentials of the applicants are correct and there is nothing incorrect. If you have everything correct then you shouldn’t care of any audit.


Q.13 How much time does it take to prepare for the PMP certification exam?
This is unique and different for each individual. However three parameters define the preparation time. Your own expertise and experience, hours you can put into the study material and the study mechanism that you use.


Q.14 What are the benefits of becoming PMP certified to an individual?
Benefits of project management certification are numerous. However, the below are the main benefits of passing the coveted PMP certification:

  • Salary Increase
  • International recognition
  • Performance improvements


FAQ’s on Generic Questions

Generic frequently asked questions on pmp examination:


Q.15 Are breaks allowed during the examination?
Breaks are allowed. however the 4 hour time period remains the same.


Q.16 Is PMBOK the only book I need to read?
The rule of thumb is that one should never should read only one book. Though PMBOK is the core book with all the relevant data, we do recommend that you read several other books to get a better understanding. One of the most frequently asked questions on PMP topic.


Q.17 Would you suggest a simulation test [software] which has lesser number of questions but close to current trend, for me to practice?
No, I would recommend that you use the entire 4 hour practice examinations. Many of times you might be doing well in a 1 hour examination but when it comes to 4 hours, the entire scenario changes.


Q.18 Based upon my sample test score when is the right time for me to actually write test?
If your score is about 80%, it is the right time for you to write the test. Please note that it also depends on the sample test you take. There are some tests out there, much more difficult than the actual exam.


Q.19. Can you pass some references who have already taken your training?

We recommend that you get the particular PMP books from your certified PMP trainer. He is best person to recommend best books based upon his evaluation of your skills.


Q.20 Do I have to be physically present to attend the training and get 35 hour requirement
No, you don’t have be physically present to attend the training and get 35 hour requirement. You will access to the material online. You will need to inform us via e-mail when you complete your study. We will send you 100 test questions. Once you are done with the sample questions, we will issue and send your certificate and transcript upon your request.


Note – These are the top 20 frequently asked questions on pmp examination. If you have other questions that need to be answered, please state. One of our trainers will answer you immediately.

Top 20 frequently asked questions on PMP Exam

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